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DataNET by Datalink Systems Inc.. DataNET is a finished
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Datalink Systems Inc. Datalink Systems Inc. has been creating remote IP parcel information Communications Software for over ten years !! What\'s more, we think it appears!

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DataNET by Datalink Systems Inc. I.P. Bundle Data Communications Software DataNET is a total "end to end" programming arrangement intended to coordinate with a scope of 3 rd . Party Hardware items. In light of an ordinary "customer/server" relationship, instead of an ASP administration where the server is possessed and controlled by a 3 rd . Party. DataNET can be introduced in any Windows PC. DataGate is the bundle information IP directing center point which can be worked as a focal server, obliging various disconnected clients found anyplace there is web get to, or sold to bigger companies or government offices who wish to have finish "end to end" control inside their own system. DataGate can likewise enlarge a current framework including new systems and components. DataGate will associate with a current server through a windows port. DataGate will likewise connection to most ODBC consistent databases.

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Key elements Multiple remote system interface Works with static and element IP tending to Captures dynamic IPs (GPRS and Globalstar) Works as a private steering center point for greatest security Works as an open provincial or national switch Integrates with legacy frameworks and 3 rd . Party programs Works with MS-SQL and other ODBC databases Web-Browser choice with restricted GPS following components

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DataGATE goes about as the server or I.P. switch, preparing and transferring information between numerous remote systems and Internet associated DataHOSTs or 3 rd . Party programs on nearby, provincial or worldwide premise. DataNET courses bundle information over the accompanying satellite and earthbound systems; Iridium… … Globalstar … ..Skyterra… .Inmarsat. GSM-GPRS… CDMA-1xRTT… VHF/UHF/800… Kenwood NX & Fleetsync… WiFi Note! DataGate is intended to handle low volume information over numerous remote systems. It ought not be viewed as a high limit IP switch.

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DataHOST by Datalink Systems Inc. DataHOST is the discretionary "customer" program that dwells on the client\'s PCs, giving broad following and reports choices. DataHOST is completely coordinated with the accompanying mapping programs. Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing. Other mapping projects can be utilized, for example, Streets-on-a-Disk and ESRI-GIS. These may require some advancement. Datahost can likewise give a NMEA GPS yield to Marine Charts and 3 rd . Party improvement. Mapping licenses might be required for a few applications. Contact the mapping organization for more subtle elements. Not at all like the lion\'s share of ASP Web based AVL-GPS vehicle following administrations where a 3 rd . Party has every one of the information, DataHOST stores all the recorded information on the client\'s PC, taking into account moment review and Global guide zooming in seconds. DataHost is the "customer" programming situated in client\'s PCs and interfaces with the DataGate over the Internet, Intranet or neighborhood LAN. The default inserted mapping project is Microsoft\'s "Virtual Earth". Microsoft permit required.

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WebLink by Datalink Systems Inc. WebLink permits remote PCs with a MS windows working framework to associate with a DataGate by utilizing Internet Explorer or other Web Browsers. The WebLink choice does not offer the extensive variety of elements and "extra" choices accessible with our DataHost programming. WebLink is in a perfect world suited for those clients who need to effortlessly check the area of their vehicles or vessels from any PC associated with the web.

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Source programs RADIO SOURCE (neighborhood VHF-UHF and WiFi systems) MSV (Satellite administration utilizing MSAT-1) Satsource (for Inmarsat C and D+ ) KENWOOD SOURCE (NXDN and FleetSync) PlexGate (Direct connection to Globalstar\'s Simplex Gateway) Source projects are "extra" programming modules created by Datalink which permits DataGate to associate with the different remote system passages.

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3 rd . Party equipment DataGate will coordinate with a scope of 3 rd . Party equipment. Datalink can likewise give equipment configuration administrations to organizations that desire to utilize our DataNET programming yet don\'t have "in house" outline capacities. This incorporates settled area frameworks for SCADA/Telemetry applications and versatile sort frameworks for GPS following, content informing, sensor checking and document exchanges. All perfect equipment is sourced specifically from the producer or wholesaler. Datalink does not exchange equipment.

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Iridium/GPRS good equipment Accelerometer chip measures "G" strengths Engine PC interface Three outer serial COM ports 8 I/O ports Internal Iridium modem (discretionary) Internal GPRS modem (discretionary) 12 divert GPS Delayed power off Sleep mode SCADA prepared Emergency ready capacity Dual system ability Wi-Fi port The Tracker i50b composed by Datalink is likely the most exceptional versatile information terminal accessible. Garmin nuvi add-on accommodates two-way message informing and guide steering.

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DLS-9612 Iridium Data Modem A minimal effort "remain solitary" SBD information modem prepared to run. Inner Quake Global Q9612 modem. The DLS-9612 works with Laptops running Datalink\'s Mobius Software for two-way message informing and GPS following. Introduced in a vehicle with a Laptop joined it gives two-way message informing with GPS anyplace on the Globe. Will likewise work with the MDT-2000 two-way informing terminal with inner GPS beneficiary.

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GPRS Compatible Hardware Low cost "discovery" GPS following. Including quad-band GSM/GPRS network, the Enfora MT-GL combines the force of the MT-G occasion following application in a minimal unit planned for remain solitary operation with people to come (2.5G) remote information and GPS area mindfulness. The MT-GL underpins three committed I/O, 3-wire serial interface, power and sound through a 12-stick Wago connector. GPS information is made accessible on-board the MT-GL for transmission to an incorporated operations focus. down to see other Hardware decisions

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iMDT-2000 informing terminal (GPRS/Iridium/CDMA/D+) The iMDT-2000 is a minimal effort yet exceptionally versatile portable terminal which can convey two-way message informing, GPS area revealing, and other extra administrations one of a kind to every customer. With an aggregate of four serial COM ports the MDT can work over numerous remote systems including satellite. The iMDT-2000 will associate with the SkyHawk (Globalstar), Skyport (Iridium) and the PDT-100 (MSAT-1) for satellite operation. It is likewise accessible with inner GSM-GPRS modem. The iMDT-2000 will likewise associate with the Lone Worker security framework and different gadgets.

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GARMIN NUVI two-way informing and steering In the transportation of cargo, time is money!  Drivers getting lost on course costs both time and fuel, and in today\'s economy the armada director must run an effective operation.  By selecting Datalink\'s DataNET "back end" programming and a Garmin nuvi Fleet Management Terminal, for example, the 765, drivers will have the capacity to take the most limited and snappiest course to any address with turn by turn visual track and voice bearings. Garmin nuvi units will work with Enfora and i50B Tracker units The force of the DataNET programming permits the dispatcher to choose a goal point on a guide and to transmit the area over a cell or satellite connection to the vehicle, where the Garmin unit will figure the vehicle\'s flow area and the best course to the goal point and show it for the driver to take after. DataNET will likewise permit two-way instant messages to be traded between the dispatch work area and the driver. The driver can send a decision of "canned" messages.  The GPS area of the vehicle is naturally sent to the dispatcher\'s PC mapping show. For more points of interest go to

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Axonn MMT multi-resource GPS following Mobile Asset Tracking! AXTracker MMT\'s simplex operation replaces the requirement for expensive, convoluted and control devouring two-way specialized gadgets on those benefits that exclusive require one-way correspondence. The MMT\'s position of safety and stealth configuration permits it to be effectively introduced without the requirement for outfits, outside power or reception apparatuses. AXTracker MMT\'s 2.4 GHz Radio abilities permit your clients to concentrate shape information and overhaul firmware on the gadget or a gathering of gadgets utilizing a remote portable PC or PDA handheld gadget. This innovation additionally permits information to be transmitted to RF Gateways in the yard or at security checkpoints. Up to seven year battery life, in view of report recurrence Contact CTS Edmonton, Canada for more data

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Mobius Perfect "extra" to BGAN terminals Mobius, created by Datalink Systems Inc. is a "windows" based programming program for versatile portable workstations or ruggedized tablets. Mobius and DataNET can give a "end to end" programming arrangement over different networks.  Mobius would be introduced in a versatile Laptop or Tablet P.C. At the base end DataGATE  courses information to  DataHost workstations or third. party programs.   Mobius can likewise give on screen mapping and navigation  in addition to two-way message informing. By including a GPS collector, the vehicle\'s own particular position shows up on the guide and additionally being transmitted to base DataHosts. Mobius is good with BGAN terminals and different modems recorded somewhere else. For double system operation different modems can be connected by means of the serial COM ports to work over the accompanying systems. IRIDIUM… .. GSM-GPRS… ..CDMA 1xRTT… VHF-UHF systems and WiFi.

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Kenwood NexEdge and FleetSync DataNET utilizes the Kenwood NXD

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