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Buyer Buying Decision Process. . . . Who Makes the Buying Decision. Sorts of Buying Decisions. Stages in the Buying Process. Advertisers Must Identify and Understand:. Shopper Buying Decision Process. UnderstandBuying rolesBuying behaviorBuying choice procedure. InitiatorInfluencerDeciderBuyerUser.
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Shopper Behavior

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Consumer Buying Decision Process Marketers Must Identify and Understand: Who Makes the Buying Decision Types of Buying Decisions Stages in the Buying Process

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Understand Buying parts Buying conduct Buying choice procedure Initiator Influencer Decider Buyer User Consumer Buying Decision Process

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Understand Buying parts Buying conduct Buying choice procedure Complex purchasing conduct Dissonance-decreasing purchasing conduct Habitual purchasing conduct Variety-looking for purchasing conduct Consumer Buying Decision Process

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Understand Buying parts Buying conduct Buying choice procedure Five phases in the customer purchasing process The measure of time spent in every stage changes as per a few elements Consumer Buying Decision Process

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Consumer Buying Decision Process Five-Stage Model of the Consumer Buying Process

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Need: Occurs when the purchaser\'s present level of fulfillment does not equivalent their sought level of fulfillment. Need: A customer\'s longing for a particular item that will fulfill the need. Request: When the need for a particular item is went down by the client\'s capacity and readiness to pay for the item. Need Recognition

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Marketing jolts can invigorate a longing for data: Passive Information Search Active Information Search Sources of data: Internal Sources Personal Sources External Sources Information Search (1 of 2)

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Time, exertion and cost devoted to data seek relies on upon: Degree of danger required in the buy Financial danger Social danger Emotional danger Personal danger Amount of skill with the item class Actual expense of the pursuit Evoked set: A limited down arrangement of choices that the client is thinking about Information Search (2 of 2)

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Consumer Buying Decision Process Successive Sets Involved in Consumer Decision Making

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Evaluation of Alternatives Customers assess items as packs of qualities Brand traits Product highlights Esthetic characteristics Price Customers place diverse levels of significance on properties Important contemplations in the assessment stage: Products must be in the evoked set Consumers\' decision criteria must be comprehended Marketing programs must be intended to impact buyers\' sentiments about item or brand picture

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Purchase Decision Purchase aim and the demonstration of purchasing are unmistakable ideas Potential mediating elements amongst goal and purchasing (auto case): Unforeseen conditions Angered by the salesman or deals director Unable to acquire financing Customer changes mind Key issues in the buy choice stage: Product accessibility Possession utility

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Postpurchase Evaluation Four conceivable results in the postpurchase stage: (1) Delight (2) Satisfaction (3) Dissatisfaction (4) Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive discord will probably happen when: Dollar estimation of the buy expands Opportunity expense of rejected options is high Purchase choice is extremely including or enthusiastic Firm\'s capacity to oversee disappointment and psychological cacophony is: A vital component to making consumer loyalty A noteworthy impact on verbal correspondence

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Factors Affecting the Consumer Buying Process Decision-Making Complexity High/Low Complexity Individual Differences Demographics, observations, intentions, premiums, mentalities, feelings, ways of life, self-concept,etc. Social Influences Culture, subculture, social class, reference bunches, conclusion pioneers, and so on. Situational Influences (See next slide)

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