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Crypto-Visionen – ist IT-Sicherheit überhaupt zukunftsicher? Burt Kaliski, RSA Laboratories NetworkWorld Security-Tage München, 04. Dezember 2002

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Overview Thinking about cryptography throughout the following quite a few years Is IT-Security ok for what\'s to come?

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Key Size and Space Travel Today, 80-bit least (= 1024-piece RSA, 160-piece ECC) NIST proposes 128-piece least (3072-piece RSA, 256-piece ECC) for securing information past the year 2035 But research could change future examinations drastically Like go to adjacent stars BSI Empfehlung: "Geeignete Krythoalgorithmen" *Anf. § 17 Absatz 1 SigG v. 22.Mai 2001 1024-piece bis zum Jahr 2006 2048-piece stomach muscle dem Jahr 2006

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The Quantum Effect Theoretically, a quantum PC can break most if not all PKC, split symmetric key sizes Shor\'s, Grover\'s calculations Practically, decades away (?), and incrementally obvious Economic model is unverifiable Yet quantum mechanics clearly has different shocks

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A World without PKC? Mental activity: What if PKC hadn\'t been concocted? Imagine a scenario where PKC as we probably am aware it were broken. Symmetric cryptography, hash works still accessible Merkle hash-tree marks a decent reinforcement Quantum cryptography prepared for point-to-point

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It\'s All about Trust Alice and Bob generally have scratches But as such, individuals don\'t do crypto by and by, PCs have our keys We trust PCs to utilize our keys legitimately With enough confirmation, symmetric cryptography is adequate

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Proxies Near and Far Devices are only intermediaries for client crypto operations User validates, teaches Device checks, takes after System trusts in view of certification PC, PDA, cell telephones, keen card are neighborhood intermediaries, system administrations are remote What\'s the distinction?

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Device Security Physical dangers make it harder to trust gadgets Secure usage a noteworthy territory of crypto research New ideal models picking up significance: forward security, conveyed cryptography

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Beyond the Basics Traditional cryptography has concentrated on protecting information Emerging cryptography will concentrate on guarding forms Examples: Data mining without seeing the information Auctions without an intermediary

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Safe Utility Security must be anything but difficult to utilize Passwords, biometrics, "remote controls" will be vital instruments for the client Focus on wellbeing when all is said in done, as in other customer items. Not simply security Sicher = protected, secure, certain

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The Weakest Link Not key size, quantum, … People! IT is a stunning apparatus for communicating human inventiveness, and malevolence Which will we energize?

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Conclusions Is IT-Security alright for what\'s to come? As beyond any doubt as something else individuals will do Cryptography has a great deal more to offer IT How will you utilize it?

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Contact Information Burt Kaliski Director, RSA Laboratories

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