CTX/EDI Seller Installments.

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2. Points. Advantages of CTXFile arrangement informationCTX Payment Offset
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CTX/EDI Vendor Payments Denise Quirarte Kansas City Financial Center Customer Advisory Board Las Vegas, Nevada December 12, 2006

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TOPICS Benefits of CTX File arrange data CTX Payment Offset – starting November, 2007

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Advantages of utilizing Vector Connection (CTX) Application The capacity to incorporate up to 9,999 addendum records for each installment Ability to make one merchant installment for numerous solicitations Vendor Bank proclamation will reflect receipt data Invoice Number Invoice Dollar Amount The office has two essential configurations they can use for the payment document. 820 arrangement – X12 design for clients with EDI capacity Flat document organize - for non-EDI able organizations

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The NACHA Record Structure (sent from FMS to FRB) All Fixed-Length 94 Character Records Same Structure Used For All Corporate Payment Formats 1 - File Header Record Addresses, Controls 5 - Company/Batch Header First Batch - Payer, Transaction Type, Settlement Date 6 - Entry Detail Record Payee, Account Number, Amount Optional - None for CCD, One for CCD +, Many for CTX 7 - Entry Detail Addenda 6 - Entry Detail Record Next Payee, Account Number, Amount 6 - Entry Detail Record Another Payee, Account Number, Amount 8 - Company/Batch Control Counts, Total Amounts for First Batch 5 - Company/Batch Header Start Second Batch 6 - Entry Detail Record Payee, Account Number, Amount 8 - Company/Batch Control Counts, Total Amounts for Second Batch 9 - File Control Record Counts, Total Amounts for Entire File

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Important CTX Format Information FMS Website for CTX document groups http://fms.treas.gov/ctx/formats.html CTX Addendum records data is gotten from the accompanying portions RMR REF RMT

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EDI to ACH - CCD+ EDI Data ACH Format RMR*IV* 12345677 ** 500 \ 7 - Entry Detail Addenda Addendum record for an installment of $ 500 for Invoice # 12345677

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6 - Entry Detail Record 7 - Entry Detail Addenda 7 - Entry Detail Addenda EDI to ACH - CTX EDI Data ACH Format ST*820*1234\ BPR*C* 1703.16 *C*ACH*CTX*0111036183* ZZ* 12345678 ***01*031100209*DA* 12341234123*960912*VEN\ TRN*1*360012001234\ REF*72*1234567890\ N1*PE*Federal Express*FI*456129876\ N1*PR*NASA\ ENT*123456\ RMR*IV* 12345677 ** 500 \ RMR*IV* 12345678 *AI* 703.16 \ REF*RB*8.125%*$3.16 is enthusiasm for 20 days\ RMR*IV* 12345679 *AI* 500 *700*200\ SE*12*1234\ 7 - Entry Detail Addenda

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CTX Offset CTX Offset installments will be counterbalanced beginning November, 2007 Reference TFM # 2006-XX – CTX Payment Offset through TOP TFM # 2005-07 - Instructions for submitting Vendor Payment Requests, Section 3d TFM # 4-2000 – Payment Issue Disbursing Procedures

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Critical Fields for Offset CTX Payment records ASC X12 820 Payment Format BPR 17 must contain: VEN to demonstrate merchant installment PCS to show kid bolster installment BPR 17 is skipped for incidental installments BPR 18 must contain the esteem ZZ BPR 19 contains the TOP qualification code YES demonstrates the installment is qualified for balance NOT shows the installment is not qualified for balance. In the event that the full installment sum is not legitimately qualified to be 100 % balance, put NOT in this field Flat File Payment Format Field 4 is utilized to show the sort of installment V – merchant installment M – various installment Field 12 is utilized to demonstrate balance qualification Y – qualified for counterbalance N – not qualified for balance

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Reference Information CTX Offset Agency Notification Letter – 11/02/2006 FMS Draft TFM Revised Formats for Offset CTX/EDI Terminology EDI Business Cycle RMR Structure RMR Data Elements REF Structure RMT Structure

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Kansas City Financial Center CTX Points of Contact Testing Connie Borchers (816)414-2336 Connie.Borchers@fms.treas.gov Telecommunication Eugene Phillips (816)414-2328 Eugene.Phillips@fms.treas.gov

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Reference Material

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CTX/EDI Terminology CTX : Corporate Trade Exchange is a corporate ACH arrange, which takes into consideration up to 9,999 addenda records with roughly 800,000 characters EDI : Electronic Data Interchange - PC to PC electronic transmission of routine business data in a standard organization ANSI : American National Standards Institute ASC : Accredited Standards Committee ASC X12 : Committee for Financial EDI ASC X12 820 : Transaction set for Payment Order/Remittance Advice

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EDI Business Cycle RFQs Purchase Orders Vendor Agency Procurement Office VAN Quotes Invoices Agency Finance Office Remittance Information Payment File (820/Flat Fil e) Federal Reserve Bank Servicing Financial Center Vendor\'s Financial Institution FMS ne t ACH Network Payment and Remittance Information CTX or CCD+ Payment and Remittance Information CTX or CCD+

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RMR Structure RMR - Remittance Advice Accounts Receivable Open Item Reference Field X 12 Num Ref Description 01 128 Reference Number Qualifier 02 127 Reference Number 03 482 Payment Action Code 04 782 Monetary Amount 05 777 Total Invoice or Credit/Debit 06 780 Amount of Discount Taken

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RMR Important Data Elements 128 - Reference Number Qualifier CT - Contract Number IV-Invoice Number PO - Purchase Order Number RB - Rate Code (loan cost) 482 - Payment Action Code AI - Amount Paid Inclusive of Discounts and Adjustments PP - Partial Payment PI - Pay Item

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REF Structure REF - Reference Numbers Field X12 Num Ref Description 01 128 Reference Number Qualifier 02 127 Reference Number 03 127 Description

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RMT Structure RMT - Remittance Advice Field X12 Num Ref Description 01 128 Reference Number Qualifier 02 127 Reference Number 03 782 Monetary Amount 04 777 Total Invoice or Credit/Debit 05 778 Amount Subject to Terms Disk. 06 779 Discounted Amount Due 07 780 Amount of Discount Taken 08 782 Monetary Amount* 09 426 Adjustment Reason Code AN 1/80 * This money related sum is any sum deducted from or added to a receipt for any reason other than a rebate.

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