Counseling Inc. Madison Wisconsin (608) 833-1095.

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The rooftop patio nursery improves the way to the home through the stairs from the road, along the walkway adjacent to the rooftop garden and underneath the enormous White Pine. ...
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WC Roof Gardens, part of the WC Consulting Incorporated business bunch, offering configuration and development administrations for private rooftop garden arrangements. WC Roof Gardens conveys garden rooftops utilizing dependable business quality items combined with well thoroughly considered scene outlines that orchestrate with the private stylish. Category: Retrofit Project/Extensive Roof Garden Description: Residential Urban Garage Upgrade Objective: Capture rooftop space for patio nursery/porch use. Enhance streetscape and passage to living arrangement. Location: Minneapolis Minnesota Size: 1367 Square Feet Cost: $49,000. Counseling Inc. Madison Wisconsin (608) 833-1095

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The rooftop garden improves the way to the home by means of the stairs from the road, along the walkway next to the rooftop garden and underneath the monstrous White Pine.

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Situated on the top of a current 4 slow down carport, the rooftop garden neglects the area streetscape, giving "seen and be seen" exercises for neighbor social connection.

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Views from the second floor main room, shower, and study ignore the rooftop garden and the action. Expansive windows from the primary floor lounge area and solarium make a solid association with the greenery enclosure.

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Varied profundity of developing medium. Run of the mill broad development of 6 to 12 inches of developing medium for low solid lasting northern zone plants. Grower boxes for winter yearly knobs and blooming vines.

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Ecological Benefits Use of pine needle as mulch. Lessen heat island impact by wiping out dark rooftop range. Specialized Benefits Reduce heat extremes in yard. Storm water maintenance and moderate discharge to yards.

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Owner: Wendel and Carol Chamberlin Design/Builder: WC Roof Gardens General Construction: Rick Basel Roof Construction: BA Inc. Scene: Landscape Renovations Hardscape: Brass Glass and Railings Colonial Stone Walls Consultant: Gehrke and Assoc. Inc. Allen Gehrke - President Roof Garden American Hydrotech, Inc. Materials: Edward J. Jarger

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