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Rural Utilities Service. DIANA C ALGER Chief, Technical Accounting and Auditing Staff Program Accounting and Regulatory Analysis Florida Finance and Accounting Meeting Ocala, Florida May 21, 2010. Topics. Electric Program Telecommunications Program (as it applies to Electric borrowers)
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Provincial Utilities Service DIANA C ALGER Chief, Technical Accounting and Auditing Staff Program Accounting and Regulatory Analysis Florida Finance and Accounting Meeting Ocala, Florida May 21, 2010

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Topics Electric Program Telecommunications Program (as it applies to Electric borrowers) Broadband Stimulus Funding (ARRA) Accounting Issues RUS CPA Seminars

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Electric Program

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Electric Portfolio Overview As of 12/31/2009 682 Active Borrowers 626 Distribution 56 Power Supply RUS Principle Outstanding $12,587,698,358 FFB Principle Outstanding $28,230,575,896 Total $40,818,274,254

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Summary of Loan Program Electric Programs Budget (Dollars in Million) Loan 2008 2009 2010 Program: Actual Actual Budget Direct 5% 99.3 100.0 100.0 Municipal Rate 0.0 0.0 Direct Treasury Rate 0.0 0.0 FFB Guaranteed 6,500.0 6,500.0 6,500.0 Non-FFB Guaranteed 0.0 0.0 Total Loan Program 6,599.3 6,600.0 6,600.0

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Loan Programs FY 2010 – As of 5/4/10

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Loan Levels Loan Programs FY 2010 Hardship $ 100,000,000 FFB Guaranteed $6,500,000,000 313A Guaranteed Underwriter $ 500,000,000 High Cost Energy Grants $ 17,500,000

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Geographic Information Systems Rural Development perceives the significance of GIS in overseeing advanced information and mapping frameworks, so that our borrowers can accomplish more noteworthy efficiencies and abilities later on.

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GIS Applications

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COAL FIRED GENERATION half of the power in this nation 80% for country electric cooperatives WHY? Fuel Use Act of 1978 Prohibited the utilization of regular gas and oil to produce power. Constrained the business into coal and atomic to take care of demand.

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COAL FIRED GENERATION 51% of agreeable era 79% of MWhs created Trend is not liable to be switched at any point in the near future. Solid reputation in owning and working coal let go plants. Important alternatives are restricted.

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US Power Generation by Fuel Source US EIA Projections Annual Energy Outlook 2009

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ALTERNATIVES Renewables Critical, yet space restricted, low vitality thickness, and can\'t be scaled up quickly. Biofuels have their own particular ecological issues. Producing Photovoltaic (PV) boards requires substantial metals, gasses and solvents that are cancer-causing and should be discarded in confirmed landfills

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ALTERNATIVES Renewables (proceeded) 1,000 MW sun oriented homestead requires 50 square miles of land. 1,000 MW wind cultivate requires around 60,000 sections of land. Ponders propose that proficiency and renewables together can meet between 17 to 25% of interest.

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ALTERNATIVES Nuclear sources are not anticipated that would increment relatively in particular, but rather can give adaptability and vitality thickness. Tidbit One fuel pellet, size of little finger nail, contains an indistinguishable measure of vitality from 149 gallons of oil, 157 gallons of gas, 17,000 cubic feet of regular gas, and 1,789 pounds of coal.

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Energy Efficiency Program Provide advance assurance to provincial electric utility for vitality effectiveness ventures. Objectives: Ensure vitality productivity toward the end client level Increase electric framework unwavering quality by lessening general framework request Increase stack elements, considering proficient use of existing electrical dissemination frameworks Use existing electric limit all the more effectively at conveyance, transmission, and era levels Attract new organizations and make new occupations to rustic groups by giving vitality effectiveness employments

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Smart Grid RUS is a dynamic member on the Smart Grid Task Force, built up under Title XIII of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 Task Force incorporates specialists from seven diverse elected offices The Smart Grid Task Force mission is to guarantee mindfulness, coordination and joining identified with Federal Government exercises in Smart Grid innovation

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RUS and the Smart Grid RUS: Monitors the models making process identified with the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) Smart Grid Interoperability Standards Project to guarantee that the subsequent norms are significant to the electric frameworks possessed and worked by the country electric cooperatives.  Reviews and assesses keen lattice related materials and gear that borrowers propose to use in updating their energy networks. Gives credit assets to qualified borrowers to buy and coordinate brilliant lattice hardware into their current utility plant.

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Telecommunications Programs Loan and Grant Programs Infrastructure Loan Program : Loans to nearby telecoms in country groups Broadband Access Loan Program and Community Connect Grant Program : Loans and allows for neighborhood telecoms and different suppliers who offer broadband administrations in qualified groups Distance Learning/Telemedicine (DLT) Loan and Grant Program : Loans and concedes for giving Distance Learning and Telemedicine administrations to provincial occupants American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) Broadband Initiatives Program : Loans, gives and advance/give mixes for broadband in rustic groups

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Telecommunications Program Budget Levels

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Community Connect Grant Program Nationally focused give program to give administration to the most country and financially tested groups Since origin, program has given 197 gives and contributed $88.2M One people group, perceived by US Census or Rand McNally, presently unserved 20,000 populace or less Minimum $50,000 – Maximum $1,000,000 15% coordinating assets required

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DLT Loan and Grant Program Provides provincial groups with chances to acquire instructive and therapeutic administrations from far off areas utilizing interchanges advances $403 M as a part of DLT advances and gives have been granted since the beginning of the program

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Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program (change) Re-approved through 2012 Places accentuation on guaranteeing that "libraries" are incorporated as qualified purposes/elements $29.7 Million accessible in DLT Grants for FY10 (counting vestige)

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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Broadband Funding National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) $4.7 Billion Rural Utilities Service (RUS) $2.5 Billion Total $7.2 Billion

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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Broadband Funding USDA RUS: $2.5 billion aggregate spending power approved under the ARRA as advances, gives and advance/give blends for broadband framework – the RUS Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP) First NOFA: $2.4 billion program level subsidizing Up to $1.2 billion for Last Mile extends Up to $800 million for Middle Mile extends Up to $325 million for a National Reserve

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RUS BIP Project Requirements 75 percent of the territories to be served by a venture accepting assets from such gives or credits should be in a provincial zone without adequate access to rapid broadband administration to encourage provincial monetary improvement; Priority might be given to: Projects that will convey end clients a decision of more than one administration supplier; Projects that give administration to the most noteworthy extent of rustic inhabitants that don\'t have entry to broadband administration; Current or previous RUS Title II borrowers Projects that start promptly upon endorsement. ARRA Broadband Funding

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Announced Rural Broadband Projects

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Projects Taking Place in 32 States or Territories

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RUS hopes to utilize roughly $2 billion to give stipends, while the rest of the assets will back credits, for potential aggregate interest in provincial broadband of around $3-$4 billion, which may fluctuate contingent upon the interest for gifts versus advances. RUS will grant all supports no later than September 30, 2010. Two rounds of subsidizing: Round 1: window has shut; $1.067 B in honors have been declared Round 2: window has shut; $2.2 billion is accessible ARRA Broadband Funding

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Round 2 Funding ("NOFA 2"): AVAILABLE FUNDS Last Mile: $1,700,000,000 Middle Mile: 300,000,000 Satellite: 100,000,000 TA & Library: 5,000,000 Reserve: 95,000,000 TOTAL $2,200,000,000 Repooling: RUS holds the attentiveness to occupy stores starting with one category of ventures then onto the next. SEE NOFA FOR COMPLETE DETAILS ON PROGRAM FUNDING AND REQUIREMENTS NOFA=Notice of Funds Availability. If you don\'t mind visit for more data. ARRA Broadband Funding

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Portland, OR Reno, NV Denver, CO San Antonio, TX Eureka, MO Sioux Falls, SD Dearborn, MI Fayetteville, NC Atlanta, GA RUS-NTIA Joint Public Workshops Total of more than 2,500 members went to.

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ARRA Broadband Funding NOFA 2 FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES 1. Last Mile Projects Must prevalently give broadband administration straightforwardly to the premises or to end clients. Just those applications whose proposed financed benefit territory contains 75 percent or more rustic ranges, inside which not more than 50 percent of the premises in the country regions have High Speed Access will be considered for subsidizing. 2. Center Mile Projects RUS firmly supports applications for Middle Mile ventures from current RUS credit and concede beneficiaries. Candidates must recommend that no less than 75 percent of the interconnection focuses be in provincial regions without any than 50 percent of the premises having High Speed Access. The people group in which the interconnection focuses end might be utilized to decide the rate of High Speed Access.

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ARRA Broadband F

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