Dairy cattle versus Imperiled Kangaroo Rats.

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Monster kangaroo rats have solid, and possibly restricting, impacts on plants ... Monster kangaroo rats are cornerstone species - regions advantage squirrels and reptiles ...
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Cows versus Endangered Kangaroo Rats Laura Prugh and Justin Brashares University of California Berkeley

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Background • Largest leftover of San Joaquin field biological community (810 km 2 ) • Key range in numerous T & E species recuperation arranges John Roser Alison Cleary

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Background Exotic grasses are a noteworthy issue

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Giant Kangaroo Rats (GKR) John Roser

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Soil unsettling influence John Roser

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John Roser Foraging Red Brome

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1. Do GKR advance or control intriguing grasses? Soil unsettling influence may exotics, scrounging may Key Questions 2. Do dairy cattle help or hurt GKR populaces? Keep natural surroundings open, yet may vie for nourishment 3. How do GKR and steers influence different species? Step by step instructions to oversee for imperiled species that eat each other or go after assets

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Study Design Control (munched) plot Cattle exclosure 60 m 140 m Buffer zone around catching network Rodent exclosure Control plant testing range Trapping framework

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Study Design nibbled ungrazed

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Plant Surveys John Chestnut

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GKR Surveys 3 sessions, 6,615 catches, 1,098 people

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Antelope Squirrel Surveys 2 sessions, 440 catches, 131 people

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Reptile Surveys

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Food Choice Trials 12 seed heaps for each trial, n = 30 trials (1 for every plot)

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Food Choice Trials

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1. Do GKR advance or control colorful grasses? Soil aggravation may exotics, rummaging may Key Questions • Exotic plant spread on and off GKR areas • GKR diet inclinations

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Plant reviews 2008 2007

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Plant studies

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Erodium circutarum (filaree) fascinating plant, all around

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Amsinckia tessellata local plant, for the most part on regions

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GKR Diet Choice

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GKR Diet Choice versus Structure Filaree r = - 0.38 Plant creation has a tendency to be contrarily connected with eating routine decision of nearby GKR ( Sign test, P = 0.047)

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Key Questions 1. Do GKR advance or control outlandish grasses? Soil unsettling influence exotics and a few locals Preference for some exotics may constrain their wealth

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Key Questions 2. Do steers help or hurt GKR populaces?

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GKR studies

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Key Questions 3. How do GKR and dairy cattle influence different species? Instructions to oversee for imperiled species that eat each other or vie for assets

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Correlations ( n = 30 plots) r = 0.41 r = 0.60

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Keystone Role of GKR John Roser John Chestnut John Roser

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Conclusions • Giant kangaroo rats have solid, and conceivably restricting, impacts on plants - unsettling influence advances, scavenging controls exotics • Giant kangaroo rats are cornerstone species - areas advantage squirrels and reptiles • Grazing impacts will require some investment to rise - may advantage species by decreasing spread, however may likewise vie for search

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Acknowledgments Bureau of Land Management: Larry Saslaw, Kathy Sharum, Johna Hurl CDF&G: Bob Stafford, Deborah Hillyard TNC: Tom Maloney, Scott Butterfield Funding & Support: USFWS, TNC, BLM, UC Berkeley Field Assistants and Students: J. Roser, J. Chestnut, N. Petersen, C. Daman, N. Raubitschek, T. Bean, J. Castillo, P. Elsen, R. Wenk, G. Butterworth, L. Navarette, B. Olney, J. Mill operator, A. Cleary, K. Chu, A. Bruys, B. Berube, N. Tuttle, and M. Vance

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Questions? Alison Cleary

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