Day II Training Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment REA 2010 Program Overview, Design, Customer Flow, Data Entry Re.

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2. REA Day II Training AGENDA. REA Grant BackgroundREA Program Design OverviewREA Customer Flow and Data EntryREA Required ElementsREA Specific FormsREA Case Study (From Soup to Nuts). 3. REA Grant Background. USDOL REA Grant began in FY 2005NYS one of introductory states subsidized in FY 2005From FY 2005 through FY 2008 NYS REA Grant was restricted to one neighborhood/Herkimer/Madison (OHM).
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Day II Training Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA 2010) Program Overview, Design, Customer Flow, Data Entry Requirements, REA Forms and Case Study Training Dates: Utica – July 14, 2010 Metrotech/Brooklyn – July 16, 2010 Rochester – July 21, 2010 Peekskill – July 23, 2010

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REA Day II Training AGENDA REA Grant Background REA Program Design Overview REA Customer Flow and Data Entry REA Required Elements REA Specific Forms REA Case Study (From Soup to Nuts)

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REA Grant Background USDOL REA Grant began in FY 2005 NYS one of beginning states subsidized in FY 2005 From FY 2005 through FY 2008 NYS REA Grant was restricted to one neighborhood/Herkimer/Madison (OHM)

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REA Grant Background FY 2009 REA Grant: Awarded 74 REA nearby staff 15 LWIAs in 22 One Stops FY 2010 REA Grant: Awarded 115 REA nearby staff 23 LWIAs in 42 One Stops Includes 52 new hourly contracts

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REA Grant Background

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Statewide REA Program Overview REA Participants proceed until fumes Regular UI benefits as well as BYE closures Individual ought to just be booked for one Initial REA Interview amid a Benefit Year. In the event that they have a break in claim and start effectively guaranteeing again later, plan them for a Follow-up REA. REA execution measured after customary UI does exclude EUC or EB benefits NYS UI Certification at Exit Performance impetus/authorize includes EUC and EB benefits. LWIA should keep serving them or effect that measure – be that as it may, no longer required to take part in REA particular program exercises after weariness of consistent UI benefits.

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REA Required Elements Each REA Interview Includes the Following Federally Required Elements: Review of Continued UI Eligibility and Referral of Potential UI issues to Adjudication Provision of Labor Market Information Work Search Plan Development as well as Review of work inquiry endeavors against plan Referrals

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REA Required Elements NYS REA Program Design develops government obliged components to facilitate with different DEWs needs/strategies, including: Incorporates NYS Initial Assessment arrangement as segment of Initial REA Appointment Includes SMART 2010 as prerequisite for all REA members

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REA Required Elements Includes utilization of Job Zone "Diary" highlight as technique for keeping up and observing work seek endeavors Broadens Work Search Plan and Work Search Review to go past just contacts to Employers: likewise incorporates plan and survey of next stride benefit proposals Includes suggestion that all REA members be planned for Job Search Workshop (at or around time of 2 nd REA)

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Let\'s Review the REA Project Design Flow Chart in Your Training material parcel

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REA Project Design Initial Assessment Initial Interview – Assume 1 hour normal After Initial REA Interview: Regularly plan REA Grant Only: Follow-up REA Interview Minimally at regular intervals for no less than 2 nd and 3 rd REA Interview Following 3 rd REA Interview, recurrence can be altered to once per month in light of staff\'s judgment by individual Following 4 th REA, REA talk with organization can be changed to gathering movement instead of one on one in view of staff\'s judgment by individual

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REA Project Design Those that Fail to Report (FTR ) to a REA Initial Interview arrangement ought to be rescheduled through REOS for a REA Grant Only: Rescheduled Initial Interview Appointment. REA program members are liable to same FTR strategy as all UI inquirers – 1 st FTR is rescheduled, and 2 nd/consequent FTR puts hang on advantages

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REA Project Design Review of finished REA UI Eligibility Questionnaire Designed to inspire reactions that may highlight potential issues with the client\'s proceeded with qualification for UI benefits.

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REA Project Design Completion of REA Work Search Agreement A formal Work Search Agreement is finished and marked by the client and the REA staff part at the underlying REA meet. A marked duplicate ought to be given to the Customer.

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REA Project Design Completion of Next Step Service Plan - First Appointment and Follow-up Outlines any issues distinguished amid the meeting Summarizes particular activity steps/referrals to administration to be taken in view of the appraisal meet. Starting Assessment assurance: JSRS or CDS

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REA Project Design Initiate SMART 2010-allude to Resume workshop, if necessary. Survey Work Search Record Initiate Job Zone Registration-Explain utilization of JZ for Work Search Record Referral to Services Needed Job Referrals

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REA Project Design 2 nd Assessment Review of finished REA UI Eligibility Questionnaire Review Work look Record (JZ) Journal against Work seek Agreement and Next Step Service Plan. Overhaul Work look Agreement as required including finish of Next Step Service Plan - Follow up REA

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REA Project Design 2 nd Assessment Cont\'d Job Referrals and Referral to Services Recommend all members go to a Job Search Workshop by culmination of 2 nd REA Labor Market Information Review Next Steps and Appointment Within 2 weeks for the 3 rd Assessment.

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REA Project Design 3 rd Assessment has an indistinguishable substance from 2 nd 4 th Assessment – May decide both recurrence (proceed with at regular intervals or move to one month) and organization (proceed with one on one or in a gathering) This procedure proceeds until the people comes back to work or fumes their claim.

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REA Specific Forms REA UI Eligibility Questionnaire REA Work Search Agreement REA Next Step Service Plan – First REA Appointment REA Next Step Service Plan – REA Follow-up Appointment

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UI Eligibility Questionnaire Hours/Days/Shift Distance Willing to Travel/Transportation Salary Self Employment Working Without Pay In School Disability/Workers Comp

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UI Eligibility Questionnaire Scenario #1 Joe Jones was a fulltime forklift administrator working 2 nd move at a nearby dissemination focus. He worked there 5 years before being for all time laid off because of an absence of work. At the time he was isolated from business he was making $12.50/hr. At his initially meeting with you he demonstrates the accompanying: He is just ready to take a first move position. He is looking for work as a development worker. He will venture out 5 miles because of the cost of fuel. He is thinking about beginning his own business. He is pondering taking a course during the evening.

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UI Eligibility Questionnaire Scenario #2 Susie Smith was last utilized as a clerk at a nearby supermarket procuring $8.00/hr. She lost her employment when the store shut. At your initially meeting she shows the accompanying: She is just looking for low maintenance work. The most minimal wage she will acknowledge is $8.50/hr. She is accessible on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. She can\'t chip away at Saturdays as she assists in her folks store for no compensation.

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UI Eligibility Questionnaire Scenario #3 Jimmy Mack was harmed on his occupation as a development worker. He is getting fractional laborers remuneration. His specialist has discharged him to work with limitations. At your meeting, he demonstrates the accompanying: He is uncertain of what sort of work he can physically do. He has not been leading a work seek. He has not been in contact with his past business since being discharged to work. He has a DBA \'Mack\'s Home Improvement\'. He is thinking about backpedaling to class for a profession change.

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CASE STUDY Information will be distributed – not in organizer.

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