Crystal gazing.

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Altered 3/31/01. Crystal gazing. Soc. 100 Address 02a Crystal gazing. An Early Model of Human Conduct. From: Walter Clide Curry Chaucer and the Medieval Sciences; New York Barnes and Respectable 1960 E. M. W. Tillyard, Lett. D The Elizabethan World Picture ;1960 London, Chatto and Windus.
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Altered 3/31/01 Astrology Soc. 100 Lecture 02a Astrology An Early Model of Human Behavior From: Walter Clide Curry Chaucer and the Medieval Sciences; New York Barnes & Noble 1960 E. M. W. Tillyard, Lett. D The Elizabethan World Picture ;1960 London, Chatto and Windus Like religions there are different elucidations of soothsaying 1

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Astrology Personality Quiz 2

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Many parts of crystal gazing backpedal to the early Greeks; Aristotle, Pythagros, and so forth. Perceptions 1. Broadly trusted and honed in "medieval England" 2. Quite referenced by Shakespeare. 3. A people information that can be seen as a primitive science with a circumstances and end results relationship. 4. An incorporated viewpoint that incorporates brain research, prescription, science , material science, stargazing (and also a future\'s indicator). 5. All things were made out of 4 fundamental components that took distinctive forms,based on hot, icy, wet and dry, perfect was an adjusted compound* 6. Feeling surveys in US commonly demonstrate an extensive % having some level of conviction (60-85%) 3

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fundamental components •Earth, flame, Water, Air •All planets are ruled by one of the components •in people the components take the type of "humors"or "Biles" (Black, Yellow, Red [blood], Green [phlegm]) •all metals are made of these components (speculative chemistry was the thought of changing the sythesis of components in lead to make gold 4

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Astrology outline 5

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The Theory of Humors Primary Character Element Elemental Symptoms Humor Type Character Blood Sanguine Air Hot & Moist certainty, mind, fearlessness, hope,extrovert Yellow Choleric Fire Hot & Dry carelessness, violance, discontent, Bile envy, extravert Phlegm Phlegmatic Water Cold & moderate, dull-witted, sweet - Moist tempered, nice, self observer Black Bile Melancholy Earth Cold & Dry Personality Characteristics (Libra) (Leo) (Virgo) Sulleness, bitterness, wretchedness, (Scorpio) disappointment, passionate, loner cf. Hippocrates Of The way of Man (fifth Century B.C.), Galen’s Of Temprements (Second Century A.D.), Sir Thomas Elyot’s Castel of Health (1593), and Robert Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy (1621) 6

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Medical/Problems—”Catharsis” •Illness and identity were the aftereffect of pressure between components • Too quite a bit of a component was the reason for issues (a compound of equalization was the perfect) • Catharsis was the general model for treatment e.g. "Spring Tonic to clear dark bile develop Blood letting for a fever • Modern day importance of "humors" still exists in dialect 7

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• Nancy Reagan ( Note: She had a private telephone Installed in the Whitehouse only for calls to her soothsayer • Adolf Hitler (Note: England utilized corps of Astrologers to figure Hitler\'s moves in WWII) • Japanese/Chinese Culture Chinese Years—snake, rabbit, tiger, mouse…. • Large % of current US populace 60-80 have some level of conviction Believers 8

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DATA From 1994 GSS, Only .07 p

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