Deciding Responsible Prospective Contractors .

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2. Presentation . Central Government Procurement - Largest purchaser on the planet - Importance of discovering dependable temporary workers - How does a contracting officer figure out whether a potential contractual worker is responsible?(pg.1). 3. Reason. Increase topic expertiseExplore the thought of building up an aide for contracting officers.Find answers to ques
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´╗┐Deciding Responsible Prospective Contractors Antwan G. Reid PIP Level II Presentation May 20, 2004

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Introduction Federal Government Procurement - Largest buyer on the planet - Importance of discovering capable contractors - How does a contracting officer decide if a potential contractual worker is dependable? (pg.1)

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Purpose Gain topic ability Explore building up a guide for contracting officers. Discover answers to questions created by enthusiasm for "Deciding Responsible Prospective Contractors". (pg. 1)

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Sources Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) NASA FAR Supplement Books (Business, Financial, Ethics, and so on.) Popular Electronic Search Engines (pg.1)

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Background Final Rule Published in the Federal Register by the FAR Council Language Added to FAR 9.104-1(d) General Accounting Office Opposition to the Final Rule Bush Administration Proposed Revocation Previous Responsibility Rules Reinstated (pg.1)

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Components The guide would examine and separate the accompanying: - Part I-General Standards (FAR 9.1) - Part II-Preaward Surveys (FAR 9.1) - Part III-Certificates of Competency (FAR 19.6) (pg.3)

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FAR 9.102 Applicability Applies to proposed contracts found - In the U.S. alternately its peripheral regions - Elsewhere (unless conflicting with laws or traditions where the contractual worker is found) Does not have any significant bearing to proposed contracts - Foreign, State, or Local Governments - Other U.S. Govt. Offices - Agencies for the visually impaired or other seriously disabled

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FAR 9.103 Policy Contracts might be granted to dependable forthcoming contractual workers as it were. No buy or honor should be made unless the contracting officer makes an assurance of duty. Honor of an agreement to a provider in light of most reduced assessed cost can be false economy. Note: Check for suspended or suspended offerors before assessment and honor.

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Part I-General Standards FAR 9.104-1(a) Analysis - General Business Information - Financial Statements - Issues with Financial Statements - Financial Ratios/Equations FAR 9.104-1(b) Analysis - Discussion (pg.4)

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Part I-General Standards (cont\'d) FAR 9.104-1(c) Analysis - Application of Standards (FAR) Importance of NF1680 "Assessment of Performance" - Big Asset in Determining Responsibility - Input from end clients, money related, regulatory (pg.8)

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Part I-General Standards (cont\'d) FAR 9.104-1(d) Analysis - Integrity - Business Ethics - POGO Investigation - Determining an Ethical Business FAR 9.104-1(e) Analysis - Discussion (pg.9)

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Part I-General Standards (cont\'d) FAR 9.104-1(f) Analysis - Discussion FAR 9.104-1(g) Analysis - Discussion (pg. 12)

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Part II-Preaward Surveys Preaward Surveys can be expert by: - Data as of now acquired - Data from another Govt. office - Data from a business source - in the vicinity assessment of plant and offices - Any blend of the above (pg.13)

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Part II-Preaward Surveys (cont\'d) In Obtaining Information, utilize the accompanying: - List of Parties Excluded from Fed. Acquisition and nonprocurement Programs - Records and experience information - Commercial wellsprings of provider data - Preaward studies - Publications, subcontractors, clients, and so forth (pg.14)

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Part II-Preaward Surveys (cont\'d) Disclosure of Preaward Information - Discussion Contract Audit Responsibilities - Discussion Reports - Discussion (pg.14)

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Part III-Certificates of Competency (COC) Background Purpose Referral: C.O. must do the accompanying: - Withhold contract grant - Refer the matter to the perceptive SBA Govt. Contracting Area Office (pg.18)

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Part III-Certificates of Competency (COC) (cont\'d) Referral must incorporate alongside a notice - Solicitation - Final Offer presented by the worry - Abstract of offers or C.O\'s. Price Neg. Notice. - Preaward overview - Technical information bundle - Any other support or documentation (pg.19)

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Part III-Certificates of Competency (COC) (cont\'d) Issuing/Denying a Certificate of Competency COC Referrals versus COC\'s Issued Resolving Differences between the Agency and SBA Awarding the Contract (pg.19)

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Summary and Conclusion Summary Conclusions - Contracting officers need to analyze the advantages of an assessment against the cost. - Issue of contracting officers setting more esteem on one general standard over another. - Contracting officers comfort level as for assessing a forthcoming contractual worker. (pg. 23)

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Recommendations - Submission of the "Deciding Responsible Prospective Contractors" manual for the suitable looking into board of trustees. - The maker would stay dependable with a specific end goal to persistently redesign the guide. - NASA Goddard ought to grow more topic experts. (pg.23)

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