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1898, Spanish-American war, Cuba loses, represented by US. 1933, President Gerado Machado y ... Castro swings to Soviet Union, Cuba gets to be Communist state ...
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People Pop.: 11 million 60% Spanish plunge, 20% blended race, 11% African Descent, 1% Chinese 47% Catholic, 4% Protestant, 2% Santer í a

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Celebrities Fidel Castro Gloria Estefan Daisy Fuentes Rosie Ruiz Ernesto " Che " Guevara de la Serna Although conceived in Argentina

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History 3500 BC, first occupants arrive on Cuba 1492 AD, Columbus sights Cuba 1514, Spain vanquishes Cuba 1868, First war of autonomy propelled 1878, rebels conceded acquittal 1898, Spanish-American war, Cuba loses, administered by US 1933, President Gerado Machado y Morales toppled my Fulgencio Batista

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History Cont " d 1959, Batista Overthrown by guerilla development drove by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara Castro gets to be Prime Minister of Cuba Castro swings to Soviet Union, Cuba gets to be Communist state 1961, Batista Supporters attack Bay of Pigs 1962, Cuban Missile Crisis

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Environment Cuba is 110,860 sq. miles 15 th biggest island on the planet Capital City is Havana 105 miles from Key West, Florida

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Environment Cont " d Major Exports: Sugar Minerals Tobacco Agricultural Medicine

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Tourist-Friendly Cities Havana Baracoa Pinar del Rio Province Santiago de Cuba Trinidad

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Tourism Vi á zul, Cubas most well known traveler transport Trains, however just between urban communities Car rental Hitchhiking All administration vehicles Government-selected Amarillo Officials

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Holidays Jan. 1, Liberation Day May 1, Labor Day July 25-27, Celebration of the National Rebellion Oct. 10, Day of Cuban Culture Christmas just watched freely since 1997

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Republica de CUBA

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