Creating Scope of Work, Budgets and Schedules for the OTIA III State Bridge Delivery Program .

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Creating Extent of Work, Spending plans and Timetables for the OTIA III State Span Conveyance Program. Raymond Mabey, Delegate Program Supervisor, ODOT Lynn Iaquinta, Designing Administrator, OBDP. Rundown of Procedure. Creating Program Degree, Spending plan and Calendars
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Creating Scope of Work, Budgets and Schedules for the OTIA III State Bridge Delivery Program Raymond Mabey, Deputy Program Manager, ODOT Lynn Iaquinta, Engineering Manager, OBDP

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Summary of Process Developing Program Scope, Budget and Schedules Determining Project Level Details including Project Development Process Reporting Progress Monitoring and Maintaining Communications and Issue Resolution

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Purpose of the Funding Program Goals and Objectives Fulfill the Goals of the spending note Stimulate the economy Employ proficient and financially savvy conveyance rehearses Maintain cargo versatility/keep movement moving Build ventures delicate to their groups and scene Capitalize on subsidizing openings

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How the Program Scope, Budget and Schedule were produced EBOR created rundown of influenced extensions and technique Took automatic way to deal with ecological and information gathering with Baseline Reports Use of all accessible data to decide prescribed degree Projects packaged to expand support of Oregon firms and temporary workers

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Bridge Background Information Environmental Baseline Reports I.D. Common/Cultural Resources Established API Hazmat Survey Local Permitting Environmental Justice Engineering Baseline Reports Cost Estimate Drawings/Site Photos Foundation Report Inspection Report Recommended Scope

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Current Scope for Bridges Data gathering for re-checking of program Region info and webpage visit Engineering and Environmental baselines Inspection reports Load evaluations As-built drawings Revised cost gauges For reconsidered scopes Refined different appraisals

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Current Scope for Bridges Resolve scope issues before DAP Assessed exceptional issues and assentions Widening for future activity needs Allowance for future enlarging of office crossed Rail retrofits Seismic retrofits Mobility and brief movement control Programmatic allowing Vertical leeway issues No additional extension without BOC endorsement

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Justification of Scope Policy on option of work or limit enhancements to the OTIA III Bridge Program Bundles For future path convenience, movement investigation and projectio ns required Interchange adjustments must be in long haul get ready for ODOT or MPO Schedule must be considered in choice to include work

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Budget Original spending plan around $1 billion in development for 365 scaffolds Bridge Oversight Committee (BOC) in charge of spending choices Revised programming level evaluations in light of rescoping and refreshed costs Project particular assessments at DAP, Progress, Advanced and Final PS&E Change administration prepare set up

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Development of Schedule Roughly takes after the program organizes in the Economic and Bridge Options Report (EBOR) Developed to augment portability of the setting out open Laid out to graphically to spread out offering to boost bidders and get good offer costs Aggressive venture improvement and development timetables Acceleration using imaginative procedures

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Current Schedule Available on site and in OTIA III Monthly Report Master Schedule with 13 stages for each DBB extend Revised to join changes coming about because of re-perusing and conveyance strategies for Stages 4 and 5

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Change… .It Happens… … . How would we deal with change? Change Management Process through OBDP to the BOC Operational Notices accessible on the OBDP site Sample letter Timelines Contact names Submission data

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Operational Notice No. 1 Preparation of Change Management Letter for BOT Prepared by your Project Manager/Leader Estimate spending plan in-accordance with cost evaluating forms (connect level) Submit letter to OBDP preceding BOT meeting date Use standard format If you have questions call: Doug Kirkpatrick, OBDP

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Operational Notice No. 2 Green, yellow, red definitions for OTIA III program Definitions for observing of venture advance Scope Budget Schedule Reported month to month in OTIA III Monthly Report Yellow or Red means restorative activity is fundamental

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Development of Process Flow Reviewed ODOT extension and work process Development of work process particular to a scaffold program Partnering sessions with Regions to survey prepare Partnering with ODOT Technical Services to audit handle

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Design Bid Build Process Flow Steps Bundle/extend Development Scope Refinement with Region Assignment of configuration package Project commence meeting at venture site Design Acceptance Progress Plans Advanced Plans Final Plans, Specifications, and Estimate (PS&E) Pre-let period Pre-development meeting Construction begin Construction advance Project closeout

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Bundling Projects for Delivery Total of 67 venture groups Coordinated with ODOT areas and partners Multidisciplined approach Five point packaging system Location & setting Type of work Maintain portability & limit movement impacts Contract measure suitable for Oregon firms Critical issues (potential effect on degree, calendar, or spending plan)

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Bundling Projects for Delivery Data Gathering Determine Repair versus Supplant Approx. development cost STIP ventures joined for proficiency Other contiguous undertakings in STIP or Local Map all tasks on worksheet Use multi-restrained group to graphically survey with packaging technique Evaluate dissemination of size and unpredictability Adjustments all through the execution

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Scope Refinement with Region OBDP makes Bridge Scoping Report Review with Region to accumulate input Technical Maintenance Political Operational Other ventures Issues log catches and reacts to Region remarks Scope is introduced in Request for Services (RFS) to venture group

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Assignment of Design Bundle to Project Team Selection prepare Development of venture group Development of extent of work Negotiation of extension and expense Development of agreement archives Negotiation with Bridge Delivery Unit (BDU) Notice to Proceed (NTP)

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Scope Template Standard Scope of Work Menu of administrations Use just what is important Provide detail to coordinate expected work exertion Use A&E Consultant\'s Guide for reference Site visit preceding creating degree Use proficient judgment Consider attainable basic arrangements Incorporate CS 3 targets

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$ Level of Effort and Cost Negotiation Fee Estimating Spreadsheet Template (FEST) reliable with the extension layout Provides consistency in assessing undertaking to venture Tool for development of information social affair Negotiation incorporates hours, rates, benefit, coordinate expenses, and innovation energizes Back to cost advancement required

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Project Kick-off Meeting Meet at the Region to amass extend group Site visit with the partners Continue to assemble foundation data

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Design Process Flow Activities Data gathering Field surveillance Kick-off meeting Submissions Design Quality Plan (DQP) Project Schedule Technical Memoranda CS 3 arrange Monthly reports Draft DAP accommodation

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DAP Activities & Submissions Design Acceptance Package incorporates: RR & utility coordination Public open house mtg. minutes ROW arrange CS 3 Alternative Analysis Matrix Level 1 Environmental Preconstruction Assessment (PCA) Foundation Report & Hydraulics Report Traffic Management Plan Bridge TS&L reports & drawings Construction staging

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Design Exceptions Identify any Design Exceptions or Design Concurrences ahead of schedule in the process Minimize requirement for exemptions or concurrences

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Final Design Steps Progress Plans 60% outline advance arrangements for survey Validation of extension, calendar and spending Advance Plans Full arranges, details and gauges for audit by the Agency Validation of degree, timetable and spending plan

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Final PS&E Submission Complete OPL agenda Incorporate remarks from Advanced Plan Submission Final PS&E biddable, buildable drawing set including environ. specs and arrangements Final figuring books Construction particulars & extraordinary arrangements Engineer\'s gauge

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Monitoring and Maintaining Scope: Critical to avoid scope crawl amid execution of venture Changes must be endorsed by BOC Budget: Must outline a venture that fits the financial plan for the area Can include extra things that are subsidized by district or nearby if timetable is kept up Estimates at every accommodation to screen spending status Schedule: Monthly observing Plan to recoup if falling behind

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Quality Control Key to keeping up spending plan and calendar (anticipate revamp and delays) Important piece of the execution of the plan procedure Interdisciplinary arrangement and determination audit is basic to diminish development change orders QC incorporates determination of remarks or issues Quality control forms apply to work performed amid development

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Monthly Project Updates Region Operations Committee Meetings (ROC) Monthly detailing of the status of the venture you are conveying Standard configuration for sheet Contact data Status of consumption Progress finished on work Description of real issues Information is distributed in the OTIA III State Bridge Delivery Program Monthly Report presented on people in general.

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Monthly Reporting Monthly Reports Consultants give OBDP : Project synopsis and status Activities and achievements Notes of intrigue Issues being worked Budget data Percent finish CS 3 notes Schedule data Contact data

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Communications and Issue Resolution Solve issues at most reduced level in association conceivable Track issues and archive their determination to the entire group through Electronic Data Management System Defined acceleration procedure to anticipate plan delays OBDP Design Coordinator/Technical Lead BDU CPM/OBDP Design Management Region Area Manager/BDU Area Manag

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