Damir Huljev Business Advancement Director.

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Web empowered. INFODESIGN d.o.o. VARA DIN. INFODESIGN is Croatian constrained organization enlisted for programming configuration, improvement, arrangement and upkeep ...
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Damir Huljev Business Development Manager Infodesign conveys future to you…

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Content : Ongoing undertakings Local activities Ongoing ventures Awards Enabling Technology Partners Authorization of PSC Distributorship Progress Software Corporation Industry Expertise on Progress Technology Hewlett Packard Microsoft Cisco Systems Services and bolster EN ISO 9001:2000 ERP System INPOS Technical necessities General components Scalability Reliability Openness Web empowered Infodesign The Company Infodesign contacts Infodesign truths Human Resources Some figures Our central goal , Our governmental issues Assessing Your Requirements Responding to Your Requirements Portfolio of Applications Supply Chain Management Manufacturing Sales Distribution Human Resources Accounting Management Information System Specific Application Customer Base Worldwide Central Europe Others about us

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Infodesign The Company INFODESIGN is Croatian constrained organization enlisted for programming plan, advancement, sending and upkeep at the Trade Court of Varazdin \'s County under number 07001540 Established 199 1. EN ISO 9001:2000 affirmed from April 2003. EN ISO 9001:2000 re affirmed from Jun 200 6 . ADRIA KON DET NORSKE VERITAS Content

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Infodesign Contacts email: info@infodesign.hr http:\\www.infodesign.hr Headquarter: 42000 Varaždin , Tina Ujevića 46, Croatia tel. +385 42 206 Sales & Accounting: 42000 Varaždin , Alojzija Stepinca 9, Croatia tel. +385 42 211 844, fax +385 42 311 445 Development & support: 42000 Varaždin , Tina Ujevića 46, Croatia tel. +385 42 206 611 substance

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INFODESIGN, actualities... Over numerous years, our key accomplices have been worldwide organizations , that were ready to expect IT improvement, as well as to impact it. We are one of ten Croatian ERP IS exporters . Among these ten, we are fifth by finished trading results in the past period. PSA (Peugeot & Citroen) Paris HAIX Shoes video , (2:01 min) When business results and efficiency are measured by included worth criteria , we are among main 4% of every single financial administrator in Croatia. We are special Croatian IT organization that composes clients gathering for a long time . Worldwide Infodesign ERP IS Users Conference - INFODANI is held in May at Excelsior lodging in Lovran . Infodesign video (2,17 min) INFODANI 2004 video (4,10 min) INFODANI 2003 (2.55 min) INFODANI 2005 (5,20 min) INFODANI 2006 (3,08 min) content

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Human Resources Board: Ivan Stručić , M.Sc., Chairman of the Board Josip Brlek , Member of the Board (Sales) Damir Huljev , B.Sc., Member of the Board Employees : Total of 1 3 ( full time ) : 2 expert of science (informatics) 2 unhitched males of science (electrotechnics) 2 lone rangers of science (informatics ) 1 four year certification in scientific studies (financial matters) 1 four year certification in scientific studies (arithmetic) 1 four year certification in scientific studies (financial aspects) 4 specialists More than 1 0 section - time (outsourcing) content

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Some figures Revenue Profit content

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Our central goal To convey predominant items and administrations that engage our accomplices and clients to significantly enhance their improvement and arrangement of mission basic business applications. content

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Our legislative issues " In all our movement we are arranged to changeless change of our business, keeping up high level of uniqueness and driving part in the Croatian ERP market, deliberate entering the business application markets of the neighbor nations, and adjustment of our driving supplier position for logistical application frameworks in Europea n car ( Peugeot , Citro ë n ) , material ( CLAZEDONIA ) and shoes ( HAIX ) industry. By certificating Infodesign\'s quality managament framework with EN ISO 9001:2000 standard , we accentuated our attention on the nature of our items, administrations and frameworks, on the security and the assurance of the envirnonment. This guaranteed potential for us to proceed with our incorporation in the conservative, financial and political mix of the present day world. " sadržaj

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Assessing Your Requirements Seasoned business experts Listen to your business circumstance Understand how to apply innovation Deliver a guide surveying: Your particular needs Deliverables: time, cost Return on speculation content

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Responding to Your Requirements Business Applications Enabling Technology Services and Support … for redid business arrangements content

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I n d u s t r i e s Manufacturing & Distribution Financial Services Healthcare Retail Agriculture Government and Local Gaverment Education Portfolio of Applications E-Commerce Front Office CRM Customer Service Supply Chain Managament Portfolio of Applications Manufacturing Back Office HR/Payroll Accounting Finance M I S content

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Application Portfolio Supply Chain Management Purchasing Purchase Invoices Price Breakdown Warehouse Management Inventory Fixed Assets content

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Application Portfolio Manufacturing Products definition Resource arranging Inventory arranging Production dispatching Ongoing creation follow-up Warehouse administration Production cost Production investigate content

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Application Portfolio Sales Orders Invoicing Warehouse Distribution Purchasing Price Breakdown Warehouse Management Point of Sale (POS) content

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Application Portfolio Human Resources Human Resources Payroll Accounting General Ledger Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable VAT MIS Management Information System content

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Specific Applications Insurance - Croatia osiguranje Zagreb Budgeting - SRCE Zagreb Education - CARNet Zagreb Education - HAZU Zagreb Services Construction - CESTA Varaždin Construction - Monting Zageb Manufacturing – GRUPA CALZEDONIA Manufacturing (Shoes) - Ivančica Ivanec Manufacturing (Shoes ) – HAIX Obuća HAIX Shoes Manufacturing (Textile ) - Tubla CALZEDONIA Manufacturing (Textile) - Ytres CALZEDONIA Manufacturing (Textile) - COM-PROM CALZEDONIA Manufacturing (Textile ) - VIS KONFEKCIJA VARAŽDIN Manufacturing (Print) - ROTOPLAST Kerestinec Manufacturing (Food ) - INDUSTRIJA MESA Ivanec Manufacturing (Food ) - DERMA-CRIJEVARA Varaždin Manufacturing (Chemical ) - PATTING Varaždin Utilities content Specific Applications - proceeded with

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Specific Applications - proceeded with Custom leeway Agricultural – Tovarna sladkorja Ormož Agricultural generation - Agromeđimurje Čakovec Agricultural generation - Čakovečki mlinovi Čakovec Vine creation - JERUZALEM Ormož Automotive - PSA (Peugeot i Citroen) Grupacija Transportation – PANTURIST Osijek Commerce – VELAS Velika Gorica Tourism – Jadranski luksuzni hoteli Central and Local Goverment Županija zagrebačka Grad Sv.I.Zelina Healthcare – Zdravstveni centar Novo Mesto content

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Customer Base More than 1 6 0 steadfast clients in Croatia , and Slovenia . Clients in Central and Eastern Europe , Central and South America, Africa and Asia ( Peugeot & Citroën ), CALZEDONIA . content

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Worldwide France Meksiko Turkey South Africa Argentina content

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Central Europe Slovakia Bratislava Hungary Budapest S lovenia Varazdin Ljubljana Zagreb Croatia content

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Others about us… INFODESIGN AND CULTURE… Place where holy messengers rest INFODESIGN AND SCIENCE… Prof. dr. sc. Antun Kliment , Mr. sc. Blaženka Knežević : APPLICATION OF EU ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE STANDARDS FOR DOING BUSINESS IN CROATIA theoretical ANALYST IDC : EAS Market in Croatia 2001-2006 MEDIA VARAŽDINSKA TELEVIZIJA : INFODESIGN video (2,17 min) VARAŽDINSKA TELEVIZIJA : INPOS video (2,17 min) VARAŽDINSKA TELEVIZIJA : INFODANI 2005 video (5,20 min) VARAŽDINSKA TELEVIZIJA : INFODANI 2004 video (4,10 min) VARAŽDINSKA TELEVIZIJA : INFODANI 2003 video (2,55 min) VARAŽDINSKA TELEVIZIJA : IDC Adriatics EAS Forum 2004 video (1,30 min) Others about us proceeded with… substance

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Others about us, proceeded with… PRESS RELEAS About Infodesign… The Enterprise Application Suite Market in Croatia, 2001-2006 O ur concentrate on the nature of our items, administrations and frameworks content

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Ongoing Projects Design and advancement of center ALADIN AV 3.0 (After Sales) for PSA ( Peugeot and Citroën ) France Preparing for organization of ALADIN V3 and ABCnet V3 in Peugeot\'s auxiliaries in Croatia and Slovenia Support in sending of ALADIN V3 in Turkey , Mexico and South Africa content

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Local Projects Implementation of complete I nformation framework for VARKOM d.d. Varaždin, DERMA-CRIJEVARA Varaždin VELAS Velika Gorica, YTRES - CALZEDONIA D.Kneginec TUBLA - CALZEDONIA Čakovec, COM-PROM - CALZEDONIA , PZC VARAŽDIN. HAIX Shoes , HAIX Obuća d.o.o. Plant Maintenance Application configuration and advancement for Tovarna sladkorja d.d. Ormož, Slovenia (sugar plant) Design and advancement of products in transport (freight) protection application for Croatia osiguranje d.d. Zagreb (greatest insurance agency in Croatia) content

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Ongoing Projects proceeded with Implementation IS for , CALZEDONIA GROUP (Italia) on areas in Croatia: TUBLA Čakovec YTRES Donji Kneginec COM-PROM d.o.o. Petrijanec Implementation IS for , VARKOM d.d. Varaždin VODOVOD I ČISTOČA CRES MALI LOŠINJ d.o.o. Usage IS for VELAS d.o.o. Velika Gorica Implementation IS for , HAIX Shoes (Germany) on areas in Croatia: HAIX Obuća d.o.o. Čakovec content

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Awards INFO \'92 – abnormal state of apearance INFO \'93 – curiosity acknowledgment: PROGRESS ProVISION V7 INFORMATIKA \'95 ( Croati a n national grant ) INFO \'95 - oddity acknowledgment : PROGRESS Version 8 Sales Achievement PROGRESS Software In Recognition of Great Achievement and the Dedication T

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