Creating Supply Chains for Remote Financial specialists in Costa Rica Utilizing FDI for mechanical learning and supplier.

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Remote Investors in Costa Rica. Utilizing FDI for innovative learning and suppliers ... Costa Rica key connection: Supply chain system of value items and administrations. ...
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Creating Supply Chains for Foreign Investors in Costa Rica Leveraging FDI for mechanical learning and suppliers advancement Roberto Calvo Director Costa Rica Provee Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica

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Country\'s experience Supply Chain Development Final comments Agenda

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Costa Rica initially Population: 4 million natives. In the "inside" of the Americas Oldest majority rule government in Latin America Universal Educational and Health System

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Costa Rica initially Literacy Rate = 95% GDP for every capita: US $ 3,920 Life hope: 78.1 years 6% of world\'s biodiversity

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Costa Rica exchange arrangements sway in most recent 15 years…

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Costa Rica: Export Evolution

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Costa Rica: Thinking locally , acting all around …

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Suppliers key part… Opportunities The 10 greatest U.S. car makers burned through 48 pennies out of each dollar in deals in 2002 to purchase materials, contrasted and 43 pennies in 1996. (Liker, HBR) Businesses are progressively transferring on suppliers costs, enhance quality, and grow new procedures and items (development) speedier than their opponents " sellers can .

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Supply Chain Linkages " Costa Rica Provee" To add to expanded national quality included the generation of multinational firms introduced in Costa Rica, and therefore, enhance the aggressiveness of little and medium-sized undertakings (SMEs).

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Primary Goals - Improve the STI and generation limit SMEs through five star business connections. - Contribute to the improvement of significant worth included nearby creation through linkages. - Set up commonly helpful connections between nearby organizations and foundations that foster intensity in the generation division.

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Match – Makers!! STEP 1: DEMAND STEP 2: LOCAL SME

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Costa Rica Provee Training and Assesment TNC SME

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Measure 1

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Measure 2

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Measure 3

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R+D + Innovation Shared Services Metalwork, (Level 3) Plastics (Level 3) Chemistry (L3) 2006 Metalwork, (Level 2) Plastics (Level 2) Chemistry (L2) VA. Administrations (Level 2) STI multifaceted nature Metalmecanics, (Level 1) Plastics (Level 1) Chemistry VA. Administrations (Level 1) 1996 Packaging, Pallets (transport accs) Consumables. LOW HIGH Strategic Value for Electronic TNC ( Indirect Materials )

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Suppliers STI Capacity Building Development Improvement of the beneficial procedures (15%) Innovation, examination and advancement with uncommon materials or administrations (18%) New advances (22%) Specialized Certifications (ISO 13485, ISO 9001:2000) (7%)

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Final comments.. for building up a project on your nation Sustainable linkages are not delivered naturally as an immediate result of FDI nearness… it requires support of Local Government, good strategies, business conditions, and Business Community openness (TNC and SME).

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Final comments.. for building up a system on your nation 2. For MNC: Local sourcing is not ( just ) Social Responsability , it\'s an aggressive issue 3. For SME: Think locally, act all around. "Toyota helped us significantly enhance our creation framework. We began by making one part, and as we enhanced, [Toyota] remunerated us with requests for more segments. Toyota is our best client". Senior Executive, supplier to Ford, GM, Chrysler and Toyota, July 2001. ( Choi , HBR)

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Thank You Enjoy Costa Rica

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