David Thornburg.

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Comic Books versus Book Report. Understudies are permitted to utilize both pictures ... Fortifies the perusers creative ability and shows comprehension of the point
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David Thornburg "Pictures First, Text Second" -A reflection

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Comic Books versus Book Report Students are permitted to utilize both pictures and content Must distinguish the most critical pictures and interface the content to it Stimulates the perusers creative energy and shows comprehension of the subject "Old Medium with New Eyes"

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"… no extra cost for pictures on a PC show… " Easier to make words from pictures, than to make pictures from words Students blossom with visual pictures, not on words on the page Using more representation on a site draws in understudies more, and costs the same

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Comic Books? Extraordinary point – pictures and words make creative energy between every edge Concrete  Abstract Reception  P erception Images move to words, which makes creative ability in the understudies

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Reflection This would be the page where you make focuses that you concur or can\'t help contradicting and what you felt about the article I concurred with __________ in light of the fact that… I couldn\'t help contradicting ________ on the grounds that…

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