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We are supreme learners simply dunking our toe in the elearning water! ... Learning advances to watch over next 2 years ( anticipated development rate ...
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Next Generation Learning @ Work Today Trends in rising innovations eLearning Network Event Holborn Bars 21 st November 2008 Howard Hills

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What is right now happening? E-learning 2008 Benchmark Review Trends and current status information (patterns based from 2004 & 2006) Benchmark survey – people contrast self as well as other people Most respondents are on the voyage: Online audit with more than 200 quality reactions Data accumulated September to November (Credit Crunch!) What did they say: It has highlighted how far we need to go. I am anticipating getting the criticism from this overview and having the capacity to benchmark ourselves against others. We truly are learning as we come. Review concentrates intensely on the utilization of e-learning inside your association. I lament the absence of center inside our organization on learning and improvement. This has been a helpful indication of the amount more we could be doing. We are supreme amateurs simply dunking our toe in the elearning water!

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Who partook Mainly from 7 segments; equitably spread From single site to multinational Biased to bigger associations

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We require innovation to work much harder in 2008 New top pioneers: Induction Quality Administration lead the field Greater enthusiasm for consequences of e-learning

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What has changed – we need significantly more! Jumping up the scale: Reach Consistency Needs of cutting edge learners Progressive picture

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What advantages are accomplished Top twelve advantages Access and adaptability lead the field still following 4 years.

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What\'s hot Going up Podcasting (+24%) Rapid Development (+16%) Video conferencing (+11%) Virtual classroom (+10%) Video on interest (+10%) EPSS (+7%) Trends in Learning innovations over recent years ( Growth - % of clients) And What\'s definitely not! Going down IM/Chat/exchange – learner just ( - 8%) IM/Chat/examination – mentor directed (- 7%) Mobile/hand held gadgets (- 16%) right now being used by more than 60% by 40 – 59% by 20 – 39% by under 20%

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Expected development Percent of clients Moderated Chat ( +125%) Blogs (+116%) Podcasting (+82%) Wikis (+105%) Chat - not directed (+98%) Video on interest (+108%) Virtual classroom (+53%) Games & reenactments (+133%) Competency Management (+86%) Virtual Learning Environment (+60%) e-portfolio (+98%) EPSS (+71%) Virtual Worlds (+206%) 30 % All normal to develop by more than half from current use. Real development volumes somewhere around 10% and 30% of clients 20 % 10 % Learning advances to watch over next 2 years ( anticipated development rate%)

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E-Learning spend in the credit crunch Evenly adjusted perspective on the eventual fate of preparing spending plans Most hope to build e-learning spend In 2008 71% of 191 respondents concur their e-learning spend will increment In 2006 56% of 113 respondents concur their e-learning spend will increment

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But we realize that speculation does not generally create an arrival: In associations utilizing e-learning, it is liable to be offered to around 60% of the representatives, yet taken up by just 30%. CIPD – April 2008

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So what are the difficulties? Have they changed after some time?

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Benefit Organizational effect Staff sway Take up E-learning development Mature association still profit

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But the trip to development is not ensured 10% of members have e-learning inserted Still just half will be part of the way through the excursion. Why not more installed? How would we advance quicker? Installed Established Developing Sporadic Novice Maximizing Impact What recognizes those conveying sway and those not?

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Defining Need Building Capability Learner Context Demonstrating Value Ensuring Engagement Work Context Strands altogether entwine All add to affect Involving partners at all stages

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Strands still basic for business sway Areas of shortcoming emerge By business advantage

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Next Steps Towards Maturity Research Research still open until End November Free benchmark audit for all finishing Launching at Learning Technologies Publication accessible from LL to B Research Embedding e-learning

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Becoming 21 st century learning suppliers Opportunities to advance Introducing new National crusade to help on a national and neighborhood level

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