Crossing over the Computerized Isolate.

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Connecting the Digital Divide Transitioning to College Suzanne Johnson-Varney Technical Services Librarian Shawnee State University

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Information Literacy versus Innovative Savvy

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The State of OhioLINK Most State Universities and Colleges are individuals from OhioLINK We all utilization the same robotization programming Migration coming soon Discovery Layer OPAC

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These abilities have been recognized as key: When/Where to refer to Academic Integrity Database versus "free web"/Evaluate Resources Journal versus Magazine Primary versus Optional Sources Types and utilization of print assets How to utilize an index/Online Public Access Catalog Indentify conceivable assets Prepare Search Strategies Formulate theme/theory High School to College Survey directed by Martha Daly, Connelly School of the Holy Child, Potomac, MD | Research Tips for First Year College Students by Ann Marie Smeraldi , Cleveland State University | Transitioning to College: Helping You Succeed

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Tools accessible to you: The Research Project Calculator is an INFOhio venture in view of the MINITEX venture created to a limited extent by University of Minnesota Libraries

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Lather, Rinse & Repeat

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21 Essential Things for 21 st Century Success 21 st Century Learning Skills Critical scholars | Problem Solvers | Good Communicators | Good associates | Information and innovation proficient | Flexible and Adaptable | Innovative and Creative | Globally able | Environmentally educated? Agree to the 21 st Century Learning Commons and win CEU\'s for finishing the 21 Learning Paths… … .

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5 Databases that move to school with your understudies: While all the INFOhio – Libraries Connect Ohio databases are still accessible to your understudies – there five that are generally improved with included substance and are utilized routinely at the school level: EBSCO host LearningExpress Library Oxford Reference Online The ART Collection Literature Online from Chadwyck-Healey

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At SSU our EBSCO host has been upgraded with two acquired "quickening agents" Research Starters – Business Research Starters - Education

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LearningExpress Library:

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Collage for Interior with Painting of Reclining Nude The ART Collection

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Literature Online from Chadwyck-Healey 2,017 Chadwyck-Healey eBooks

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Comments about eBooks

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Comments about eJournals

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Remote Authentication Students ought to comprehend the idea of remote confirmation for access to data and databases from off-grounds areas

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Content Management Systems Most understudies will utilize either BlackBoard, WebCT in conjunction with courses. Assets can be pushed to understudies by means of CMS Logging in and verification will be required

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Citation Tools Noodle Bib End Note – ISI Web of Science

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Comment about Professional Development Keeping up advancing patterns is basic however maybe one of the hardest employments… ..I utilize Bloglines… .PD @ a look!

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Online Card Catalogs at a Glance

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Online Card Catalogs at a Glance

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Online Card Catalogs at a Glance

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Online Card Catalogs at a Glance

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Online Card Catalogs at a Glance

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Online Card Catalogs at a Glance

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