DATASAT II TM from Stratos.

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DataSat II Armadillo. All outside climate sealed unit for the most tough out conditions. ... Armadillo underpins great range yet a few destinations need much more ...
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DATASAT II TM from Stratos Product Overview March 10, 2014 Product Management

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Stratos VSAT – Englewood, Colorado Englewood Operations has included 5 th center point and is assessing adding new administrations to assist use existing 7 x 24 NOC Deepening the SCADA-center Along with new center, Stratos VSAT as of late included new RF redesigns Evaluating conceivable RF extension Key Staff in place and growing

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New Platforms, More Diversity – DataSat II Stratos presents New SCADA VSAT Service for Oil, Gas and Utility Markets Shared Hub VSAT administration – 7 x 24 bolster w/proactive warning Supports supervisory control and information securing (SCADA) applications, for example, Metering Flow Monitoring Terminal Management Leak Detection Well Head Monitoring Tank Farm Monitoring Other Supporting Applications, for example, Internet/Intranet Inventory Control Remote Video

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DataSat II VSAT Suite Provides the fitting VSAT for every utilization IP and/or Serial activity Some VSAT\'s can be custom fitted with development cards Adding capacities as opposed to requiring buy of another VSAT Three Platform offerings DataSat II IP IP switch empowers intelligent broadband IP, legacy and multicasting applications to individual or different remote areas DataSat II PRO Multi Service VSAT groups intuitive information, broadband IP and legacy, open and corporate communication on a solitary stage Includes 3 development openings for discretionary module cards including quad LAN, voice, and work DataSat II Armadillo All outside climate sealed unit for the most rough out conditions. SCADA and different applications have a VSAT with a coordinated radiator, fans, ruggedized parts and a waterproof walled in area

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DataSat II IP – High Performance Broadband IP VSAT DataSat II IP Benefits Compact Design IDU - 180mm W x 190mm D x 54mm H Low Power Consumption Less than 20W; sun based force is no issue AC or DC Operation 100-240V AC or 12 - 24V DC Easy mounting prerequisites Fast Network Deployment Data Interfaces bolstered Ethernet 100BaseT, RS-232

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DataSat II PRO – Multi-Service IP VSAT DataSat II PRO Benefits Compact Design IDU – 300mm W x 200mm D x 100mm H AC or DC Operation 72-250V AC or 12 - 24V DC or 48V DC (rack mounted form just) Expansion Cards Quad LAN – Ethernet 100 BaseT Voice – 2W FXS 1, 2, or 4 ports Mesh recipient 3 development spaces Up to 12 Voice Interfaces Multimedia card (rack mount just) Data Interface upheld Ethernet 100BaseT, RS-232

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DataSat II Armadillo – All Weather Enclosed VSAT DataSat II Armadillo Benefits Sealed, all climate fenced in area operational under extensive variety of conditions – mount straightforwardly outside! Inward thermostatically controlled radiator for chilly/warm sink and fans for warmth dispersal Increased lightning assurance Compact Design IDU – 300mm W x 200mm D x 100mm H AC or DC Operation 100-240V AC or 12 - 24V DC Operating Temperature - 40 to +60 C (- 40 to +140 F) Data Interface Ethernet 100BaseT, RS-232 (Optional)

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DataSat II – Optional Configurations Serial Port Expansion Some Stratos clients have requirements for different serial ports at one area DataSat II Pro gives this alternative Expanded Temperature Operating Range Armadillo underpins great range yet a few locales require significantly more DataSat II Pro might be arranged inside one of Stratos "SCADA Sat" walled in areas Provides far and away superior working extent Provides more serial port accessibility for these destinations Provides more space to find RTU\'s or PLC\'s in same box Contact Stratos for Exact Pricing and Configuration

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DataSat II Optional Configuration DataSat II Serial and IP Simultaneous Current setup does not bolster utilization of concurrent serial and IP on one site Stratos "TwinSat" Allows two VSAT terminals to work at the same time on one 1.2M recieving wire

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New Service, Better Performance – DataSat II Improved Performance 64 Kbps to 256 Kbps (higher rates accessible late 2008) every minute of every day Network Monitoring Over 20 years experience from prepared professionals from our Denver NOC Public or Private Networks Flat-rate valuing North American Coverage AMC-4 Full Service Provider

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DataSat II – Network Configuration

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DataSat II Coverage – North America

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Stratos – DataSat II Full Service Provider 7 x 24 Monitoring of VSAT\'s by site with proactive warnings of blackouts Network Engineering and Design VSAT Hardware Systems SCADA Systems Integration Antenna\'s, Anti-Ice, Mounts, Pads, Modems Installation and Commissioning Network Technical Support and Configuration Repairs and Maintenance Technical Training Monthly Statistics and Reporting

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