CT Guided Ozonotherapy with Foraminal Approach for Cervical Herniated Discs:6 Months Follow-Up of 50 Patients .

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Patients and systems. - jan 2006
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Vyletelka J., Labaj V.: Department of Neurology, Žilina,Slovakia FIO 2007,Bologna, 12.- 13.oct.2007 Kongres Talianskej Spoločnosti pre Ozonoterapiu CT Guided Ozonotherapy with Foraminal Approach for Cervical Herniated Discs:6 Months Follow-Up of 50 Patients

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Patients and techniques - jan 2006 – deface 2007 - 50 patients 27 men 23 ladies - age 29 – 69 years, mean age 47,7 years - all patients gave educated assent

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Patients and strategies/cont./Inclusion criteria: Clinical: - cervical agony safe for preservationist administration/drugs, physiotherapy,bed rest/ - enduring no less than 6 weeks - neurological indications of nerve root contribution Neuroradiologic: CT and additionally MR confirmation of cervical plate herniation/relating with patient\'s clinical side effects/with or without circle degeneration

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Patients and techniques/cont./Exclusion criteria: Patients-with major neurologic shortfall - with EMG components of neurogenic harm and/or denervation - free sections of herniated circle

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Patients and techniques/cont./Method of aplication : foraminal under CT direction Procedure: Desinfection of infusion site Local anesthesia utilizing an ethyl chloride shower 22-gage needle/Terumo/, 9 cm Mixture O2-O3 konc.27ug/ml, volume 2 ml to neural foramen 2 ml to feature joint district Equipment - ozone generator Alnitec,Cremosano,Italy – permitting the pho-tometric identification of the convergence of O3 in the gas blend ture,constant weight amid the O3-admission operation

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CT guided foraminal approach

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Patients and techniques/cont./Follow-up: - following 2 weeks, 3 - 6 months - results of treatment were ordered utilizing : McGill Pain Questionnaire adjusted McNab strategy

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Outcomes assessments Visual Analog Scale/VAS/

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Outcomes assessments Modified adaptation of McNab technique: 1.excellent – finish determination of torment and come back to action before 2.good/acceptable – lessening of torment by half and more 3.mediocre/poor – halfway diminishment of torment by 30% or less 4.worsening

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Results Disk treated C 3/4 1 patients C 4/5 1 patients C 5/6 25 patients C 6/7 25 patients

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Results Number of systems: - 1x methodology 39 patients - 2x system 10 patients - 3x system 1 patients

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Results Modified form of McNab strategy: 1.excellent 23/46 %/patients 2.good/tasteful 18/36 %/patients 3.mediocre/poor 7/14 %/patients 4.worsening 2/4 %/patients Surgery 5/10 %/patients 3 pt no change 2 pt enhanced 82% 3. months astounding – great/agreeable 85,00% 6. months 82,00%

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Results McGill Pain Questionnaire – Visual Analog Scale/VAS/ - before treatment 6,22 focuses - after treatment 2,64 focuses change 3,58 focuses Statistically assessed with test : t-test Interval unwavering quality for mean qualities/Confidence interim/Value of VAS schould be in interim dependability for mean qualities (3,56; 4,35) in 95% likelihood

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Results Employment after tretment: 1.employed 40 patients/80 %/2.no utilized 10 patients/20 %/5/10%/pat pensioned 5/10%/pat incapacitated

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Complications - no early or late neurological intricacies - no diseases - torment in root dissemination by infusion of mixtrure O2O3 - vegetative symtoms/vertigo,dizzines,nausea,vomitting/ - 5/10%/of patients

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Conclusion Results : 1.VAS - change 3,58/interim dependability/3,56 – 4,35/statist.signif 2.modified McNab Sc. - incredible/great outcomes 82,0 % This review affirm unique aftereffects of italian ozonotherapists and their proposals that oxygen-ozone treatment schould be the principal choice to treat cervical plate herniation that has neglected to react to moderate administration, before response to surgery or when surgery is unrealistic.

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