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Information Technology Outsourcing. By: Andrew Butler Michael Cheng Carlos Garcia. Outline. What is outsourcing? Why do companies outsource? Who is outsourcing? What jobs are being outsourced and where? Outsourcing processes. Outsourcing consultants.
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Data Technology Outsourcing By: Andrew Butler Michael Cheng Carlos Garcia

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Outline What is outsourcing? Why do organizations outsource? Who is outsourcing? What occupations are being outsourced and where? Outsourcing forms. Outsourcing advisors. Benefits/challenges of outsourcing. Outsourcing and the Western World. Outsourcing oddity Is it something worth being thankful for?

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What is IT? Outsourcing? Data Technology The improvement, establishment and usage of PC frameworks and applications. Outsourcing Contracting with outside expert administrations to meet particular business needs. IT Outsourcing-it ought to be noticed that outsourcing has existed for quite a while, and is a generally acknowledged business hone.

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Why Companies Outsource Companies outsource to: Seek world class abilities abroad while cutting expenses. IT is eased of tedious, routine errands. Taken a toll consistency, reserve funds and the capacity of an organization to concentrate on center skills.

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Reasons for Outsourcing

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Who is outsourcing? There is an assortment of organizations that outsource, yet there is by all accounts drifts in IT Outsourcing Banks Medical workplaces Mortgage Companies Software advancement

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What Jobs are being Outsourced? Some normally outsourced employments have the accompanying attributes: -Technical with quantifiable benchmarks - Relatively simple for information exchange - Can be managed without direct physical contact with clients or partners. Particular IT employments that are outsourced include: Research handle, IT operations, Medicare, lawful bolster administrations Art, movement, article and DTP work Software improvement Environment administrations

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Where are they outsourcing to? IT Outsourcing can be cultivated out to an assortment of spots, yet you will discover as a rule, to creating nations on the ascent. Bangalore, India (Call focuses) The Philippines Saudi Arabia China Eastern Europe Canada

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Outsourcing Processes Once an organization has chosen to outsource certain IT capacities, it ought to consider the accompanying: What administrations to outsource. Which IT outsourcing firm gives these administrations. Assess beat competitors. Agenda.

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Outsourcing Consultants IBM and Unisys Both IBM and Unisys offers an extensive variety of IT outsourcing answers for organizations. Arrange Outsourcing Services Managed Storage Services Managed Security Services E-Business Hosting Services IBM is a pioneer in IT and Outsourcing IT. Unisys is a noteworthy contender to IBM.

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Examples of IT Outsourcing Unisys City of Minneapolis IBM ING Bank

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Benefits of IT Outsourcing (Cntd.) Improved Service to the Customer Outsourced organizations can get technical support day in and day out, with a littler spending plan. Outsourcing organizations for the most part utilize institutionalized hardware and strategies. Spares time and cash for the client. When IT is outsourced, it permits an organization to focus on its center competency. IT experts utilize rundown of solid merchants, which will enhance nature of products and ventures got.

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Difficulties of IT Outsourcing Threats to security and secrecy Sensitive data, for example, finance, restorative records and saving money/contract records. Shrouded expenses to outsourcing IT. This incorporates the agreement between organizations, and legitimate expenses brought about. Loss of conceivable vital resource or aptitude Could it have been utilized to make an upper hand over your rivals? Loss of control, and reliance on an IT supplier.

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Confidentiality and IT Outsourcing of delicate data, for example, bank records between nations. How would you guarantee your customers that their data is protected and lawful? Search out and construct an association with this outsourcing supplier before passing them delicate data Only consent to work with a supplier that is ISO/IEC 7064:2003 affirmed. Have occasional reviews, and create COBIT. This is a major ordeal, particularly as you see increasingly organizations sending all their data frameworks abroad and seaward

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What does Outsourcing Mean for the Western World? Capacity Maturity Model As IT Outsourcing proceeds with, you will find that our capacities will lessen. We will slide advance down on the Capability Maturity Model, because of the outsourcing of our IT know how and capacities. Numerous business analysts have as of late guessed that the higher-than-anticipated IT unemployment numbers were not the aftereffect of seaward outsourcing. Outsourcing has really positively affected the American economy. Numerous western organizations have understood that outsourcing can enhance the nature of a lot of their work by exploiting great workforces abroad.

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What does Outsourcing Mean for the Western World?

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Outsourcing Paradox Outsourcing of IT employments happens at a rate of somewhere around 2 and 3% While the quantity of occupations being outsourced has expanded, take note of that a practically meet number of IT occupations have been made. Hard to gauge the loss of IT occupations to outsourcing

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Is Outsourcing a Good Thing? Experts: Some Americans don\'t trust that seaward outsourcing is terrible for this nation. They appear to be persuaded that we can be reinforced as a country on the off chance that we are compelled to contend in the worldwide economy. Fortifies exchange and makes a more grounded economy in the U.S. also, more occupations over the long haul An approach to take care of business for less cash by: -decreasing and controlling organization working expenses -arranging for inward organization assets for more imperative purposes -enhancing the organization center and resultant efficiency They consider that what is much more critical than the welfare of their profiting. U.S. organizations need to stay aggressive

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Is Outsourcing a Good Thing? (Cntd.) CONS: The Loss of occupations in the U.S. The issues connected with seaward outsourcing are significant and complex Outsourcing occupations to spots like India and China truly aren\'t as generous as some might want us to accept.

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Questions? Will you name 2 advantages of outsourcing? What are 2 troubles of when outsourcing? Why might an organization outsource a portion of its IT work? Could you name one IT outsourcing expert and one administration that they offer?

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