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Curacao Banner and Emblem Curacao There are 2 clarifications of where the name Curacao began from. The first is from the Portuguese word coracão meaning heart, since Curacao is the focal point of exchange.
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Flag & Coat of Arms

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Curacao There are 2 clarifications of where the name Curacao started from. The principal is from the Portuguese word coracã£o importance heart, since Curacao is the focal point of exchange. The second is that Curacao was the name the indigenous individuals called themselves Curacao has now gotten to be related to a shade of blue furthermore to the dark blue liqeur named Blue Curacao

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Capital: Willemstad Size: 171.4 sq miles Population: starting 2006 138,000 Currency: Netherlands Antillean Gulden The National Anthem is Himno di Kã²rsou Prostitution is lawful Home of the most established consistently possessed Jewish group

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Geography Semi-parched savanna atmosphere Transcontinental island Highest point: Mount Christoffel at 1,230 ft Know for its coral reefs Vegetation: xeric schrublands, desert flora, and evergreens Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea

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History Discovered by Alonso de Ojeda and Amerigo Vespucci in 1499 Curacao was setteled by the Spanish in 1527 The first individuals to occupy the island were Arawak Amerindians Spaniards took out the Arawak by tainting them with measels and little pox In 1634 the Dutch involved the islandI In 1662 Curacao turned into the middle for slave exchange

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History ll Throughout the 18 th and 19 th hundreds of years Curacao exchanged between English, Dutch, and French standard In 1815 the Dutch assumed control In 1863 servitude was canceled On January 1 st 1954 Curacao increased constrained self-government from the Netherlands Antilles On July 1, 2007 Curacao turned out to be a Kingdom\'s piece of Netherlands

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Government In 2005 Curacao, alongside Saint Martin, voted to be a piece of the Netherlands, or stay as they were In 2006, Emily de Jongh-Elhage turned into the head administrator

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People Religion: Roman Catholic 85 %, Methodist, and seventh-day Adventist Languages: Papiamentu, Dutch, Spanish, and English

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Economy The economy of Curacao went down after bondage was nullified Salt mines was the first beneficial industry, alongside sugarcane The principle commercial ventures today are: Oil refining Tourism Financial administration

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