CSE 494/598 Spring 2009 Versatile Wellbeing and Informal communication.

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Portable/remote system gauges. Creating versatile applications for most recent gadgets ... group began dealing with a Linux-based OS for cell phones ...
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CSE 494/598 Spring 2009 Mobile Health and Social Networking Class 2 Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Today Survey audit Android survey Android SDK First homework

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Survey Review Let\'s see what you said…

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I am hoping to learn in this course Pervasive and omnipresent processing standards Capabilities, inward workings and impediments of cell phones Applications for cell phones Mobile/remote system measures Developing portable applications for most recent gadgets Fundamentals of remote inserted gadgets Mobile framework plan standards Interface configuration, ergonomics and human variables State of the craftsmanship in cell phones and models Future of this area What are the difficulties frustrating advancement of cell phones Security issues How to enhance wellbeing (and by and large) existence with these advances

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My worries about this course are What\'s more than what I definitely know insufficient joint effort with kindred understudies (x2) Language restrictions Might not tally toward my credit hours Too much workload (x2) Too much or excessively propelled programming required and too small learning (x2) Not sufficient foundation (x2) Not useful or application-arranged

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Therefore… my desires for this course are Teach me more than what I definitely know Apply some cooperative learning Be straightforward Count toward my degree prerequisites Have sensible workload Require not all that much programming Require little foundation information Be useful and application-arranged

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I learn through the accompanying techniques none=0, limited=1, somewhat=2, a lot=3, extremely=4

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I am keen on those versatile figuring areas none=0, limited=1, somewhat=2, a lot=3, extremely=4

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Internet & remote availability Email/handle numerous records Calling Texting SMS and MMS Advanced IM GPS and savvy route Music & video Merge different and assorted location plans Maps Provide tablet equal capacities Entertainment programming Calendar & coordinator Adaptive to setting/circumstance Waterproof Ample stockpiling Health checking Face acknowledgment Voice acknowledgment Intuitive interface Location-based administrations Multitasking/multiprocessing Connectivity to machines Sync-capable with my PC I need my shrewd gadget to have the accompanying components and abilities Personal security Be quick Comfortable Pretty VoIP Tactile console Large screen Touchscreen Lots of programming accessibility Easy to program and utilize Long battery life Lightweight Good speakers Shake-safe parts Lots of sensors Quality camera Expandable stockpiling

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Be a superior expert Weather data Entertainment Personal Organizing, set up my timetable in light of my propensities and schedule, keep me on timetable Personal Health care, help my specialists Multimedia accumulation sorting out Keeping in contact with and find companions Help me take in my companions Exercise and games Remember my passwords Share documents and reports Stock business sector exercises Whatever I do on my portable workstation Travel, maps and route Everything Help me discover answers for my issues Keep me redesigned with messages in a simple and instinctive way Cooking Coursework Photo altering and sharing Keep track and a log of what I do Control my apparatuses Keep track of my youngster and his/her condition Document writing/altering I need to do to the accompanying errands/exercises with my cell phone

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The Google Android Open Handset Alliance Technology diagram

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Overview of talk Background history of Android Open Handset Alliance Overview of elements and engineering Industry reaction Notable accessible Apps Future

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Android: Background history In July 2005, Google obtained Android, Inc., a little organization that created programming for cellular telephones In the next months, the previous "Android, Inc." group began chipping away at a Linux-based OS for cell phones By the end of 2006, media and press was loaded with news about Google entering the versatile business sector. In November 2007, the Open Handset Alliance was declared. OHA\'s first venture: Android.

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Open Handset Alliance: Mission proclamation Building a superior telephone for purchasers Today, there are 1.5 billion TVs being used far and wide. 1 billion individuals are on the Internet . In any case, about 3 billion individuals have a cell telephone , making it one of the world\'s best buyer items. Building a superior cell telephone would improve the lives of incalculable individuals over the globe. The Open Handset Alliance™ is a gathering of versatile and innovation pioneers who share this vision for changing the portable experience for customers. Developing in the open Each individual from the Open Handset Alliance is firmly dedicated to more noteworthy openness in the portable biological system. Expanded openness will empower everybody in our industry to develop all the more quickly and react better to buyers\' requests. Our first joint task as another Alliance is Android™ . Android was developed starting from the earliest stage the unequivocal objective to be the main open, finish, and free stage made particularly for cell phones . [source http://www.openhandsetalliance.com/oha_overview.html]

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Mobile Operators China Mobile Communications Corporation KDDI CORPORATION NTT DoCoMo, Inc. SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. Sprint Nextel T-Mobile Telecom Italia Telefónica Vodafone Semiconductor Companies AKM Semiconductor Inc Audience ARM Atheros Communications Broadcom Corporation Ericsson Intel Corporation Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. NVIDIA Corporation Qualcomm Inc. SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc. Synaptics, Inc. Texas Instruments Incorporated Handset Manufacturers ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Garmin International, Inc. HTC Corporation Huawei Technologies LG Electronics, Inc. Motorola, Inc. Samsung Electronics Sony Ericsson Toshiba Corporation Software Companies Ascender Corp. eBay Inc. Esmertec Google Inc. LivingImage LTD. Subtlety Communications, Inc. OMRON SOFTWARE Co, Ltd. PacketVideo (PV) SkyPop SONiVOX Commercialization Companies Aplix Corporation Borqs Noser Engineering Inc. TAT - The Astonishing Tribe AB Teleca AB Wind River Open Handset Alliance: Members

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Technology outline Features Dalvik virtual machine – the client level application VM Integrated program - taking into account the open source WebKit motor 2D and 3D Graphics bolster Database bolster Media support for normal sound, video, and still picture groups (MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPG, PNG, GIF) GSM Telephony (equipment subordinate) Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G, and WiFi (equipment subordinate) Camera, GPS, compass, and accelerometer (equipment subordinate) Supporting libraries System C library - BSD-based Media Libraries - in light of PacketVideo\'s OpenCORE (MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPG, and PNG) Surface Manager - oversees access to the presentation subsystem LibWebCore - an advanced web program motor SGL - the fundamental 2D design motor 3D libraries - a usage taking into account OpenGL ES 1.0 APIs FreeType - bitmap and vector text style rendering SQLite SDK including an emulator , investigating apparatuses , memory and execution profiling , and an Eclipse module .

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Industry reaction Open Handset Alliance continues developing Companies, for example, ARM, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba and Vodafone just as of late joined T-Mobile discharged G1 in October 2008. Kogan Technologies , an Australian innovation maker, has declared Android-perfect handsets In September 2008, Motorola affirmed that it was chipping away at equipment items that would run Android. Huawei Technologies is wanting to dispatch cell phones that would run Android in Q1 2009. Lenovo is working an Android-based cellular telephone that backings the Chinese 3G TD-SCDMA standard. HTC is arranging a "portfolio" of Android based telephones to be discharged summer of 2009. Sony Ericsson is wanting to discharge an Android based handset in the mid year of 2009. Samsung arrangements to offer a telephone taking into account Google\'s Android working framework in the second quarter of 2009. GiiNii Movit Mini is an Internet gadget in view of Google\'s Android working framework. Apple: In July 2008, discharged iPhone 3G in a more extensive business sector than iPhone 1.0 In March 2008, Apple openly discharged the iPhone SDK. Designers still need to pay a charge Applications Lots of new applications discharged through the Android Market

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Notable Android applications Android Developer Challenge victors Cab4me – area based solicitation for a taxicab. Think about Everywhere – filter standardized tags and contrast costs and adjacent stores. Region – naturally change the method of your telephone contingent upon the area. Wertago – what\'s hot today? Where are my companions? Furthermore, who am I going to meet at that bar? PhoneBook 2.0 – a safe, relevant and social location book. Piggyback – begin and sort out carpools. BioWallet – biometric-based confirmation Em-Radar – Weather redesigns and keeps family and companions associated in instances of open crisis. Android Market picks Loopt – mechanized, area based long range informal communication application Mobile Banking – Android application by Bank Of America Pro Football Live - … Wikitude – Mobile worldwide travel guide Amazonmp3 – Amazon mp3 front-end for Android

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To aggregate up: the nature of Android Industry standard for cell telephone O/S stage free improvement Hides the stage subtle elements Open Source More appealing to grow to different gadgets Open Market Promotes wide utilization of the standard backing for implicit sensors Accelerometer, advanced compass support for GPS Location-based administrations Provides remote availability 3G/EDGE, wifi, Bluetooth Backed by a consortium of semiconductor, programming and portable administrator organizations; lead by Google It will be around for some time More android telephones to take after

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Future of Android What might you want to find in Android 2.0 spec? Support for more inherent sensors? Climate: Temperature, mugginess, indicator? Wellbeing: contamination levels, U

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