David R. Richardson, Mgr. System Designing College of Washington Pacific Edge Organizing Meeting Honolulu, Hawaii Februa.

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David R. Richardson, Mgr. System Building College of Washington Pacific Edge Organizing Meeting Honolulu, Hawaii February 21-22, 2002 Pacific Northwest Gigapop
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David R. Richardson, Mgr. System Engineering University of Washington Pacific Rim Networking Meeting Honolulu, Hawaii February 21-22, 2002

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Pacific Northwest Gigapop The Pacific Northwest Gigapop is the PNW’s access point to Internet2, elite U.S. Government Networks, and rapid ware Internet R&D testbed welcoming national and global experimentation with cutting edge Internet-based applications Located in Seattle, Washington USA

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Pacific Northwest Gigapop System

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Support of Advanced Applications Microsoft Land Speed Record UW Internet HDTV Measurement ventures (GigaTCP, AMP, Surveyor…) ISIe/Tektronix Uncompressed HDTV ResearchChannel …

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Pacific Wave Pacific Wave is an administration of the Pacific Northwest Gigapop. Fast peering point for territorial and universal systems Complement of Abilene and CA*net3 International Transit Network administrations Open peering point for member oversaw reciprocal peerings

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Pacific Wave Architecture An ATM free zone! Taking into account a couple of Gigabit Ethernet switches giving two subnets Abilene Switch PNW Router CA*net3 . . . Switch PNW Router AARNet

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Abilene Switch PNW Router CA*net3 . . . Switch PNW Router AARNet Peering at Pacific Wave Peer with the Pacific Northwest Gigapop Peer with Abilene, CA*net3 and get their ITN administration to reach different systems Peer with other Pacific Wave members

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Advantages of Pacific Wave Close to major Pacific link landing destinations Located in officeholder information transfers transporter grade inn simple access to co-lo benefits simple access to fiber-meet-me-room simple access to full West Coast fiber matrix Gigabit Ethernet is rapid, ease, low upkeep No PNWGP staff association needed to setup your peerings; no ATM PVC’s or commanded directing approach Switches actualize PIM-SM snooping for expanded multicast productivity

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Advantages of Pacific Wave (cont.) 24 x 7 Network Operations Center Redundant environmentals (DC, HVAC) PNWGP Commodity Internet Services Engineered and conveyed through four assorted level one sellers Vendors picked after comprehensive survey of limit, bolster, peering, and so on. Different geographic availability for thing administrations 1.45Gbps throughput (under extension)

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Networks at Pacific Wave: Feb. 2002 AARNet – Australian Academic & Research Network Abilene Network/Internet2 ATT Broadband Internet CA*net3/CANARIE DREN – Defense Research and Engineering Network ESNet – Energy Sciences Network Microsoft Corporation Pacific Northwest Gigapop Siemens Medical – Pointshare TANET2 – Taiwan Research Network TransPAC – Asia Pacific Academic Networks (APAN)

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_____________________________________ Microsoft Research NOAA Boeing Research Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Arctic Region Supercomputing Center Plus numerous significant exploration gatherings, for example, Universities of Washington, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana, and Portland Research Education Network

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Futures 2002: Fiber office development along U.S. Pacific Coast— Pacific LightRail 2002: Support 10GbE associations Additional Peering Partners PacRim research & training gatherings U.S. Government organizations major corporate substances (innovation, social insurance, biotechnology) 2002/2003: Expansion of Commodity Internet Services to joined 4Gbps

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For More Information Email: gigapop-info@pnw-gigapop.net Web: http://www.pacificwave.net Phone: +1 206 934

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