DAMA Day Conference Dallas, Texas September 19, 2007 .

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Instructions to Recognize Business Esteem, Offer, and Position Your Information Quality Activity. DAMA Day Meeting Dallas, Texas September 19, 2007. Jim Orr . Proficient Foundation. Information Quality Practice Chief, Trillium Programming 12 years driving counseling administrations for programming innovation suppliers
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Instructions to Identify Business Value, Sell, and Position Your Data Quality Initiative DAMA Day Conference Dallas, Texas September 19, 2007

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Jim Orr Professional Background Data Quality Practice Director, Trillium Software 12+ years driving counseling administrations for programming innovation suppliers 7 + years driving information quality counseling administrations Other authority positions in the information quality space since 2000 Director of Professional Services, Firstlogic Global Services Practice Director, Business Objects Oversight, duty, investment in almost 1000 information quality engagements worldwide Past customers incorporate a few Fortune 500, start up, and mid-advertise authority organizations

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Demonstrate Business Value Put your business cap on… Data quality is a business issue so it requires a business way to deal with explain it.

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Demonstrate Business Value Put your business cap on… Draw on your business insight, not your specialized ability to show business esteem.

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Build a Business Case Do your homework… ..examine, report, display Research the issue Research the general population & prepare Quantify business affect Document the discoveries Summarize go ahead system Sell, showcase, advance, & introduce

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Research the Problem Identify business drivers.... Regular business drivers Failed promoting efforts Product returns & mailing mistakes Excessive/extensive client benefit calls Fines from administrative offices Inability to use buying power Labor time for modifying and tidying up administration reports and client records Errors credited to the absence of item code benchmarks Labor related with information passage More… ..

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Research the Problem Quantify business drivers.... Money related drivers Lost income Operational cost Labor cost Regulatory costs Opportunity misfortune Data administration costs Operational changes Increased efficiency, and so forth. Material verses accidental cost Hard versus Delicate dollars Use goes that reflect sensible potential Best case versus thinking pessimistically

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Research the Problem Quantify the state of the data.... Decide the volume for: Duplicate records Incorrect information Unusable information Missing information Etc. Decide the rate for which issue information keeps on entering the framework Use an information profile device to help with this procedure

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Research the People & Process Know your organization.... Individuals CFO CxO Manager Peers Cross-utilitarian administration conditions Process Budget Non-planned Capital versus cost

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Quantify Business Impact Crunch the numbers.... Money related open doors: Revenue era Expense diminishments Labor reserve funds/redirection Regulatory consistence Risk shirking Investment Requirements People Process Technology ROI 12 months or less is ideal

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Document the Findings Use regular monetary apparatuses & practices.... Business case synopsis Get to the point! return for money invested, payback, and vision as opposed to throughput, stack adjusting, and usability Supporting industry data/measurements Business case points of interest (spreadsheets) Good business organize: Revenue Expense Labor Investment ROI Total all segments & lines

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Summarize Go Forward Strategy High level venture plan.... Mirror the future, vision, and technique Break into stages Identify timetables in business terms Note asset prerequisites Deliverables Etc.

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Sell, Market, Promote, and Present Float thoughts, ideas, & speculations early Get to know your CFO/CxO before you display a business case Speak the dialect Business versus Specialized Bounce your arrangement off trusted partners Get a group of people with the CFO/CxO Sell yourself

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Thank you particularly for your time and consideration! Questions? Jim Orr Data Quality Practice Director, Trillium Software E-mail: james_orr@trilliumsoftware.com Phone: (719) 481-0565

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