Date: 30th June 2005 (Thu) Time: 9:30 a.m. .

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3) Watching motion pictures/documentaries. 4) Question/Answer Session. 5) Remarks from the ... silliness, good values, intriguing stories, tension, fun and so forth ...
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Preparation Session on 2007 HKCEE English Language Date: 30th June 2005 (Thu) Time: 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Venue: School Hall

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Program 1) The new educational modules/evaluation criteria. 2) Print fiction/verifiable. 3) Watching motion pictures/documentaries. 4) Question/Answer Session. 5) Remarks from the Principal.

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The new educational modules/appraisal criteria

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Standards-Referenced Assessment The utilization of FIVE DESCRIPTORS to evaluate understudies\' execution in Paper 1 Reading & Writing (40%) Paper 2 Integrated Listening, Reading & Writing (30%) Paper 3 Speaking (15%)

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The presentation of School-based Assessment in English Language (CE 2007) Weighting: 15% Number of Assessments: 4 Duration: 2 years

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Watching English Films Enables Us To : Have social enhancement Learn informal expressions Improve our listening capacity Have a ton of fun

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School-Based Assessment Preparing For the School-based Assessment (SBA)

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What is SBA? It represents 15% of the aggregate subject score. It comprises of a perusing & seeing system . You need to peruse & view no less than 4 writings inside a course of two years (F.4-F.5)

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Print Fiction e.g. books, investigator stories Print Non-fiction e.g. self-portrayals, science books Non-print Fiction e.g. movies Non-print Non-fiction e.g. documentaries Four Categories of Texts

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Preparation for SBA Choose the composed/varying media writings Read/View the picked writings Prepare for the appraisal undertakings: composing individual remarks for individual presentation & scribbling down things to ask for the gathering exchange Prepare for Individual Presentation & Group Discussion

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Print Fiction Classics: e.g. The Pearl , Dracula Romance: e.g. Romeo and Juliet , Emma Adventure Story: e.g. Down the River Thriller: e.g. Apparition in the Guitar Historical Novel: e.g. Fighter Fantasy/Imaginative story: e.g. The Last Polar Bear Detective Story: e.g. The Royal Park Murder Serious Reading: e.g. Tuesdays with Morrie

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Print Non-Fiction Story around a man: e.g. Princess Diana Themes about the future: e.g. Book of the Future Themes about religion/society: e.g. Buddhism Themes about counsel: e.g. Battling Fat-Fighting Fit Themes about science: e.g. A dangerous atmospheric devation True story of some individual\'s prosperity/enterprise: e.g. Ladies in Business

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Non-Print Fiction Films: e.g. Discovering Nemo , Titanic , Freaky Friday , and so on. TV Programs: e.g. ER , Sherlock Holmes , The X-records , and so on

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Non-Print Non-Fiction Documentaries of different themes on: A man\'s life, life story: e.g. Bruce Lee: The Immortal Dragon Nature/Weather: e.g. Wild Weather Geography/Travel: e.g. Michael Palin: Pole to Pole

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Things to consider while picking a book Type of fiction I like? Level of trouble—testing, normal, simple Number of pages? Am I a genuine/lethargic peruser? What I like around a fiction—solid characters, cleverness, moral qualities, intriguing stories, tension, fun and so on

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While-Reading/Viewing Tasks Create a perusing progress graph Write perusing notes on the setting of the story, characters and so forth. Compose Book Reviews as composed records Keep a sound journal, if conceivable, about your own feelings

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Individual Presentation Give the title of the book Give the fundamental subject of the story Give individual reflections or remarks Group Discussion Accuracy in sentence structure Range of vocabulary Fluency Pronunciation Interactive & examination abilities Individual Presentation & Assessment

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Watching Movies/Documentaries

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Question & Answer Session

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Remarks from the Principal

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The End

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