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CRSD. Tony Gauvin Assistant Professor of eCommerce. Allagash Wilderness Waterway. University of Maine at Presque Isle . University of Maine at Fort Kent. University of Maine at Machias. CENTER FOR RURAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Maine Tri-Campus Consortium. LURC Concept Plan.
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CRSD Tony Gauvin Assistant Professor of eCommerce Allagash Wilderness Waterway

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University of Maine at Presque Isle University of Maine at Fort Kent University of Maine at Machias CENTER FOR RURAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Maine Tri-Campus Consortium LURC Concept Plan Plum Creek Timber Company

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Definitions Sustainable advancement (1980) "A socio-biological process portrayed by the satisfaction of human needs while keeping up the nature of the regular habitat inconclusively" World preservation methodology : living asset protection for practical improvement Rural "Provincial zones are all ranges not characterized as urban. Urban regions contain urbanized regions (a focal place and its nearby thickly settled domains with a consolidated least populace of 50,000) and fused places or evaluation assigned spots with at least 20,000 tenants." Maine Secretary of State, Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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D é veloppement solid (1987) Report of the Brundtland Commission ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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A Natural Extension UMFK Mission a larger concentrate on the necessities of country groups in America, investigation and investigation of the Maine wild environment encompassing this grounds, and festivity and conservation of the Franco-American legacy of this locale UMPI Mission to stimulatingly affect the social and monetary improvement of Aroostook County and the State of Maine UMM Mission "UMM is" firmly connected to its area on the rough Atlantic Ocean drift, among woodlands, chilly lakes, and bottomless amphibian and earthly untamed life. This downeast area, with its rich human and characteristic assets, gives a one of a kind living and learning environment for our understudies. … connected research and open administrations add to the change of the personal satisfaction and financial improvement in downeast Maine. ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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THE CRSD & UMFK Ties scholastic projects to the Mission and Vision of UMFK Creates and reinforces interrelationships between the Academic Programs and Existing Centers at UMFK Rural Sustainable Development is a Pluridisciplinary issue Provides a structure for Research and Grants Gives an all-encompassing heading for Student temporary jobs Service learning ventures Curriculum advancement Academic Scholarship and Service ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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Regional Access and Outreach Breaks done the dividers and towers of Academia and makes the mastery accessible inside the Academy to a bigger gathering of people inside the area Town and Local governments Economic Development offices Civic gatherings Private Citizens Distinguishes the three UMS grounds in Washington and Aroostook County Separate yet adjusted towards shared objectives ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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National The topic of Rural Development is being tended to by Four Centers from everywhere throughout the US (none in New England) North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (Iowa) Rural Development Center (Mississippi) Rural Development Center (Utah) The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development (Pennsylvania) is not (yet) a dynamic benefactor to the open deliberation Granting Agencies USDA National Leadership Summits for a Sustainable America (2006-07) Operation Fresh Start ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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International United Nations - World Summit in 2002 "Advancement that addresses the issues of the present without trading off the capacity of future eras to address their own issues." D é veloppement strong – 1987 Ministry of Sustainable Development US is playing "Get up to speed" ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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CRSD Vision Statement The Center will cooperate with groups, associations, or people, and also different substances inside the University of Maine System to enhance provincial prosperity through the improvement of the neighborhood economy, protection of personality, human services, instructive open doors, and social and recreational exercises with an end goal to safeguard the proceeded with reasonability of country groups in Aroostook and Washington districts. ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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CRSD Mission Statement The Center will endeavor to accomplish its vision by: Creating and reinforcing group associations Providing quality research, grant, and allow composing activities Helping people group and people find and use best practices as characterized by ebb and flow look into Serving as an asset Center for groups, associations, and people seeking after reasonable advancement exercises Enhancing country arranged scholastic projects Supporting feasible improvement outreach exercises Providing proficient skill by serving as an assigned financial operator or support that is in consistence with proper accounting rules ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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University of Maine at Fort Kent Rural Economics Rural Health Fresh Water Ecology Forestry Wildlife Management Ecotourism Preservation of Heritage Language Cultural Tourism (based upon our one of a kind Franco-Acadian history and culture) University of Maine at Presque Isle Agriculture Geology Recreation Social Services Delivery University of Maine at Machias Coastal Studies Marine Science Regional Environmental Studies Each University\'s Role ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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UMS Partners UM\'s Cooperative Extension Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Environmental and Watershed Research Center for Research on Sustainable Forests Tourism Center Margaret Chase Smith Center for Public Policy Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station USM\'s Muskie School of Public Service Institute for Health Policy, Center for Tourism Research and Outreach (CenTRO) Other Related Rural UMS Initiatives University of Maine at Farmington – Rural Poverty University of Maine at Augusta ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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CRSD Comprehensive Model Human Dimension Economic Dimension Forestry UMFK Agriculture UMM UMPI Mariculture Center for Rural Sustainable Development Tourism Recreation Services Entrepreneurial Businesses Rural Industry Education Science & Technology Political Dimension Resources & Environment Health/Nursing Global Info. Frameworks Water & Air Quality Comp. Sci. /Apps. Open Safety E-Commerce Land Usage Marine Biology Adapted from the European Rural Development Model Social/Demography Cultural/Heritage Policy Info. Innovation Ecosystem Health Rural Impact Subsidies Environmental Studies ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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CRSD Goals The general objective of the Center is to be an asset for change that emphatically impacts the groups in which we live, chiefly by giving exact, auspicious data to leaders. Particularly the Center will accomplish the accompanying: Enhance monetary open doors through the support of research open doors for workforce and understudies Support the conservation and upgrade of social ways of life as groups advance Develop effort and projects as esteemed vital by groups, associations, or people Serve as a supporter for constructive human/social cooperations as a key segment of supportability Encourage the effective utilization of regular assets and the insurance of nature Serve as an asset for existing and rising scholastic projects that get ready understudies for vocations in country groups. ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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CRSD Outcomes Consulting, research, investigation, and support to groups occupied with or considering exercises that advance country feasible improvement Support for a situation that will hold and enlist people to Aroostook and Washington regions Current research and practices to nearby groups, association, or people concerning maintainable improvement Developing researchers that will propel the examination and utilization of reasonable advancement hypothesis, arrangement, and application Support for a domain where rustic groups collaborate to elevate provincial manageable improvement to upgrade the prosperity of group individuals ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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CRSD Outcomes Support for a domain that prompts the utilization of best practices and flow explore in feasible advancement Creating a climate helpful for financial improvement that prompts long haul vocation for individuals from its groups Effective usage of instructive practices that make beneficial nationals equipped for adding to rustic manageability Effective comprehension of rustic wellbeing hones that advance maintainability Cultural and recreational exercises that advance the supportability of provincial groups and save the one of a kind social and verifiable parts of each of these locales ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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Next Steps Approval by UMS BOT (Jan 14) Allocation of assets Hire Director Create Advisory Board Develop vital arrangement ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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Rural Solutions for Rural Problems ® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

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