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Cruisers. Luciano D. 6 th grade January 10, 2008. Method of reasoning. I like that cruisers go quick. I like what bikes look like. My Examination Questions. 1) What did the main cruiser resemble? 2) When was the bike imagined? 3) Who developed the cruiser?
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Bikes Luciano D. 6 th grade January 10, 2008

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Rationale I like that bikes go quick. I like what bikes look like.

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My Research Questions 1) What did the first cruiser resemble? 2) When was the cruiser concocted? 3) Who designed the cruiser? 4) What upgrades were improved to make bikes? 5) what number sorts of cruisers arrive? 6) What do cutting edge bikes resemble?

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My Research Questions (proceeded with) 7) What is the speediest cruiser? 8) What are the significance of bikes? 9) What are a top\'s portion cruiser brands? 10) How can it feel to go quick on a cruiser?

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Answer To Question 1 The first bike was a wooden bike with a petroleum-controlled motor.

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Evidence of Change Question 1 People can now ride cruisers as another method for transportation.

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Answer to Question 2 The first cruiser was created in 1885.

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Evidence of Change Question 2 There was another innovation in the 1880s that noone had ever known about. Today practically everybody recognizes what a bike is.

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Answers to Question 3 Two German creators named Gottlieb Daimler and Wihelm Maybach designed the cruiser.

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Evidence of Change Question 3 There is another method for transportation in light of the fact that a two wheeled vehicle was concocted.

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Answer to Question 4 Internal ignition motor, aluminum casing, elastic tires, gas tank under motor, and navigational framework are upgrades made on bikes.

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Evidence of Change 4 The first cruiser just had a wooden casing and a little motor and did not have any of those enhancements.

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Answer to Question 5 Choppers Cruisers Electric Mini Bikes Mopeds Underbones Street Bikes Scooters Sport Bikes

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Answer To Question 5 (kept) Racing bicycles Street Customs Touring Motorcycles Motocross Bikes Super Motos Enduros

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Evidence of Change Question 5 At first there was one and only sort of bike.

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Answer to Question 6 Modern day bikes have windshields, handle bars, two wheels, swing arm, and a steel or aluminum outline.

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Evidence of Change Question 6 The first bike did not resemble the current bikes.

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Answers to Question 7 The quickest creation made cruiser is the Suzuki GSX-1300R. It goes 194 miles for every hour.

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Evidence of Change Question 7 Motorcycles couldn\'t go 194 miles for each hour until the Suzuki GSX-1300R turned out.

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Answer to Question 8 Motorcycles are utilized for war, stimulation, transportation, and games.

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Evidence of Change Question 8 Motorcycles were utilized only for transportation when they were initially designed.

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Answer to Question 9 Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha are a top\'s percentage cruiser brands.

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Evidence of Change Question 9 The first Motorcycle was not made by these brands but rather a large portion of today’s cruisers are.

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Answers to Question 10 “It feels great.” “Free.” “It can be unnerving at times.”

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Evidence of Change Question 10 This is only one person’s conclusion and it has changed subsequent to the first occasion when he rode a cruiser.

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Bibliography DeQuichi, Darrell. Individual meeting. November 4 2007. Guinness World Records 2005 50 th Anniversary Edition. HIT Entertainment pic.., 2004. 11 Nov. 2007.

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Conclusion …I took in a considerable measure of bike sorts .People everywhere throughout the world ride bikes .Motorcycles will keep on evolving. Next time I will look into additional on the employments of cruisers.

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