Creating and Assessing a Results Centered SPIL Section 1: Objectives and Targets April 21, 2010; 3:00-4:30 PM EST Sectio.

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Creating and Assessing a Results Centered SPIL Section 1: Objectives and Targets April 21, 2010; 3:00-4:30 PM EST Section 2: Assessment April 28, 2010; 3:00-4:30 PM EST Displayed by: Mike Hendricks, Ph.D. SILC-NET Presents… 1 Our 3-Stage Approach Step 1: Choose what you need to accomplish
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Creating & Evaluating an Outcomes-Focused SPIL PART 1: Goals & Objectives April 21, 2010; 3:00-4:30 PM EST PART 2: Evaluation April 28, 2010; 3:00-4:30 PM EST Presented by: Mike Hendricks, Ph.D. SILC-NET Presents… 1

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Our 3-Step Approach Step 1: Decide what you need to accomplish Mission, objectives, goals, halfway rationale model Step 2: Turn speculations into specifics Measurable pointers, geographic extension, target execution level in 2013, timetable for between time advancement Step 3: Develop your activity technique to accomplish every Objective Activities, lead association, key accomplices, assets

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Step 1: Decide what you need to accomplish State your Mission - But whose mission? Your aggregate IL program’s! - “PWDs in our state live autonomously and take an interest completely in their community” - Your Mission will be diverse, but… - Wording is imperative: Start with your objective gathering Follow with a current state verb expression End however bodes well - But shouldn\'t something be said about a Vision articulation? 3

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B. Build up your Goals - Desired results one level underneath your Mission - Objectives clarify “How will we accomplish our Mission?” - What results do you have to accomplish to begin with, keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish your Mission? - Outcome “stepping stones” while in transit to your Mission - Put every Goal in a container, directly underneath the Mission Step 1, cont’d. 4

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Partial Logic Model with Goals IF we accomplish these three Goals, THEN we can accomplish our Mission Your Goals will be diverse You may not even concur with these Goals Try this arrangement , utilizing the proposed wording 5

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C. Characterize your Objectives - Typically can’t accomplish Goals in 3 years - Make progress, yes; completely accomplish, likely no - Need another level of results beneath Goals…. Destinations! - “How will we accomplish our Goals?” - What results do you have to accomplish to start with, so as to accomplish your Goals? Step 1, cont’d. 6

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IF we accomplish these four Objectives, THEN we can accomplish this Goal Your Objectives will be diverse – make an effort not to have too much (37 in one SPIL) [Occasionally, may need to incorporate sub-Objectives] Partial Logic Model with Objectives 7

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Step 2: Turn Generalities into Specifics Objectives are the center, yet they’re excessively broad “IL suppliers are well-trained” – What does this mean – precisely? Use sections 1-5 of our SPIL Planning Table (see next slide) 8

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SPIL Planning Table 9

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A. Create quantifiable pointers for every goal - What precisely ought to change in 3 years? - How precisely will we know whether we’re being fruitful on this Objective? - How precisely would two parallel universes be distinctive? - “# and % of cutting edge staff who have an up and coming Prime Provider certificate” Step 2, cont’d. 10

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Step 2, cont’d. B. Indicate the geographic degree for every Objective Statewide? Just sure zones? C. Set execution focuses for every Objective What a pointer ought to “read” toward the 3\'s end year SPIL period Art + science: different States, national models, master proposals, extrapolation you could call your own execution, and so on 11

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D. Set time spans for between time advance Please don’t hold up 3 years to perceive how you’re doing Measure a pointer as frequently as bodes well (yearly, 6 months, 3 months) Shoot for a pattern that bodes well (consistent, accumulates steam, levels off) Step 2, cont’d. 12

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Step 3: Develop your activity procedure to accomplish every Objective Now you know precisely what you need to accomplish – particularly But how are you going to accomplish every Objective? Use sections 6-10 of our SPIL Planning Table (see next slide) 13

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Example Full SPIL Planning Table 14

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A . Focus the Activities you have to direct with a specific end goal to accomplish every Objective - What you do - “-ing” words, for example, preparing, looking over, scattering, and so forth - One or more exercises for every Objective - But this will differ for every Objective - Activities depend totally on the choices you’ve made in Steps 1 and 2 - Put exercises directly beneath Objectives on your rationale model (IF-THEN) Step 3, cont’d. 15

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Partial Logic Model with Activities 16

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B. Concede to one lead association for accomplishing every Objective Important for the buck to stop somebody place SILC, DSU(s), or CILs may ordinarily be the lead But perhaps not generally? 17

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Step 3, cont’d. C. Concur on key accomplices for every Objective - Other associations may should be included, too – Important to arrange from the earliest starting point D. Report the assets expected to accomplish every Objective – Generally in $$ terms – As nearly as would be prudent, however may not be flawless 18

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Step 3, cont’d. E. Elucidate subsidizing sources – Part B? Part C? Part 2 – Older Blind? 19

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Evaluating Your SPIL Required by RSA SPIL assessment arranges not the most grounded Guiding standards: Evaluation is vital Focus on change , not reporting Evaluations ought to differ among states Certain angles are presumably fundamental Evaluation is a shared movement 20

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Use Evaluation to Answer Three Key Questions How well are we accomplishing our Objectives ? - You’ve effectively done heaps of this work - Create a SPIL Evaluation Plan Objectives, quantifiable pointers, sources, routines, dependable associations, recurrence of social event result data 21

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Example SPIL Evaluation Plan 22

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2. How fulfilled are our buyers? RSA particularly obliges this inquiry Think of this as one of your Objectives (e.g., “Consumers are fulfilled by our services”) Then add to SPIL Evaluation Plan 23

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3. By what means would we be able to enhance our State’s complete IL program? This is an alternate sort of inquiry Don’t expect this happens naturally Use the “Three C’s” COMPILE your assessment data portray what is analyze as proper decipher the significance prescribe enhancements 24

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CONVENE key partners At slightest quarterly Include every key partner CONSIDER the suggestions What discoveries say is occurring ? Do we trust it’s genuine ? What would it be a good idea for us to do about it? Enhance things, continue assessing Evaluating Your SPIL, cont’d. 25

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Click the connection underneath now to finish an assessment of today’s system discovered 26

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