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The Seychelles is a topographically broad gathering of 116 islands scattered in ... Seychelles marked the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea on sixteenth ...
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DELIMITATION OF THE EXTENDED CONTINENTAL SHELF – THE SEYCHELLOIS EXPERIENCE By Raymond F. ChangTave Technical Adviser Ministry of Land Use and Habitat Mahe, Seychelles 1 st APRIL 2003

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DELIMITATION OF THE EXTENDED CONTINENTAL SHELF - THE SEYCHELLOIS EXPERIENCE The Seychelles is a geologically broad gathering of 116 islands scattered in the South West Indian Ocean on the east bank of Africa situated between the meridians of 46 and 56 degrees east longitude and between the scopes of 3.5 and 10.5 degrees south to the Equator; It contains the principle gathering of 43 granitic islands (situated inside a range of 30 nautical miles from the primary island) and the rest of will be of coralline arrangement, spread outside this sweep inside the above given co ordinates; Population 81,200; Per Capita GDP at business sector costs (million rupees) 41,095 (year 2001).

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Background Seychelles marked the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea on 16 th September 1991. The Convention went into power on 16 th November 1994; The main consultancy report on the subject was brought in 1984; This was to give a diagram of the errands included, which included delimitation of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and the Continental Shelf (CS) inside 200M with neighboring States; The underlying report was trailed by five other consultancy reports; The last three reports treated the subject of delimiting the Extended Continental Shelf in more subtle elements; Based on the suggestions of these reports the undertaking was begun.

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Legislations Maritime Zones Act, 1977; Exclusive Economic Zones Order, 1978; Maritime Zones Act, 1999.

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Implementation Our next assignment was to build up baselines and for this we settled on the archipelagic pattern strategy. (Keep in mind that one of the limitations in the 4 standards of Article 76 is \'the line of the external furthest reaches of the mainland rack on the seabed, attracted agreement with section 4(a) (i) and (ii), either might not surpass 350M from the baselines from which the regional ocean is measured or… … .\' Article 76(5); We along these lines gathered the islands in consistence with Article 46/47 and 121 of the Convention and got every one of our baselines. The venture was being completed in one Ministry in contact with different offices.

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The Archipelagoes

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Mahe Archipelago

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Aldabra Archipelago

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Administrative and Technical Framework When it came to address the delimitation of the expanded Continental Shelf after the third consultancy report, when Article 76 and STG were cleared up, it got to be important to pool the specialists together; We set up a managerial and specialized regulatory structure inside which to work; Decision Making; Project execution.

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Role of the Technical Committee Committees built up in November 2001; Technical Committee meets once every month. Starts, arrange, sort out and screen the execution viewpoints. (Incorporates section An); Appraise all matters in regards to the venture which don\'t fall inside the ambit of the subcommittees; Reports to the National Steering Committee; All specialized matters in regards to transactions; Liaise with the expert and make proposals to the National Steering Committee; Consider, assess and draw TOR for expert; Evaluate tenders for suggestions to the National Steering Committee; Advisory Body to the National Steering Committee.

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The Extended Continental Shelf Subcommittee Reports to the National Steering Committee through Technical Committee; Procurement of geophysical information from Data Center; Assessment of geophysical information; Identify territories where extra information are required; Liaise with the advisor for information securing and handling – DTS and case for ECS; Subsequent arrangement of all geophysical and geographical information as per STG (CLCS) in planning to the case to be submitted to the CLCS; Evaluation, assess tenders and submit proposals through Technical Committee to the National Steering Committee.

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The Legal Subcommittee Reports to the National Steering Committee through the Technical Committee; Provide legitimate guidance to the subcommittee, Technical Committee and National Steering Committee. Involves understanding and execution of global law, especially the 1982 United Nations Convention as they identify with the delimitation of oceanic spaces; Evaluate tenders and different records from the lawful perspective and exhortation the Technical Committee and the National Steering Committee; Draw up tenders, TOR, Contracts Agreements regarding the venture. Involves liasion with Attorney General\'s Office. Different obligations.

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The Finance Subcommittee Reports to the National Steering Committee through the Technical Committee; Budget to the usage of different perspectives/parts of the venture; Manage the monetary allowance; Monitor the execution viewpoints from the budgetary perspective and exhortation the Technical Committee/National Steering Committee; Disbursement of assets; Seek subsidizing (locally and abroad) for the task; Evaluate tenders of different matters having a financial and money suggestions; Recommend money related matters to the National Steering Committee through the Technical Committee.

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The database subcommittee To set up a database to store and recover information relating to the Maritime Boundary Delimitation Project; Existing information inside Seychelles; - Government, parastatal associations, scholastic foundations , and business undertakings; Existing information outside Seychelles; - Data Centers and other association s; - Government , scholarly establishments and business ventures; All individuals to present the structure of their datasets; Discuss the information structures submitted and concoct an information model; Choose a product to be utilized as the center database motor.

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Implementation – Delimitation of Seychelles Extended Continental Shelf Executed in five parts: The desktop study; Component 1 (ii) Tender and authorizing of geophysical, topographical and hydrographic overview work; Component 2 (iii) Data translation and investigation; Component 3 (iv) Determination of the external furthest reaches of the augmented mainland rack; Component 4 (v) Preparation of an accommodation for the commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS); Component 5

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MARITIME BOUNDARY DELIMITATION SEYCHELLES EXTENDED CONTINENTAL SHELF PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION SCHEDULE START DATE ACTIVITY COMPONENT PREPARATION OF TECHNICAL REPORT RECOMMENDATIONS TO RESPECTIVE GOVERNMENT CABINET DEC. STABLISHMENT OF BOUNDARY SIGNATURE Jan 2003 Acquisition of information (desktop study) 1 End of 2003 2004/5 Tender and execution of review work 2 2006 Interpretation and anlaysis 3 2007 (1) Determination of Seychelles Extended Continental Shelf (2) Submission to the CLCS 4 5

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The Desktop Study (Component 1 ) Continental Margin – to demonstrate that characteristic prolongation of Seychelles area domain to the external edge of the mainland edge. The sciences of geography, geophysics and hydrography – our group; Data is required to demonstrate this; The issue of edges must be tended to at this stage – order; Articles 76(3). The mainland includes … .. It does exclude the profound sea depths with its maritime edges or the subsoil thereof; Interpretation of the information inside the system of Article 76 and the Scientific and Technical Guidelines of the CLCS; Assessment of deficit in information; Provide a cost/advantage examination of the considerable number of alternatives; Outline to Government a productive technique which will in the long run lead to the accommodation to the Commission to the Limits of the Continental Shelf.

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What are the limitations? Specialized Administrative Technical Vertical Datum - Orthophotos albeit controlled did not take the condition of the tide into consideration. Flat Datum - Transformation of directions – nearby datum, WGS72 or WGS84; - Requires GPS fix on a few islands to geo reference; - Corrections to be connected to information some of which are dated certainly before 1972; - Correction to be predictable with WGS84; - GPS gear and administrator will be required; - Interpretation of a portion of the terms utilized as a part of Article 76.

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B Administrative Difficulty in finding and getting to the information which are outside Seychelles some of which may require to be bought; (Consultant helping) No one stop shop where one can arrange the information; Lack of skillful HR to be dedicated full time on the task; Sourcing Capital.

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Information/Education International Seminars and Workshops; Consultants; University; Brainstorming; www.

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Way Forward Continue to investigate and obtain information; Create the database base; Seek subsidizing; Procure the fundamental equipment and programming; Train key individuals from the group; Consultancy. - END-

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