CrJ 132 Section Six Prisoner Taking and Arrangements.

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Free detainees Money Prison change Political change Political refuge ... Long bondage - activity, look after silliness - set up routine & sympathy ...
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CrJ 132 Chapter Six Hostage Taking & Negotiations General musings on prisoner taking Dramatic increment in a decade ago 2K reported – might be numerous more Increase in criminal/crazy scenes Instant media scope from anyplace Multiple requests for discharge: Free detainees – Money – Prison change – Political change – Political refuge

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Earlier History Richard the Lionhearted Nazis in Czechoslovakia More Current History Columbia FARC & FLN – Ransom Political Hostages Israeli officers - Hamas & Hezbollah Saddam in 1 st Iraq War - Human Shields Russian theater & Chechen agitators

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Modern Political Hostage Taking Four Objectives Large aggregates of payoff $$ Media consideration & national or worldwide acknowledgment Grassroots people group bolster Weaken free endeavor framework by scaring outside venture Free political detainees in swap

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Typologies of Hostage Takers Many models - use content - Table 6.1 Based on inspiration of prisoner taker Poland proposes: Psychotic prisoner takers Criminal prisoner takers Political prisoner takers

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Psychotic Mentally unhinged – Often self-destructive – Angry – Seeks individual acknowledgment – Often irritated from family – Barricaded suspect Usually needs media introduction Has extensive influence since he/she is so erratic Hard to arrange with – Irrational

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Criminal Fleeing criminal – Prison detainee riots – Extortionist ruffian – Barricaded suspect Generally, most balanced & unsurprising – look to keep away from capture 60% of all U.S. prisoner circumstances Fleeing wrongdoing scene & police arrive Negotiation simpler than with maniacal

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Political Hostage Taker Social protestor, religious extremist, looking for retribution, air hijackings Reasons might be political, social, religious, or ethnic crusader Strong responsibility to belief system Seek exposure & regularly detainee discharge or installment Often silly, duty to the "cause" – Preconceived requests & distinguished cutoff points

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Why Motivation Matters Different thought processes require distinctive reactions Different intentions may require diverse moderators Different thought processes may include distinctive government organizations & operations. Responsive activities driven by inspiration - arranges strategic reactions & methodologies

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations General Negotiation Guidelines Play for time - Initial minutes basic Confusion, dread, sudden reaction Play for trust Rapport with prisoner taker Reduces probability of mischief to prisoners Self-exposure – Empathy – Good listening – Personal enthusiasm for prisoner takers issues & sentiments – No inside and out dismissal of requests

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations General Negotiation Guidelines Play for the "capture-bonding" Unconscious enthusiastic reaction to the experience of exploitation Positive sentiments of prisoners toward prisoner taker Reciprocal, constructive sentiments of prisoner takers toward prisoners Negative emotions toward police by prisoner takers & prisoners

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations "capture-bonding" Not present in all prisoner occurrences Absence of antagonistic encounters amid the episode (no beatings, assaults, and so on.) Not present if prisoner taker dehumanizes the casualty (executions) However, with time, an obligation of compassion frequently develops between casualty & prisoner taker

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations "capture-bonding" Negotiators foster SS by: Checking on strength of prisoners Discussing family issues with "Perp" Requesting data on treatment & state of prisoners Stockholm Syndrome regularly spares lives of prisoners & prisoner takers Police must oppose early use of fatal power

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations London Syndrome A prisoner or prisoners consistently challenges the prisoner takers Physically or verbally challenge Threatened – " Just you hold up!" Don\'t contend with prisoner takers, on the grounds that typically they dispose of you London occurrence – Achille Lauro episode

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Guidelines for Hostage Events Trained arbitrator is vital Well-prepared, tip top reaction power Media collaboration Clear hierarchy of leadership Identification of reaction faculty Identification of prisoner takers and numbers, if conceivable

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Guidelines for Hostage Events Avoid shifts in area if conceivable Keep relatives away – group of onlookers Totally nonnegotiable New weapons, explosives or ammunition No trade of prisoners No concessions without something consequently No medications, opiates or liquor

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Negotiator Strategies Play for time Tricks are misdirection are hazardous strategies – more effective with psychotics & culprits No guarantees you can\'t keep Preferred style would one say one is of common concession - bargain, critical thinking, and "give & take"

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Hostage Rescue Question - When to utilize power? Blended record of effective results Perfect planning & shock Hostage lives at danger "Lopsided Force" Expect media "second-speculating"

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations U.S. Endeavor - Not Successful Iranian prisoners & salvage endeavor 53 Americans caught at Embassy – amid salvage, area was obscure Multiple administrations included – hardware issues & coordination troubles Ambitious, brave salvage arrangement 8 rescuers kicked the bucket – bodies abandoned Great promulgation triumph for Iran No test questions on "Great Guys"

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Other Rescue Attempts Rescue at Entebbe Airport Great Israeli intel & knowledge & shock French Aircraft at Marseille - GIA Killed 3, discharged ladies & kids Attempt to make a "flying bomb" Peruvian Embassy Party - burrows Russia and the Chechen prisoner takers at the Opera – poison gas

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Surviving a Hostage Taking Most basic times are catch & discharge 75% setbacks amid salvage/discharge Remain quiet & don\'t freeze Avoid superfluous development/clamor Don\'t contend & show participation Long imprisonment - exercise, look after silliness - set up routine & compassion

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations Outlook Will keep on escalating: Cost-powerful coercion & buy-off Publicity - Palestinians, Chechens, and so forth. It works, expect in nations with productive police, trusted by masses It works, aside from with oppressive govts. Powerful discouragement: Security & "no-payment" approach

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Hostage Taking & Negotiations QUESTIONS?

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