Cuban Rocket Emergency October 15 th .

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Prepare the military along the Florida coast for an intrusion of Cuba. ... Proceed with U-2 flights over Cuba to hunt down more atomic rocket dispatch locales. ...
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Cuban Missile Crisis October 15 th – 28 th , 1962 Will you settle on the same choices that I made?

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Good Morning Mr. President. We have some essential news to brief you on.

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One of our U-2 flights over Cuba has uncovered what examiners accept to be atomic rockets. Sir, the rockets seem to be from the Soviet Union.

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Analysts trust that the rockets would have the capacity to achieve Washington D.C. Sir.

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Option #1 Mobilize the military along the Florida drift for an attack of Cuba. Alternative #2 Meet with the Soviet Foreign Minister to see regardless of whether he will affirm the nearness of Soviet rockets in Cuba. What would it be advisable for us to do sir?

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It\'s an ideal opportunity to talk about military alternatives sir. The Soviets still deny that there are atomic rockets in Cuba.

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Option #1 Continue U-2 flights over Cuba to hunt down more atomic rocket dispatch destinations. Alternative #2 Launch a constrained air strike to take out the rocket destinations in Cuba. What would it be a good idea for us to do sir?

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Mr. President, we proceeded with the flights and it doesn\'t look great. Photographs uncover the nearness of another rocket site.

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Option #1 Put into place a maritime barricade to keep Soviet boats from touching base in Cuba. Choice #2 Launch a full scale intrusion before the rockets can be propelled from Cuba. Mr. President, what ought to our best course of action be?

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We\'ll take after your requests Mr. President. The maritime barricade will go live quickly.

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Mr. President the bar around Cuba is by all accounts working, this Soviet ship with rockets locally available halted just before intersection the barricade line.

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Adlai Stevenson is showing our case to the United Nations to check whether the Soviets will keep on denying the rockets in Cuba. In any event now the world comprehends what the Soviets are doing.

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Option #1 Let\'s consent to those terms. We need to guarantee peace for the United States, as well as the world. Alternative #2 We can\'t affirm that the message is really originating from Khrushchev, we dispatch our rockets first. Mr. President, we\'ve quite recently gotten a message from Khrushchev. He is expressing that he will expel the rockets from Cuba on the off chance that we guarantee not to attack Cuba and expel our rockets from Turkey. What would it be advisable for us to do?

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Congratulations Mr. President, Khrushchev is expelling the rockets from Cuba. We settled on the right decisions.

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