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Site Authentication. SideCar. WebAuth (CUWebLogin) Proxy (uportal) ... Site security best practices. Guide. Moving toward open-source (continuous) Interim ...
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CUWebAuth Technical Presentation Pete Bosanko Identity Management Team

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Introduction Apache and IIS Web servers Authentication utilizing Cornell NetID Authorization

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Introduction (cont.) Website Authentication SideCar WebAuth (CUWebLogin) Proxy (uportal) Website Authorization Permit Server NetID Valid User

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Introduction (cont.) Apache solaris, aix, linux, macintosh/os, freebsd, windows, yellowdog Apache module Integrated design and logging IIS Windows 2000 & 2003 ISAPI Filter Integrated arrangement

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Getting Started Download CUWebAuth Read discharge notes & documentation Request a srvtab and register your server Install CUWebAuth Basic CUWebAuth setup Configure limited pages

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CUWebAuth System

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CUWebAuth Access Stages Authentication Verify webpage treat Try SideCar Possibly divert to Authorization Check substantial NetID Possibly send message to Permit server to confirm Allow or deny access to confined asset

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CUWebLogin User goes to ensured URL CUWebAuth sidetracks to User sign in cuweblogin session treat issued (, one time use) cuweblogin sidetracks to unique URL CUWebAuth confirms cuweblogin treat, crushes treat CUWebAuth session treat issued Web page access conceded

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How CUWebLogin works CUWebLogin - Server Redir : Orig page :CUWebLogin treat Ok,Netid CUWlVerify Submit Netid & Passwd CUWebLogin Page PendID Redir : CUWebLogin :PendID CUWlRequest Request Restricted asset Redir : CUWebLogin :PendID Redir : Orig page :CUWebLogin treat Serve Requested page Web Server - CUWebAuth

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CUWebLogin Processes

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CUWebAuth After Login User goes to ensured URL CUWebAuth decodes and confirms CUWebAuth treat Web page access allowed

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Single Sign-On curelogin treat ( User sign in once, keeps program open Can move between destinations without rehashing sign in

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Single Sign-On

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POST Data CUWebAuth utilizes concealed fields Click to Proceed page POST information conveyed through shrouded fields @ Works best with SSL IIS Performance

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CUWebAuth Major Issues SideCar vulnerabilities Helpdesk handles WebSite issues Closing program = logout Stale ticket reserve Multiple location enlistments for bunches URL truncation issue Need self-administration for srvtab and CUWebAuth enrollment

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CUWebAuth Vulnerabilities Site Cookie Replay (non-SSL) Use of require legitimate client SideCar issues Keeping progressive on CUWA discharges srvtab record needs get to confined IIS – keep up on most recent patches Website security best practices

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Roadmap Moving toward open-source (continuous) Interim Release 1.3.x?......Spring \'06 Support for Apache 2.2 Bug Fixes Kerberos 5 Release 1.4.....Summer \'06 K5 Only Addresses real issues Grouper/Signet… … .Spring \'07

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Help Web: Get a srvtab Download CUWebAuth Lookup CUSSP blunder codes Manage Permits E-mail: Get Report a bug Feature asks for

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CUWebAuth Questions/Comments

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