C&SC Separation Instruction Program.

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C&SC Separation Training Program Welcome 2004-2005 Plan Introduction to DEP Introduction to 8801 Hypothesis and Nature of War Lesson 1 The Traditional Scholars Sun Tzu Provincial Facilitator Same lesson Participation JFSC Points of interest Perusing materials Administrator subtle elements 3x5 card 8800 Arrangement 8801: T and N of War
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C&SC Distance Education Program Welcome 2004-2005

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Agenda Intro to DEP Intro to 8801 Theory and Nature of War Lesson 1 The Classical Theorists Sun Tzu

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Regional Coordinator Same lesson Attendance JFSC Details Reading materials Admin subtle elements 3x5 card 8800 Series 8801: T & N of War 8802 SLOW 8803 OLOW Schedule Intro to DEP

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Class configuration Schedule Preparation Guided Discussion Summary Points to recall

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Theory and Nature of War Course Overview

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Theory and Nature of War Course destinations Analyze the advancement of war Evaluate the way of war and strategy Synthesize the relationship between Theorists Evolution of war Develop an individual hypothesis of war.

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Course Description Evolution of fighting Theorists and their settings Themes Fundamental Questions Forces molding war Threads of Continuity Final Examination

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Theorists Sun Tzu Clausewitz Jomini Mahan, Corbett Douhet, Mitchell, Geiger Mao, Eras Early Modern Era Revolutionary Age Mid-19 th Century Late 19 th Century WWI WWII Modern Era The Study of War

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Theory and Nature of War What is war? Why study it? How to study war?

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Theory and Nature of War How to study war? Is history Prescriptive? Unmistakable? What part does hypothesis play? What is the distinction between Art Science

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Themes in an investigation of war Industry and innovation The professionalization of armed forces Remoteness of authorities Ethical measurements of war See additionally page viii

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Context Analysis of history Ideas about Strategy Army and society Importance of material and good elements Effect of people Offense and guard Importance of chance Effect of past scholars Effect on later scholars Fundamental Questions

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Theory and precept Professionalism Generalship Strategy Tactics Logistics & Administration Technology Political components Social Factors Economic Factors Forces Shaping War: Threads of Continuity

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Assessment Final Exam 75% Participation 25%

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Final Examination Essay exam 75% Dec 16-20 Be acquainted with The tenor of every scholar What each is prominent for Strategies in wars concentrated on Theories in real life

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Involvement in Activities 1-5 Seldom 1 Occasional 2 Often 4 Frequently 5 Observed conduct 1-5 Questions Information Concepts Expression Contribution Attendance Participation 25%

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Theory and Nature of War: An Introduction Questions

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