Creature Science II-Little Creature.

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Creature Science II-Little Creature. Unit C-The Little Creature Care Industry. Competency 6.00. Decipher the status of the little creature industry today. Objective. Clarify how the little creature care industry is imperative to society. Creature Care Industry and Society. Task.
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Creature Science II-Small Animal Unit C-The Small Animal Care Industry

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Competency 6.00 Interpret the little\'s status creature industry today.

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Objective Explain how the little creature care industry is vital to society Animal Care Industry & Society

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Assignment Title your notes today Small Animal Industry Brainstorm how the Small Animal Industry can advantage society when all is said in done. Put your very own couple thoughts in you scratch pad.

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Benefits of Small Animals Economic $32 billion to national economy Companions to 60% of American Families Children learn obligation Improves personal satisfaction for elderly Product testing Develop medications and antibodies

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Benefits of Small Animals Pet treatment Relieve melancholy Reduces coronary illness Watch pooches, seeing eye canines Rabbit meat Low in cholesterol, sodium and fat Fur and fleece

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Benefits of Small Animals Exhibition Rabbits give various advantages Pets Food Clothing Research

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Economics Retail pet stores $21 billion in deals Biomedical exploration Supported by $15 million in charges 65-100 million little creatures Education 6 million utilized for dismemberment

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Economics 4 million little creatures utilized as a part of the LD50 test Americans spending on pets $20.3 billion

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Economics Veterinary costs $11 billion every year Dogs cost twice as much as felines Pet sustenance deals $9 billion

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Pet Ownership-Dogs There are give or take 65 million possessed puppies in the United States Most proprietors (65%) own one puppy 33% of proprietors own two mutts 12% of proprietors own three or more pooches Slightly more male pooches are claimed than female mutts Eighteen percent of possessed pooches were received from a creature cover by and large, canine proprietors burned through $263 on veterinary related costs in the previous 12 months Seventy-two percent of possessed puppies are spayed or fixed Source: American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) 2003-2004 National Pet Owners Survey

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Pet Ownership-Cats Approximately 77.6 million possessed felines in the United States 34% of U.S. family units own no less than one feline by and large, proprietors have two felines (2.2) Slightly more female felines are claimed than male felines 16% of possessed felines were embraced from a creature sanctuary Cat proprietors spent a normal of $113 on veterinary related costs in the previous 12 months Eighty-four percent of possessed felines are spayed or fixed Source: American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) 2003-2004 National Pet Owners Survey

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Dogs, Cats & The Rest There are 7 million a bigger number of felines than mutts Most feline proprietors normal two felines Dogs are found in a larger number of families than felines Fish Birds Rabbits third fourth fifth

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Objective Discuss the aptitudes required for business in the little creature industry

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Job Types Care and administration industry Pets Lab creatures Zoo creatures Health Training Food and gear supply

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Job Types Pharmaceutical and biotechnology research Hospitals Universities Labs Private firms

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Job Types Exhibitors Operates creatures acts Carnivals Circus Fairs (Cleveland County Fair) Zoo Marine vertebrate showcases

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Care and Management Jobs Pet consideration laborer Boarding pet hotels Animal doctor\'s facilities Shelters Pet stores Training schools Pet preparing parlors

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Care and Management Jobs Kennel chaperons Feeds and watches over creatures Cleans Animal groomers Bathes, brushes & trims hair and nails Dog mentors Teaches the puppy to obey flags or charges

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Care and Management Jobs Small Animal Breeders Raises & markets hide bearing creatures Usually specific for one breed Pet shop proprietors and chiefs Dealers Sell lab creatures Research instruction

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Care and Management Jobs Veterinarians (DVM) Control creature wounds and infection Disease avoidance Inspection Meat and creatures items Surgery Establish eating methodologies Prescribe solutions 1/3 little creatures just

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Care and Management Jobs Vet. Experts Assist veterinarians and other staff Skills required: Previous experience as an attendant Part-time charitable effort Shelters Pet shops facilities

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Objective Discuss restorative phrasing utilized by those acting as a part of the veterinarian period of the little creature care industry Medical Terminology

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Medical Terminology Components of therapeutic wording Prefix Beginning of the word showing: Number Location Time Status Root words Word part that gives the crucial significance of a word

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Medical Terminology Suffixes Word part toward the end of a word demonstrating: Procedure Condition Disease Disorder

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Medical Prefixes a-, a without, absence of Anemia-without blood hostile to against, contradicting Antiseptic-against contamination bi-two, twofold, twice Bilateral-two sides dys-excruciating, troublesome, irregular Dysentery-strange contamination of the colon pre-before Preoperative-before surgery

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Medical Root Words carp wrist carpel-relating to the wrist cardi heart cardiology-investigation of the heart dors back dorsal-identifying with the back

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Medical Root Words imprint, odont teeth dental specialist individual who lives up to expectations with teeth Gastr stomach gastronomy-surgical opening of the stomach Gingiv gums gingivitis-aggravation of the gums phleb, ven vein phlebotomist-individual who gets blood from veins

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Medical Suffixes algia Pain arthralgia-agonizing joints centesis Procedure to expel liquid Cytocentesis-expelling liquid from the bladder itis irritation bronchitis rrhea Flow or release diarrhea

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Positional Terminology Ventral Cranial Anterior Posterior Dorsal Caudal Dorsal (frontal) plane Transversal plane

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Positional Terminology

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Positional Terminology Dorsal Cranial Posterior Anterior Caudal Ventral

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Positional Terminology Transversal plane Dorsal (frontal) plane

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Positional Terminology

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Positional Terminology Visit the accompanying site to view a Virtual Cat Dissection External Anatomy Link

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General Terminology Antisepsis Biopsy Catheterization Clutch

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General Terminology Colostrum Contact transmission Endogenous Exogenous Incubation

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General Terminology Infectious malady Pocket pets Preventative medicinal services projects Quarantine Spaying Neutering

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Objective Summarize every living creature\'s common sense entitlement and creature welfare Animal Rights versus Creature Welfare

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Animal Rights versus Creature Welfare

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Animal Rights versus Creature Welfare

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Animal Welfare Legislation 1641 The Bodies of Liberty 1 st law to ensure ranch creatures 1 st anticruelty act passed 1828 New York Legislature 1866-American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) framed

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Animal Welfare Legislation 1906-Animal Transportation Act 1958-Humane Slaughter Act 1966-Laboratory Animal Welfare Act 1976-Horse Protection Act

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YES NO The Vote? Do creatures have rights? Should creatures be utilized for nourishment? Should creatures be utilized for experimentation? Should chasing and catching of creatures be permitted?

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Assignment Option #1 On a perfect sheet of paper Prepare a publication for the nearby news paper sketching out your position on one of the past inquiries You ought to utilize fitting language structure and spelling for an open reaction Once you complete your unfinished copy, sort your last reaction in a 12 point textual style Your article ought to be one page long

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Assignment Option #2 On a spotless sheet of paper Prepare a short discourse that may be given at an open gathering or town lobby meeting. Your discourse ought to utilize the configuration taught in class and ought to plot your position on one of the past inquiries Your discourse must be given in class and it must last no less than 2 minutes

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Objective Discuss procedures and danger included when working with little creatures Risky Business!

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Zoonoses A sickness that can be transmitted from creatures to people Example: Rabies

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Rabies A viral illness Affects the sensory system Contracted by: Bites Scratches Saliva

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Rabies Immunization is prescribed if all else fails Children five to nine get the most creatures chomps 5% report nibbles More than measles, mumps, chicken pox, and whooping hack Most local creatures are not tainted if inoculated frequently

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Rabies First Aid: Wash the influenced range Use cleanser and water Tetanus shot If supporter has not been gotten in 5 years Worker assurance: 3 intradermal infusions more than three weeks 2 intramuscular infusions if uncovered

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Toxoplasmosis Disease from Toxoplasma gondii parasite Usually conveyed by felines Infected by ingesting polluted mice Spread by: Cat defecation Contaminated feline litter Affects those with smothered safe framework

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Toxoplasmosis Symptoms: Fever Headache Swollen lymph organs Cough Sore throat Congestion Loss of hankering Rash

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Toxoplasmosis Concern for pregnant ladies Miscarriage Premature infants Blindness in children Prevention: Disposable gloves when cleaning litter box Thoroughly washing hands Get a canine!

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Ringworm Fungal ailment Skin injury: Round Scaly and encrusted Loss of hair at site Spread by direct contact Indirectly by gear Treatment: Iodine cleanser or antifungal medications

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Psittacosis (Parrot Fever) Contracted by confined fowls of the Psittacosis family Transmitted through excrement and fecal dust Bacteria Prevention: Wear dust veil Eliminating bugs and lice Spraying disinfectants

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Psittacosis (Parrot Fever) Symptoms: Coughing Chest torments Fever Chills Weakness Vomiting Muscular torment Antibiotics utilized as treatment

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Cat-scratch fever Non-genuine Cat chomps and scratches Symptoms: Localized swelling and soreness Treated with anti-toxins Affected zone may be ease back to recuperate .:tslidese

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