Dark History.

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. Harriet Tubman. Click on the right answer!What was the Underground Railroad?
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Dark History Black History Time Line African-American Biographies Black History Month thinks about, celebrates and respects the African-American experience from the seasons of subjugation through the present day. Wherever you look, dark culture, ability, and expression have assumed a colossal part in forming America\'s at various times.

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Harriet Tubman Back to menu Click here FIRST to peruse about Harriet Tubman, then take the test ! Tap on the right reply! What was the Underground Railroad? 1. A prepare that went through a 20 mile burrow 2. A mystery arrangement of individuals that helped slaves escape toward the North 3. The railroad for the underground individuals who never rise to the top what number Underground Railroad trips did Harriet Tubman make in 10 years? 1. 4 2. 19 3. 121 what number slaves did Harriet Tubman prompt to opportunity? 1. 300 2. 1000 3. 5,000 What employments did Harriet Tubman do amid the Civil War? 1. cook, trooper and server 2. railroad laborer, educator and seeker 3. attendant, scout and spy Click here to venture to every part of the Underground Railroad

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Dr. Charles R Drew Back to menu Click here FIRST to peruse about Dr. Drew, then take the test ! Tap on the right answer What did Dr. Drew concoct? 1. Open heart surgery 2. Blood donation center 3. Plastic surgery What did Dr. Drew find that was so essential? 1. That blood is red 2. That individuals can carry on quite a while without blood 3. That plasma will store longer than entire blood What association replicated Dr. Drew\'s strategies and techniques? 1. The Red Cross 2. Kaiser Hospital 3. Youngsters\' Hospital Why did Dr. Drew leave from his position as Director of the Red Cross? 1. He couldn\'t get enough blood 2. The blood continued turning green 3. The Army would not like to blend the blood of dark individuals with the blood of white individuals.

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Daniel Hale Williams Back to menu Click here FIRST to peruse about Daniel Hale Williams, then take the test ! Tap on the right reply! What did Daniel Hale Williams accomplish surprisingly? 1. crossed Niagra Falls in a wheelbarrow on a tightrope 2. took a shading photo 3. performed open heart surgery Who helped Daniel Hale Williams? 1. six cowhands 2. six specialists 3. six jokesters What year did this happen? 1. 1943 2. 1776 3. 1893 Why did Daniel Hale Williams do what he did? 1. A man had been cut in the heart 2. To get to the opposite side 3. his better half needed a photo of herself

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Martin Luther King Click here to peruse about Martin Luther King\'s life PLEASE READ DR. KING\'S BIOGRAPHY BEFORE GOING TO HIS SPEECH "I Have a Dream" (finish discourse) This is the genuine discourse given by Dr. Ruler. It is 17 minutes in length.

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Martin Luther King Dr. Lord was conceived in Atlanta, Georgia in 1929. As a tyke he appreciated perusing, singing, riding a bike and playing football and baseball. He was a brilliant understudy and entered Morehouse College at 15 years old. After he moving on from school, he wedded, turned into a clergyman and moved to Alabama. Dr. Lord experienced bigotry while growing up and concluded that he would make a move. Amid the 1950\'s, he got to be dynamic in the development for social equality and racial equity . He took an interest in a transport blacklist in Montgomery, Alabama and other serene exhibitions. Martin Luther King was an excellent speaker . In 1963, he gave his most well known discourse, "I Have a Dream." He gave this discourse before the Lincoln Memorial to a horde of 200,000. He won the Nobel Peace prize in 1964. Dr. Lord was killed on April 4, 1968 in Memphis Tennessee by James Earl Ray .

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prejudice The conviction that a few people are superior to others just in view of the shade of their skin. Case: In the 1900\'s in a few urban communities in the United States, dark individuals couldn\'t utilize similar eateries, water fountains or bathrooms as white individuals.

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blacklist When a gathering of individuals decline to purchase or utilize certain merchandise or administrations with a specific end goal to make a legislature or a business to roll out improvements. Illustration : After Rosa Parks was captured for not surrendering her seat to a white traveler, dark individuals quit utilizing (boycotted) the transport framework in Montgomery, Alabama for over a year. It was accounted for that the transport framework lost $3,00 a day because of the blacklist.

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social liberties These are the rights that each national ought to have. Case: Every native ought to expect a similar assurance from the police. Each resident ought to anticipate that get to will a decent training. Subjects ought not be denied the chance to improve a life for themselves.

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racial balance All races (white, dark, chestnut, red, and so forth.) are viewed as equivalent and no race is better than the other. Illustration: No one would be kept from accomplishing something basically in light of the fact that they have a place with a specific race.

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speaker A man who gives a discourse. (A decent speaker is a man who comprehends their dialect, has a decent vocabulary and can clarify things in a way that individuals need to tune in.)

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African American Biographies Back to menu Click here and look through the rundown of these well known African-Americans. Discover what B.K. Bruce, Guion Buford, Sarah Goode, Mae Jemison, Barbara Jordan, Jackie Robinson and Maggie Lena Walker had in like manner!!! Click here to peruse stories of previous slaves (slave accounts ). Tap the catch to peruse the expressions of Louis Armstrong\'s tune, "What a Wonderful World"

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Song: "What a Wonderful World" Artist: Louis Armstrong Title: What A Wonderful World I see trees of green, red roses too I see them blossom for me and you And I contemplate internally, what an awesome world I see skies of blue, billows of white The splendid favored days, and dull holy evenings And I ponder internally, what a superb world The shades of the rainbow Are so beautiful in the sky It\'s likewise on the characteristics Of individuals goin\' by I see companions shakin\' hands Sayin\', "How do you do?" Fairies sayin\', "I adore you." I hear babies cry, and I watch them develop They\'ll learn significantly more than I\'ll ever know And I contemplate internally, what a brilliant world I ponder internally, what a great world

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Thurgood Marshall Click here to peruse about Thurgood Marshall , then take the test. Thurgood Marshall\'s was the primary African-American to serve on ______. a school board the Supreme Court a tennis court His first name was initially ____________. Toogood Thoroughgood Thorougbred Thurgood Marshall was a legal counselor on the memorable Brown versus Leading group of Education case, which contended against _________. offering liquor isolation giving homework Thurgood Marshall served for a long time on the ______________. Incomparable Court California Board of Education F.B.I.

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Thurgood Marshall Thurgood Marshall was conceived on July 2, 1908. He was brought up in Baltimore, Maryland. His first name was initially Thoroughgood, however he abbreviated it to Thurgood in primary school. He moved on from school in 1930 and afterward went to graduate school. After moving on from Howard University in 1933, he began a law hone and joined the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). He served as the lawful chief for the NAACP for a long time and was on the group of legal counselors that battled against isolation in state funded training in the Brown versus Board of Education case in 1954. He won the case. In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson named Marshall the boss legitimate, officer in the United States. In 1967, Johnson named Marshall to the Supreme Court. Marshall was the principal African-American on the Supreme Court . He served on the Supreme Court for a long time. Marshall passed on in 1993 at 84 years old. He is recognized as a contender for human rights. On January 7, 2003, the US Post Office issued a stamp regarding Marshall .

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isolation Segregation was the act of having white understudies go to "white" schools and dark understudies go to "dark schools". Illustration: Linda Brown needed to go five miles to class despite the fact that she lived four squares from a state funded school. The school close to her home was for white understudies as it were.

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Brown versus Leading group of Education The most acclaimed court instance of the social equality development started in 1950 when 7-year-old Linda Brown of Topeka, Kansas, was denied access to a school that was only four pieces from her home since she was dark. Linda\'s dad went to court and on May 17, 1954, the U.S. Preeminent Court decided that racial isolation (or isolating races) in government funded schools disregards the Constitution. Linda Brown in a coordinated class not long after the Brown versus Leading body of Education choice to quit isolating understudies in state funded schools.

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Barack Obama Barack Obama was chosen President of the United States of America in November 2008. He will start serving his term of office on January 20, 2009. To peruse his account (Wikipedia) click here To see a video arrangement of his life click here

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