Deal with Your Learners For nothing with ALISON Chief.

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Free Online course – February 2010 Deal with Your Learners For nothing with ALISON Chief Ivan Morrin Head of Preparing, ALISON 1 Prologue to ALISON The World has an Issue with Essential Aptitudes Preparing… ALISON is an Intense Arrangement Top notch Courses in an Assortment of Subjects
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Free Webinar – February 2010 Manage Your Learners for Free with ALISON Manager Ivan Morrin Head of Training, ALISON

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1 Introduction to ALISON

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The World has a Problem with Basic Skills Training…

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ALISON is a Powerful Solution High Quality Courses in a Variety of Subjects Interactive Streamed Multimedia Always Available and Self-Paced FREE! Quickly and Conveniently Up-Skill and Manage Learning

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How ALISON Makes Money Attracts people and associations to one focal free get to and free virtual classrooms administration. Charge for premium administrations (facilitating, preparing and so forth). Sorts of Revenue - Advertising B2C B2B Content - Hosting - Testing - Support - Merchandise - Training (Webinars) INDIVIDUALS ORGANIZATIONS

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ALISON Flash Testing Types of Revenue Step One: Learner presents Certificate of Completion which expresses the understudy has accomplished 80% in online appraisals. Step Two: Learner can be tested at whatever time, anyplace by being requested that sit an ALISON FLASH-TEST. Accomplish > 80% Certification Verified!!! Accomplish < 80% (i) Did not consider as expressed (ii) Forgot what they learned! E.G. - Typing Test

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Progress to Date - Registrations 300,000 Learners spread crosswise over 235 Countries & Territories

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Progress to Date – Alliances/Publishing Partners IT Literacy English Language Distribution Health & Safety

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Learning on ALISON – My Account Click a connection to get a rundown obviously offerings. Perused About or Contact ALISON Join a discourse discussion. Download a record of your courses. View the quantity of authentications you’ve earned for course culminations

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Learning on ALISON – Courses and Categories Click on Courses to get a rundown obviously classes. On the off chance that enhancing your IT aptitudes is a need, click on Digital Literacy and IT Skills.

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2 ALISON Manager

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ALISON Manager – Creating a Group (1) Click the connection to “Manage a gathering of learners” on the course landing page, for this situation that of ALISON ABC IT.

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ALISON Manager – Creating a Group (2) The Free ALISON Manager - Order Form page loads. Look down to enter your request points of interest.

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ALISON Manager – Creating a Group (3) A short and basic structure to finish.

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ALISON Manager – Creating a Group (4) Click the “Course:” drop-down menu to choose any ALISON course to make the Group for, for this situation, ALISON ABC IT.

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ALISON Manager – Creating a Group (5) Then make a Group Name, an enrolment key (or acknowledge the auto-produced recommended key), pick the size for the Group, lastly, click NEXT.

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ALISON Manager – Creating a Group (6) The Free ALISON Manager – Confirmation page burdens, check the points of interest are right, and after that snap CONFIRM.

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ALISON Manager – Creating a Group (7) The Thank You page burdens affirming the Group has been made. At that point look down to see your choices from here.

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ALISON Manager – Creating a Group (8) Click “Create another GROUP” in the event that you wish to rehash the procedure, or “Go to ALISON Manager” to see your new Learning Group.

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ALISON Manager – Creating a Group (9) The ALISON Manager “Organizer” screen loads, with you\'re new and any current gatherings showed on the page to one side.

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ALISON Manager – Inviting Learners (1) Use the board gave under each of your gatherings to include the email locations of every one of those you’d like to welcome to your gathering. When you have included every location, tap the “Invite” catch to send the welcomes.

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ALISON Manager – Inviting Learners (2) Confirmation of which email locations have been sent a welcome is shown on the page to one side.

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ALISON Manager – Inviting Learners (3) The email sent by ALISON to every invitee contains an immediate connection to the course on ALISON containing the right gathering and enrolment key data. It additionally contains a connection to enlist with ALISON ought to the learner need to do as such, and an unmistakable record of the course, gathering name and enrolment key ought to that data be required by the learner at some other time.

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ALISON Manager – Inviting Learners (4) Simply tapping on that connection will bring the learner (if effectively enlisted with ALISON) to the Enrolment page for the course and the gathering, and populate the enrolment key field for the learner’s benefit. They then tap the “Enrol in Group” catch to continue and begin the course as a major aspect of your ALISON Manager Group!

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ALISON Manager – Inviting Learners (5) Once Group enrolment has occurred (or rejected for free study) the course module/lesson layout pages stack, the learner picks a point, and the learning substance is stacked inside of their Web program.

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ALISON Manager – Functionality endless supply of any learner action, the advancement information is accessible to you inside of the different screens and useful territories of ALISON Manager.

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ALISON Manager - Functionality Live Demonstration of Data Retrieval and Reporting in an ALISON Manager Group

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3 Question and Answer Session

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Thank You For a

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