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Diagram of Special Education Department. At present serving 74 ... Learning Community (PLC) process Special Education instructors have been incorporated in ...
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Specialized curriculum High School John Kaseta – Special Education Leader

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Overview of Special Education Department 4 Special Education Teachers 6 Para-experts/Para-instructors General Responsibilities – Operation of individual classrooms Planning and Placement Team gatherings Conduct individual instructive assessments Contacting classroom educators Individual Educational Program (IEP) Helping understudies take PSAT and SAT\'s

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Overview of Special Education Department Currently serving 74 excellent understudies in the secondary school setting 33 - Specific Learning Disability 23 – Other Health Impaired – (ADD/ADHD) 10 – Emotional Disability 1 – Multi-Handicapped 1 – Autism 1 – Traumatic Brain Injured 5 – Intellectual Disability

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Special Education Curriculum Based upon the individual needs of the understudy. Singular objectives and destinations are adjusted to course models. Courses include: Math – Transitional Math, Consumer Math, Math Foundations, and Basic Math English – Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior English (written work and perusing aptitudes)

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Special Education Curriculum Additional Topics Individualized Transitional Programs Vocational abilities application shapes letters of utilization resume development professional interest studies talking with aptitudes.

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Special Education Curriculum Additional Topics Community Participation Skills Identification of associations in the group (Lions, Rotary, and so on.) Voting, essential rights and duties as natives. Autonomous Living Skills – (managing an account, leasing a condo, planning, wellbeing and security, and protection).

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Connections with Students Continuous gatherings or contact with customary training instructors to examine understudies advance and give elective procedures so understudies can achieve their greatest potential. Association in the Professional Learning Community (PLC) process – Special Education educators have been incorporated into particular divisions: Math (Kaseta, Malin) and English (Kennedy, Jette) gatherings = taking a shot at distinguishing proof and unwrapping of guidelines, deciding the huge thought (what do understudies know and what do we need them to have the capacity to do), Powering the Standards (consecutive strides expected to ace the standard),

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Connections with Students Emphasis on raising understudies scores and having understudies see the significance of what they realize in class and its immediate association with this present reality. Illustration: Math = Standard – Measurement, Unwrapping the Standard – volume and region, Big Idea – ascertaining territory, Powering the Standards (particular strides or arrangement expected to ace standard). Direct association between ascertaining territory to buying a mat to cover your family room at neighborhood floor covering focus.

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Connections with Students Example: English = Standard – Reading Comprehension and Response to Literature – understudies asked for to reaction to suggestion that GPS frameworks be introduced on mobile phones, telling guardian to area of child or little girl. Is it true that you are for or against this?

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