CS 551/851 Propelled PC Design.

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concentrate in movie form making or energized kid's shows. In spite of the fact that we incidentally swing to these fields for ... Honest Thomas and Ollie Johnson - Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life ...
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CS 551/851 Advanced Computer Graphics David Brogan

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General Goals Learn more about design and movement Read and present SIGGRAPH papers Be mindful of best in class research Cover quite a bit of Parent\'s liveliness content Understand major strategies Learn by doing – programming assignments

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Prerequisites Introduction to PC representation Knowledge of reading material essentials OpenGL programming Use the PC as an instrument to rapidly manufacture graphical applications Curiosity Class cooperation is required and the assignments will be powerful

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This course does not… instruct how to utilize canned programming We won\'t learn Maya or Photoshop require masterful abilities concentrate in video form making or enlivened kid\'s shows Though we every so often swing to these fields for understanding and inspiration

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Let\'s consider what we\'ve realized officially Virtual cameras Transformations Perspective Photorealism Decent lighting models Polygonal rendering Geometry calculations Line/Plane conditions Intersection calculations

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You\'re truly keen as of now Among the investigations of normal causes and laws, it is light that most enjoyments its understudies. Among all the colossal branches of science, the conviction of its exhibitions pre-famously raises the psyches of its agents. Point of view, in this manner, ought to be favored over all man\'s talks and trains. In this subject the visual beams are explained by means and exhibits which determine their eminence nor just from arithmetic additionally from material science; the one is enhanced similarly with the blooms of the other. Leonardo da Vinci (1400\'s) citing John Pecham (1200\'s)

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But we work on… There are some who take a gander at the things created by nature through glass, or different surfaces or straightforward cloak. They follow plots on the surface of the straightforward medium… But such a development is to be denounced in the individuals who don\'t know how to depict things without it, no how to reason about nature with their brains… They are constantly poor and mean in each innovation and in the creation of accounts, which is the last point of this science Leonardo da Vinci

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Advanced subjects More sensible displaying and lighting Non photorealistic rendering Animation Optimization Perception

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What do these things intend to you? What do you think this course ought to be about?

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What do these things intend to you? Thoughts from Video diversions Movie embellishments Computer energized movies Office without bounds Video screens all around Ubiquitous figuring

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Topics from course book Curves Morphing/Warping Kinematics/Inverse kinematics Physical recreation Particle frameworks Implicit surfaces

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Topics from reading material Natural wonders (plants, water, gas) Modeling and vitalizing enunciated characters Facial movement Motion catch

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Topics from SIGGRAPH Evolving Virtual Creatures Clouds Spacetime Constraints Artificial Fishes Tour Into the Picture Virtual Cinematographer Virtual Reality Others…

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Other Topics Movie enhancements The "Making Of" motion pictures Traditional film making Traditional liveliness

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Potential Projects Build a bend editorial manager/surface modeler Motion catch mixing

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Potential Projects Plant displaying

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Potential Projects Particle framework Physical reproduction control frameworks

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Potential Projects Inverse kinematics of achieving arm Implement SIGGRAPH paper Tour Into the Picture Cloud Modeling

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Textbooks Rick Parent – Computer Animation Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson - Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life Alan Watt and Mark Watt - Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques Edward Dmytryk - On Film Editing Martin Kemp – Science of Art Donald Bourg – Physics for Game Developers

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Perception Modeling discernment truly matters for PC activity We can\'t depend on four-hundred years of observation exploration by specialists The best we have is eighty years of Disney In 1550, following 100 years of refining the craft of point of view drawing, craftsmen were stunned to believe that the geometric immaculateness of their demonstrated world didn\'t guide to late disclosures of the human eye. They couldn\'t envision how perception influenced what one "saw." 200 more years would pass.

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Perception Positive afterimage (steadiness of vision) the visual boost that remaining parts after light has changed or been evacuated Motion obscure Persistence of vision causes an article to have all the earmarks of being numerous spots immediately

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Motion Blur Virtual camera in PC illustrations ordinarily shoots with interminably little shade speed No movement obscure results Without movement obscure, 30 fps results in quick moving items that appear as though they are strobing , or bouncing Would CG prompt previews produce movement obscure if played at 300 fps?

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What\'s the rate? Playback rate The quantity of tests showed every second Sample rate The quantity of various pictures every second

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Animation Timeline First Animation 1896, Georges Melies, moving tables 1900, J. Stuart Blackton, included smoke First commended sketch artist Winsor McCay Little Nemo (1911) Gertie the Dinosaur (1914)

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Animation Timeline 1910, Bray and Hurd Patented translucent cels (once in the past celluloid was utilized, however acetic acid derivation is utilized now) utilized as a part of layers for compositing Patented dark scale drawings (cool!) Patented utilizing pegs for enlistment (arrangement) of overlays Patented the utilization of substantial foundation drawings and panning camera

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Bray\'s Studio Produced Max Fleischer – Betty Boop Paul Terry – Terrytoons George Stallings – Tom and Jerry Walter Lantz – Woody Woodpecker 1915, Fleischer licensed rotoscoping Drawing pictures on cells by following over already recorded real life (MoCap) 1920, shading kid\'s shows

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Disney Advanced movement more than any other person First to have sound in 1928, Steamboat Willie First to utilize storyboards First to endeavor authenticity Invented multiplane camera

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Multiplane Camera is mounted over different planes Each plane holds an activity cel Each plane can decipher openly on 3 tomahawks What is this useful for? Zooming, moving frontal area characters off camera, parallax, delayed shade permits obscuring some layers (movement obscure)

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Stop-movement Animation Willis O\'Brien – King Kong Ray Harryhausen – Mighty Joe Young Nick Park – Wallace and Grommit Tim Burton – Nightmare Before Christmas

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