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Consulting. Vitals. Founded in 1984 Premier IT infrastructure consultancy serving Blue Chip firms Headquarters: Cleveland Offices: Birmingham, Columbus, Chicago and Colorado Springs. Core competencies. Profit-enhancing Telecom Managed Services
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Vitals Founded in 1984 Premier IT framework consultancy serving Blue Chip firms Headquarters: Cleveland Offices: Birmingham, Columbus, Chicago and Colorado Springs. Telecom Managed Services

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Core capabilities Profit-improving Telecom Managed Services Comprehensive CIO administrations IT/Capital Asset Management Services Telecom Managed Services

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Our Clients Agilent Technologies Alltel Bank of Scotland BankOne BellSouth Blue Cross BP Oil Campbell Soup Case Mortgage CMS Energy CPCCQ DP&L Eaton Corp. Edward Jones First Bank HAP Henry Ford Health Hewlett Packard IBM Global Services ICL Limited Lincoln Investments Longaberger LTV Steel Maryland National Bank Mellon Bank NCB Mortgage Nationwide Insurance Novus Discover NWOCA Ohio DAS Peregrine Philips Display Philips Medical Progressive Insurance RepTech Saber Senoco Products Shure Brothers Sprint SunGuard Tremco GSA provider, Contract Number GS-35F-0515M Telecom Managed Services

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Profit-upgrading Telecom Managed Services Telecom Managed Services

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It\'s about the main issue "Most associations can spare 12% - 21% of their yearly communication charges" – CFO magazine "Most associations over pay somewhere around 10% and 18% for Billing Errors and Late Payments" – TTI "Erroneous charging brings about 10% - 15% cheats" – Gartner Dataquest "Clients… experienced reserve funds of 15% to 27%" – Aberdeen Group "Quick cell funds of 15% can be acknowledged through enhanced arrangement of use examples with unpublished transporter arranges" – META Group Telecom Managed Services

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Our primary concern To recognize expensive crevices between base, utilization and seller charging, recover the assets legitimately because of our customers, and outline frameworks to dispose of future holes. For example: SSG spared 22% of $10M Telecom cost for one client Telecom Managed Services

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Beneficiaries Agilent Technologies Sprint Shure, Inc. LTV Steel Telecom Managed Services

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The way to upgraded telecom benefit Full Lifecycle Mgmt Telecom Managed Services

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The esteem drivers Cost Reduction Cost Controls Revenue Enhancement Security Improvement Service Level Improvements Staff Augmentation Telecom Managed Services

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Our three stage approach Ruthless Audit and Error Recovery Streamline Bill Payments Optimize Telephony Management Telecom Managed Services

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Profit-improving Telecom Managed Services Portfolio Consulting Projects Auditing Outsourcing Telecom Managed Services

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Telecom Consulting Environment Evaluations eBilling Consolidations Billing Optimization Traffic Analysis Telecom Managed Services

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SSG eBilling Consolidation Results Mid-West customer with $32M yearly telecom spend Problem : "Overwhelmed" in paper; 12 contractual workers preparing (not investigating) solicitations Escalating Late Payment Fees Solution: SSG eBilling Consolidation & Billing Optimization Results: 1/3 lessening in Contractor staff Eliminated Late Payment Fees Telecom Managed Services

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Telecom Projects Complex Project Management Acquisition Due Diligence Divestiture Support PBX Replacement/Upgrade ACD/IVR Replacement Call Detail Reporting Rollout Telecom Managed Services

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Telecom Projects Results When an expansive multi-national enterprise, spun-off a $8 Billion dollar division, we were locked in by the new partnership to Define and actualize a system to part the Global Voice VPN and execute 7 digit dialing in 90 days Build a Network Control Center and outsource its operations to deal with their new Wide Area Network Assist in part 106 workplaces across the country To Negotiate new between time telecom contracts for all administrations Telecom Managed Services

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Telecom Audit Inventory Verification Contract Rate Verification Feature Review Process Review Taxes Review Contract Recommendations Telecom Managed Services

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Telecom Audit Results Mid-West customer with $32M yearly telecom burn through $1.1M in Savings/Reductions 291% ROI West Coast customer with $52M yearly telecom burn through $5.0M in Savings/Reductions 87% ROI Telecom Managed Services

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Telecom Outsourcing Services Invoice Processing & Payment Full Telecom Outsourcing Invoice Processing Contract Negotiation Provisioning CDR Administration Telecom Managed Services

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Full Telecom Outsourcing Results Mid-West customer with $1.2M yearly spend Negotiated New Long-Haul Carrier Contract 30% Savings in Monthly Expense Eliminated Disconnects for non-installment Freed senior telecom staff from receipt handling Overall ROI: 32 % Telecom Managed Services

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The SSG Advantage Not a possibility firm Fixed month to month charges Independent of bearers and equipment suppliers. Try not to offer or get commissions from any transporter or seller One purpose of contact Telecom Managed Services

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Our TMS Team Established associations with Telecom Providers Experienced in telecom examining and charge preparing for multinational organizations Global system of nearby TMS specialists Professional staff is exceedingly experienced in telecom charge handling and inspecting on a worldwide premise Specialists in: Telecom Billing and Audit Processing Infrastructure Systems Management Vendor Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Network Systems Management Telecom Managed Services

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Thank you. For additional data on SSG administrations, Contact: Carmen Siciliano (216) 906-8052 Clif Shumaker (330) 416-4351

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