Das Fruehstueck.

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Individuals in Germany have a supposed
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Das Fruehstueck German suppers 1

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Fruehstueck breakfast

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Das Brot bread

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Die Butter

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Die Marmelade jam

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Das Ei egg

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Das Muesli

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Die Milch milk

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Der Joghurt yogurt

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Der Kaese cheddar

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Die Wurst hotdog

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The German breakfast People in Germany have a purported "Mainland breakfast". You won\'t discover a cook anyplace in Germany. You may get a bubbled egg for the most part on Sundays. Individuals eat either grains or Broetchen (bread moves) with either sweet things like Honig, Marmelade or nutella (chocolate spread) or exquisite things like Kaese or Wurst.

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Now its your turn: Tasks: Use the worksheet to draw what your breakfast resemble on the left and on the right draw an ordinary German breakfast. Mark the sustenance things utilizing your German picture lexicons. Tell your floor covering accomplice what you get a kick out of the chance to have for breakfast utilizing the word cards.

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