Customize Espresso.

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Espresso of the Day. Standard and Decaf $1.40 $1.60 $1.70. Caff Latte ... coffee, and any of our rundown of flavors mixed into a smooth, velvety pleasure ...
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Customize Coffee Chris Mamone Stephen Dvorchak Tabitha Herbert Tommy Petramalo BUSA 201 6:00-9:30PM Oct. 22, 2007 "Taking Coffee to the Next Level"

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Financial Resources Instead of taking out advances, each of the four start up speculators would give $65,000 through their own methods.

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Startup Expenses

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Numbers We are constructing our numbers with respect to the accompanying assessments per business day: - 250-400 espressos marginally over the normal at $3.75 - 10 Teas sold at $0.90 - 40 Candy Bars sold at $1.50 - 15 packs of chips sold at $0.70 - 50 Juices/Sodas sold at $1.30 - 50 Cookies sold at $1.00 - 50 Muffins sold at $1.00

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Sample Menu

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Profit versus Cost every Month

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Cash Flow every Month

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Projection The anticipated aggregate income for twelve months is $1,751,361.00 while our aggregate expense of offers is $1,194,063.00 abandoning us with a gross benefit of $557,298.00 . At that point we facilitate our projection by checking all costs which all out $477,882.00 abandoning us with a net benefit of $79,416.00 . All startup expenses will be secured in around 3.2 years, figuring the net benefit sticks with it.

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