CRIS and storehouses: NARCIS.

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CRIS and stores: NARCIS. Elly Dijk KNAW Research Data EuroCRIS meeting, Moscow (Rusland), 9 October 2008. Institute's main goal: To guarantee the nature of investigative examination in the Netherlands to advance the open availability of exploratory data Mission of my Area of expertise:
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CRIS and stores: NARCIS Elly Dijk KNAW Research Information EuroCRIS meeting, Moscow (Rusland), 9 October 2008

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Academy\'s central goal: To guarantee the nature of exploratory examination in the Netherlands to advance the open openness of investigative data Mission of my Department: national point of convergence of examination data Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

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WWW.NARCIS.INFO N ational A cademic R esearch and C ollaborations I nformation S ystem

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Outline Academic Information Domain - AID Situation in the Netherlands: CRIS, OAR and e-Data Dutch experimental entrance NARCIS Digital Author Identifier – DAI Joining CRIS, OAR and e-information: issues The future Conclusions

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Academic Information Domain: CRIS and vaults CRIS: Research Descriptions, Researchers, Institutions Repositories Full-message productions E-Research: datasets

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Personnel Information Domain Financial Information Domain H.R. Finan. CRIS-CERIF Academic Information Domain Repositories E-Research Schema of the Academic Information Domain Based on:

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CRIS Current Research Information System Every college and the Academy has it’s own CRIS: Metis Content: Researchers: aptitude, research information and work environments Research Institutions: Profiles and Addresses Research Programs and Projects Bibliographical data on examination results, similar to articles

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Repositories Open Access Repositories National DARE program – Digital Academic Repositories Better access to the aftereffects of freely subsidized exploration in the Netherlands By advancement of institutional storehouses: colleges, Academy, National Research Council, littler exploration establishments Coordinated by SURFFoundation

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E-research E-information The colleges don’t have e-research vaults Researchers don’t take great consideration of their examination information Keep data in their PC Don’t deal with long haul protection Don’t like to share their information But we do have E-DATA Institute DANS - Data Archiving and Networked Services

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E-research DANS Data Archiving and Networked Services EASY – Electronic Archiving System Data themselves accessible under the conditions determined by the investor Humanities and Social Sciences

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Dutch Academic Information Domain Ideal circumstance

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NARCIS (Daffodil): Dutch Scientific Portal

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Components of NARCIS Dutch Research Database – NOD: 14 scholarly CRISs and other examination foundations Central Access Point to 21 Open Access Repositories - OARs Subsections: Cream of Science and Promise of Science E-DATA: DANS created OAI interface on EASY – Electronic Archiving System

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stores E-information Research foundations NOD (KNAW) Research Council NWO NARCIS (KNAW) Metis (college) eDepot (KB) P-framework (college) F-framework (college) Based on: SURFFoundation

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Joining the three segments

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Digital Author Identifier - DAI Needed: connection in the middle of Author and DAI Enables mix of frameworks Avoids name equivocalness and variations

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Implementation of DAI Dublin Core not adequate Introduction of (stripped) MODS in DIDL Co-operation of all Dutch colleges, KNAW and NWO National database facilitated by OCLC 40,000 one of a kind writer names with DAI’s

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DAI in real life

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Content of NARCIS OARs : Over 160,000 full-message productions (of which 20,000 doctoral e-propositions) DANS: More than 2,000 datasets Dutch Research Database: Expert database: 10,000 specialists Portal of Professors and partner educators: 7,500 names About 36,000 names of analysts Project portrayals of momentum (20,000 records) and finished exploration ventures (22,000 records) About 3,200 records of college or non-college exploration foundations

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Joining CRIS, OAR and e-information: issues Technical hindrances are not the primary point Organizational issues Willingness To relegate DAI’s To fill the CRISs, OARs en E-research storehouses To present new trade arrangements like (stripped) MODS

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The Future Publication records: collecting of the “bibliographic just records” DAI makes it conceivable to create label mists Enhanced distributions for the worldwide DRIVER undertaking - Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research Metadata store (NARCIS turns into a National Repository)

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Conclusions It is conceivable to make a Dutch Academic Information Domain notwithstanding when the frameworks are not associated With make a Dutch AID the best difficulties are authoritative Need for reconciliation in some capacity: Digital Author Identifier But live would be much less demanding with very much associated and filled frameworks, in light of CERIF!

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Thank you for listening elly.dijk@

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