Data Tools for USC Pharmacy Students .

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Information Tools for USC Pharmacy Students. Pam Corley, AHIP, MLIS Eileen Eandi, MLS Adrian Follette, MLIS Joseph Pozdol, MLIS Evans Whitaker, MD, MLIS Norris Medical Library Keck School of Medicine University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA 90089-9130. Introductions.
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Data Tools for USC Pharmacy Students Pam Corley, AHIP, MLIS Eileen Eandi, MLS Adrian Follette, MLIS Joseph Pozdol, MLIS Evans Whitaker, MD, MLIS Norris Medical Library Keck School of Medicine University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA 90089-9130

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Introductions Introduce staff ASK QUESTIONS! Make this session helpful to you Janis Brown is the contact to Pharmacy from Norris Medical Library You may contact any of us on the off chance that you have questions We will post this PowerPoint on the site for you to take a gander at in the event that you wish to take a gander at it promote (Key Resources StudentPharmacyY1 .

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Handouts Assignment Questions Formatting Your Assignment Submission frame Advanced Ovid Flow Sheet Pharmacy assets and Norris Library Evaluation shape

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Pharmacy Y1 Assignment, due September 10, 2008 7 subjects, we will dole out one Search utilizing Advanced Ovid Select 5 applicable articles Hand in: Submission shape as front page Printout which incorporates Search system Citation and dynamic for five articles

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Outline for now Primary writing (another approach to say MEDLINE) A. Hone with Advanced Ovid Search Norris Medical Library landing page visit Pharmacy Resources of Note Predigested essential writing data sources (AKA Clinical Information Tools) Other subjects as time and intrigue permit

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Primary Medical Literature

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MEDLINE a subset of PubMed. >16 million references in MEDLINE. >18 million references in PubMed. Distinction because of articles not yet ordered or those that never will be as not biomedical Updated day by day Two noteworthy approaches to get to: OvidSP to which USC subscribes. PubMed (free, USC\'s rendition, PubMed@USC incorporates connections to USC property).

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OvidSP Navigate to Ovid: Norris landing page  Databases tab  Ovid MEDLINE. Sign into preparing account Client: sci001 Password: medicinal The preparation account Opens is Basic mode Has no full content connections Opens with Search history and Limits shut … versus Norris Library\'s form of Ovid

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OvidSP Many Ovid databases MEDLINE decisions are at the top MEDLINE 1996-2008 and MEDLINE 1950-2008 Ovid likewise contains: EBM sources amidst the page. Global Pharmaceutical Abstracts at the base. Set up a free individual record to spare hunts, get programmed redesigns, and explain articles.

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Ovid MEDLINE Advanced Ovid Search (use for task) intense, exact web crawler useful for exhaustive, centered inquiries expectation to absorb information look strategies mean PubMed Ovid Basic Search "Google-like" "normal dialect internet searcher" utilize catchphrases, expression, or sentence quick to utilize useful for a couple of good articles

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Advanced Ovid Search Enter Concepts each one in turn. Work (Medical Subject Headings) terms are favored hunt terms. Work is an institutionalized vocabulary of the NLM used to record MEDLINE articles. With every MeSH idea settle on Explode, Focus, and Subheadings. What\'s more, OR are utilized to consolidate ideas. An assortment of breaking points might be utilized to limit your pursuit. Indicate: Place restricts as the last stride in planning your pursuit.

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What is Advanced Ovid useful for? Propelled Ovid permits exact seeking at the cost of expanded time and trouble Good to leave "no stone unturned", as when get ready for insightful presentation. Confinements: Advanced Ovid relies on upon MeSH terms. New medications, methodology, gadgets, and ideas are likely not in the MeSH database (yet). Different techniques are expected to discover articles about these subjects.

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In-class show 1 Is Tylenol a powerful treatment for headache?

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In-class 1 Strategy Concept 1: headache Explode Focus Subheading: tranquilize treatment Concept 2: Tylenol Explode Subhead: restorative utilize Combine:1 and 2 Limits: people, English

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In-class exhibit 2 Find thinks about that talk about the symptoms of statins.

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In-class 2 Strategy Concept 1: statins Explode Focus Subhead: unfriendly impacts (poisonous quality, harming) Limits: people, English

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In-class exhibition 3 Is it ok for heart patients to take Viagra?

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In-class methodology 3 Concept 1: coronary illness Explode Focus Concept 2: Viagra (as watchword) OR with nonexclusive name sildenafil (as catchphrase) Combine:1 and 2 Limits: people, English

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Questions to attempt all alone in-class 1 Can used smoke cause lung malignancy?

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On your own technique 1 Concept 1: lung tumor Explode Focus Subheading: etiology, synthetically initiated? Idea 2:second hand smoke Subhead: unfriendly impacts Combine:1 and 2 Limits: people, English

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Questions to attempt all alone in-class 2 Should Advil be utilized to treat youngsters with headaches?

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On your own technique 2 Concept 1: Advil Explode Subhead: helpful utilize (antagonistic impacts?) Concept 2: headache Explode Focus Subheading: sedate treatment Combine:1 and 2 Limits: people, English, kids

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Questions to attempt all alone in-class 3 Is Zyrtec or Claritin more compelling in treating regular hypersensitivities? Shouldn\'t something be said about Allegra?

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On your own technique 3 Concept 1: Seasonal hypersensitive rhinitis Explode Focus Subhead: tranquilize treatment Concept 2: Claritin Concept 3: Zyrtec Subheading for 2, 3: medicate treatment Concept 4: Allegra (fexofenadine) Combine:1 and (2 or 3 or 4) Also can do 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 Limits: people, English

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Ovid Basic Search Tips Search motor interprets your words ("mapping"). No compelling reason to separate ideas. You may apply limits Basic pursuits commonly yield > 500 hits. The "well done" in the initial 20-30 hits. On the off chance that nothing inside 20-30 hits, rephrase your question or, utilize Advanced Ovid Search.

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OvidSP Take Home Messages Use Basic to educate Advanced. Minimize utilization of subheadings and breaking points. Dependable guideline is to "concentrate" stand out idea (for the most part the infection or condition) and "detonate" all ideas in a pursuit. Apply restricts as the last stride. In Advanced mode dependably endeavor to make an interpretation of your terms into MeSH headings.

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Norris Medical Library—Access and Homepage Tour

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Norris Medical Library Use the intermediary server. (You can see it at ). There is no compelling reason to utilize VPN. Sign in with USC email data; client name (email up to @) and secret key. Utilize Norris Library landing page as your beginning stage when hunting down biomedical data - Bookmark it!

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The Norris Homepage Highlights… Moving from Left to Right Journals All USC eJournals – incorporates every single electronic diary in the USC framework Databases Ovid MEDLINE PubMed @USC – don\'t go specifically to as lose connections to USC possessions Key Resources for: Students  Pharmacy – Portal to usually utilized assets Catalogs HELIX - Norris Medical and Wilson Dental Libraries (attempt goodman and gilman) ADVOCAT - USC Law Library HOMER - All other USC libraries QuickLinks - numerous normal assets recorded in dropdown menu. HELP – Email, Phone, and IM associations with restorative bookkeepers. We can help with concocting looks, discovering data sources, investigating, and so forth. IM and telephone hours are M-F 9-5. There is one working day turnaround on email questions. Seek

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QuickLinks Clinical data apparatuses UpToDate – not off grounds ACP Pier Essential Evidence Plus Pharmacy References Epocrates Lexi-Comp Online Databases Ovid MEDLINE - has considerably more than MEDLINE PubMed@USC - don\'t utilize

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QuickLinks 2 DocRetriever – Interlibrary advance arrangement of Norris Library. Set up free record , the framework is "self-serve". Charges for things from libraries outside USC - $11 for book or article. Multi eBook Search – Use to discover data in different electronic sources at the same time. Simple to utilize and seeks >700 electronic books at the same time!

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Pharmacy Resources of Note

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Access Pharmacy - substance of 22 books searchable by subject or organ framework, self evaluation, a couple of recordings, medication monographs (from Gold Standard), and so on. Global Pharmaceutical Abstracts – in Ovid, delivered by American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, covers 1970 to ebb and flow Lexi-Comp - has ASHF information also Epocrates - clinician-situated medication database Statref An and B - access to an assortment of important books ChemAbstracts through SciFinder Scholar – can scan for writing, concoction structures. Download required MicroMedex – different pharmaceutical databases

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Clinical Information Tools

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Clinical Information Tools UpToDate – quick, simple, great quality. Is it truly confirm based? Then again is it master feeling? Do we care?– QuickLinks . Incredible for foundation data. ACP Pier – QuickLinks . Comparable substance to UTD however not as decent an interface. Key Evidence Plus – "InfoRetriever" up to this point – QuickLinks. Same remarks as ACP Pier Try a pursuit in ACP Pier, Essential Evidence, and Clinical Evidence. Get out in the event that you require help or have questions. Subjects (on the off chance that you require them): Suicide hazard with SSRI\'s in teenagers. Steroid infusion for parallel epicondylitis. Calcium channel blockers for headache prophylaxis.

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Evidence Based Practice Resources Clinical Evidence – "Look NML" for "clinical proof" Ovid EBM databases – Access by means of Databases Ovid select a database. Keep in mind Change Databases and Open And Re-execute to speed looking through Systematic Reviews, DARE, ACP Journal Club –try an inquiry with ideas "fluoxetine, suicide, young people". ( National Guidelines Clearinghouse ( ) – attempt "fibromyalgia" TRIP database ( - attempt "lower leg sprain" see persistent presents and pictures tabs SUMSearch ( ) – attempt "bad tempered gut disorder"

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