Counterfeit consciousness.

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Manmade brainpower "Let me put it along these lines, Mr. Amer. The 9000 arrangement is the most solid PC ever constructed. No 9000 PC has ever constructed a slip-up or bended data. We are all, by any down to earth defintion of the words, idiot proof and unequipped for mistake." HAL 9000 Computer in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey . Later, HAL executed four space explorers and attempted to keep the fifth one out of the spaceship while in transit to Jupiter.

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What is Artificial Intelligence? Difficult to characterize insight Duplicating the qualities that we take up with knowledge in a machine The Turing Test Instructor\'s Definition: Programming a machine to react properly to a circumstance we can\'t forsee

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Topics Under Arificial Intelligence Expert frameworks Natural dialect handling Voice acknowledgment Machine vision Machine learning Parallel preparing

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Expert Systems Replicating the characteristics of human aptitude in a constrained space Idiot academic

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Expert Systems (cont.) Major Components Knowledge base Knowledge securing subsystem Expert framework shell has a vacant information base

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Expert Systems (cont.) Building a specialist framework Requires an area master and a learning engineer Iterative addressing and replies (prototyping) Populating the information base with tenets Testing

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Expert Systems (cont.) Example master frameworks applications MYCIN - medicinal analysis of blood sicknesses American Express - credit approval (no credit limits) Audit organizer/counsel for bookkeepers

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Natural Language Processing Allows us to speak with PC the same way we speak with each other Problem - more is being imparted than is contained in the words. Must comprehend: Syntax of dialect Context General comprehension of the world

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Voice Recognition Add issues of comprehension human voice to those of NLP Accents Pronunciation diverse taking into account setting Separation of consistently talked words Useful in constrained zones Restricted area (gather call association) One speaker

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Machine Vision Allowing PCs to "see" Digitizing a picture is simple Must translate the picture so PC can follow up on what it sees Filter out immaterial subtle elements Produce a portrayal significant to PC Applications Let robots see so they can handle under more vulnerability Guided rockets

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Machine Learning Computer program that naturally enhances its execution through experience Two noteworthy advances Neural system Genetic calculations

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Parallel Processing Really an empowering innovation Approaching the breaking points of Von Neumann show More of a product issue than equipment (partitioning up an issue into various, free strings)

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The Sum of everything Adjustment of desire Orientation towards closes, as opposed to implies Not to mirror life in all its admiration Expert frameworks is most marketed

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