Data Security Session October 24, 2005.

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Spyware programming. 11/12/10. Data Security. 10. Windows Update ... Download Software. Establishment Wizard. Check you're PC. 11/12/10. Data Security. 13 ...
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Data Security Session October 24, 2005 Bill Eaheart Network Security Coordinator DePaul University

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Top Ten List Install Operating framework Updates and Patches Install Anti-Virus and Spyware Protection Use a Host Based Firewall Create a solid secret word Use alert when opening email connections Never share individual data Do not react to Spam Back up Files Do not Share Folders Use a Spyware program Information Security

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Securing Windows Basic Steps to Secure your Machine: Step One: Enable an individual firewall Step Two: Download & Install AntiVirus Step Three: Run Windows Update Step Four: Configure Windows for Automatic Updates Step Five: Secure Your Accounts and Passwords Step Six: Run a Weekly Virus Scans of your Entire Computer Step Seven: Run and Update a Spyware Removal Program Step Eight: Disable or Set watchword for File Shares Step Nine: Run Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer Information Security

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Personal Firewalls An individual firewall is a product based channel between your PC and the outside world that is introduced on your PC to shield it from unapproved access by other outer clients. Individual firewalls are configurable to indicate which approaching and cordial projects, ports, and IP locations can be gotten to. Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) Inspects just approaching activity Commercial/Free Products Sygate Personal Firewall ZoneAlarm Tiny Personal Firewall Norton Personal Firewall BlackIce PC Protection Information Security

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How does a firewall work? Every machine on the Internet is allocated a one of a kind location called an IP address . PCs have addresses alluded to as IP locations Allows PCs to converse with each different Tells your PC where you need to send activity Example: Ports – A server machine makes its administrations accessible to the Internet utilizing numbered ports Tells your PC what administration you need Web Server: Port 80 Internet Communication Similar to postal envelopes Instead of postal address and postal divisions  IP addresses and Port number Connecting to a web server Where would I like to go  (DNS – simple for individuals to recall) What is the IP Address  What administration do I need  Port 80 (web server) What your PC sees Source: : 4628  Destination: : 80 Information Security

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How does a firewall work? PCs have administrations running – even your work or home PC A firewall examines all activity coming or leaving your PC Use an arrangement of principles to figure out whether it ought to permit the movement to go In numerous cases you simply need to introduce or empower the firewall application Information Security

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Why is a firewall vital? Checking logs Wed Mar 19 00:15:23 CST 2005 Number of sweeps: 523,264 Destination Ports Total     Port ======    ====== 198602      445 Windows 112389      139 Windows 88258     1433 MS-SQL - prison worm 82404       80 Web Server 18390      135 Windows Information Security

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What a Firewall Can Do A firewall can be specific about what it lets through and what it squares. The firewall assesses all approaching movement – and on some firewall applications it can examine active activity too Based on the setup and principles the firewall figures out whether the bundle ought to be blocked or transmitted Some applications send notices to the client with alternatives Denying the system or movement Allowing it simply this one time. You will be asked again whenever it needs to utilize the system. Permitting it always more. You won\'t be asked again whenever it needs to utilize the system. What do you do on the off chance that you got a notice that movement has been blocked Firewall has obstructed the hurtful activity Information Security

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What a Firewall Cannot Do Be mindful of a misguided feeling that all is well and good Firewalls are restricted in ensuring your PC Do Firewalls Prevent Viruses, Worms or Malware? NO!! A few firewalls can keep malware from getting to the web if your PC is tainted your Majority of all malware is gotten through email, document sharing (like Kazaa or Gnutella) or through direct download of a vindictive project Firewalls can\'t keep this Common Sense and Caution Operating System patches and security fixes Anti-Virus programming Spyware programming Information Security

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Windows Update Microsoft gives security fixes and overhauls Check for redesigns in any event once every month Security fixes discharged on the second Tuesday of every month Manual Update Open Internet Explorer  Windows Automatic Updates makes this simple Start  Control Panel  Automatic Updates DePaul makes it much simpler Software Update Services (SUS) server Information Security

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Automatic Windows Update Information Security

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Microsoft Security Analyzer Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer Free, powerlessness appraisal device for the Microsoft stage Download Software Installation Wizard Scan your PC Information Security

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The End! Much obliged to you Any inquiries Information Security

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