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Counter Pass Why?. Huge Play PotentialAveraged more than 15 yards for every endeavor in 20072.Keeps protections honestBackfield and O-line false keys makes absence of trust in safeguards readsSlows down forceful defenses3. Awesome compliment to base run plays Increases chance for accomplishment with counter run and joker.
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Theory, Technique & Installation versus 4-4, 5-2 and 6-1 Counter Pass Presented by: Tim Murphy Head Football Coach Clovis East High School

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Counter Pass Why? Huge Play Potential Averaged more than 15 yards for every endeavor in 2007 2. Keeps guards legitimate Backfield and O-line false keys makes absence of trust in safeguards peruses Slows down forceful protections 3. Extraordinary compliment to base run plays Increases chance for accomplishment with counter run and joker

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Counter Pass Types of players required Running backs – Must have awesome fakes , not too bad blocking capacity TE – Must have great discharge moves , great hands OL – Need to see how to offer one piece and execute another Quarterback – Great sales representative , respectable arm, speed includes another component however a bit much

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Counter Pass Formations Best with two wings - Double TE sets: Double wing, T, and I - Single TE sets: Over, under, split, spread and professional - No TE sets: Quads and treks - No FB sets: Ace and trey

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Counter Pass Basic Overview Pass play with backfield and o-line activity going inverse purpose of assault Offense will fake counter-run putting at least two collectors into the example rapidly and definitively - Routes will be surges or profound intersection courses Offense must focus on offering fakes Coach must call play when its not expected

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Counter Pass Offensive Line – General Assignments Playside Pulls rear and grabs posterior pass surge Pulls must be forceful, quick and under control Guard will set up profound and Tackle will set up shallow making a rear divider If playside TE remains in he squares man on, in the event that he is in the example he should discharge inside and make it look as though he is pursuing within patron Back to Main Menu

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Counter Pass Offensive Line – General Assignments Backside Sell run and ensure one hole toward play side O-line will forcefully down piece toward play side, if no shield is in the down square territory they will trade adjoining colleague searching for a supporter or helping most perilous After contact they will wheel their butt toward Qb take off utilizing however much of the fishing supply bag as could reasonably be expected (never go more distant than 2 yards down field) They should have inward clock letting them know how far and to what extent to wheel their butt while keeping up contact with the protector

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43 Counter Pass O-Line Rules Rte – Inside discharge, Corner highway (8-10 yards) Rt – Pull level, get posterior surge Rg – Pull level for 2 stages, get profundity on steps 3 and 4 C – Down and wheel Lg – Down and wheel Lt – Down and wheel Lte – Outside discharge, Drag highway (10-12 yards) Back to Main Menu

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43 Counter Pass O-line

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43 Counter Pass Backfield Rules Rw – Open stride, fake invert until shriek blows (conceivable Connor course call) Fb – Aim for RTE\'s inside hip, log DE (conceivable Flat course call) Lw – 3 stage movement full speed, fake Rocket get, square first safeguard outside of Fb (conceivable Flat course call) Qb – Reverse rotate on mid-line with ball in stomach, finish 270 degrees transform putting left hand and eyes into Rw\'s numbers, sprint out perusing profound shallow-run

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43 Counter Pass Backfield

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43 Counter Pass

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43 Counter Pass versus 4-4

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43 Counter Pass versus 5-2

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43 Counter Pass versus 6-1

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43 Reverse Pass Bench Post

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43 Reverse Pass Cross

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43 Reverse Pass Double Go

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43 Reverse Pass Connor

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43 Reverse

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43 Reverse Joker

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43 Reverse Log Deep

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43 Reverse Log Pitch and Give

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24 Counter Pass Pitch and Give

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24 Power Joker Pitch and Give

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Counter Pass FILM CUTS

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