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DENIM A Brief Instructional exercise By Philip Luedke Presentation A Casual Device For Early Stage Site and UI Outline
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DENIM A Brief Tutorial By Philip Luedke

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Introduction An Informal Tool For Early Stage Web Site and UI Design DENIM is a casual pen-based framework that assists web with siting creators in the early phases of outline. Utilizing DENIM, planners can rapidly draw website pages, make joins among them, and interface with them in a run mode.

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History Denim was produced by a gathering of individuals that led an investigation of site planners and the practices they utilize. They found that architects conceptualize and arrangement locales at diverse levels of development. They found that planners sketch at all levels amid the early phases of configuration. They created DENIM to assistant in this procedure. Discharge History Version 1.1 - March 31, 2003 Version 1.0 - November 21, 2001 Release Candidate 1 - March 29, 2001 Developed by: Group for User Interface Research, Computer Science Division University of California, Berkeley Mark W. Newman, James Lin, Jason I. Hong, and James A. Landay,

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Availability and Cost Download it FREE at! Let’s Download it Now!

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Compatibility Version 1.1 Denim Will Run On These Operating Systems Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, or XP, including the Tablet PC discharged March 31, 2003 Mac OS X 10.2 discharged June 5, 2003 Solaris, Linux, and other Unix-like working frameworks DENIM keeps running on any stage upheld by Java 2 adaptation 1.4. On the off chance that your framework can untar records, download the Solaris or Linux rendition. However DENIM does not coordinate with different apparatuses

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System Requirements Java 2 form 1.4 (can be downloaded with DENIM for Windows) Any working framework that backings Java 2 adaptation 1.4, for example, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, or Linux At minimum 256 MB RAM A mouse Recommended System Specifications Java 2 variant 1.4.1_02 or later (can be downloaded with DENIM for Windows) Any working framework that backings Java 2 rendition 1.4, for example, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, or Linux At slightest 384 MB RAM (on the Mac, 512 MB is suggested) A pen tablet that can imitate a mouse

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DENIM Window The DENIM Window has three zones: Zoom Slider that permits the architect to zoom done in point of interest on the website. The Toolbox that contains the altering instruments The Canvas which is the place the site is portrayed out

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Zoom Slider The Zoom Slider permits the fashioner to switch sees effortlessly DENIM has five principle zoom levels: Overview Site Map Storyboard Page Detail The default perspective is the Site Map perspective Switch between zoom levels in two ways Press Page Up or Page Down on your console to zoom out or in Click on the zoom level you need

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The Tool Box The Tool Box has four devices: Hand - for dragging the canvas around Pencil – for drawing and making connections Text Field Stamp – for including Text Fields Eraser – for evacuating undesirable components The Broom in the base right corner re-orchestrates the apparatuses perfectly Click on a device to lift it up and click on the tool kit to drop the device there

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Using Denim was made on account of a pen interface. It is conceivable to utilize a mouse interface yet not as neighborly. For the reasons of this instructional exercise, I will just present orders accessible through mouse cooperation. There are two essential approaches to issue charges to DENIM. 1. Access a charge through pie menus To open a pie menu: right tap on the canvas, or snap on the menu catch in the upper left-hand corner of the DENIM window. 2. Signaling, Gesturing means clicking and drawing an image that stands for a summon.

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Pie Menu Right tapping on the canvas will open the Pie Menu All Commands are accessible through this menu.

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Gesture Commands – Drawing these Gestures with the bolt will bring about the relating activities. Embed a Page on your canvas

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Adding a Page Gesture a Carat on the Canvas, Type in the Page Label in the opened content box. Include another page by composing a word with the Pencil Tool.

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Creating Links Between Pages Two sorts of Relationships between Pages Organizational Arrows – (Gray Arrows) made by drawing lines from a mark of a page to another page. This equitable indicates a relationship and is not a navigational connection. Navigational Arrow – (Green Arrows) made by drawing a bolt from an expression, word or scrawl to another page. This makes a dynamic connection which will explore to that page when in “Run Mode” Changing Link practices – Right clickin on the “dot” at the base of a navigational bolt will raise a Pie Menu that will have a possibility for bolts. This will give you a chance to change the activity to enact the connection to mouse over or different decisions. Make a Link between the two pages you made. Add some Text to one of the pages and make a connection from that content to the next page by drawing a line from the word to the next page.

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Run Mode DENIM likewise permits creators to connect with their site outlines through a “run mode” . Right tap on a chose page and pick Run. This will open a DENIM Browser Window This Browser capacities as an ordinary Browser would by exploring in the middle of connections and it permits the creator to test the pages. Test the connection you made by opening that page in run mode.

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Advantages/Disadvantages Compared to Other Diagramming Tools

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Personal Experiences I observed DENIM to be a clever thought and think it could be exceptionally helpful in the first place phases of improvement if one had a Tablet PC to run it on. I observed the mouse communication to be lumbering. I likewise found that an instruments\' percentage were ineffectual on occasion. Now and again the eraser would work and now and again it would not. Typically the same procedure could be accomplished utilizing the menu pie, however this was bulky too. The framework bolted up a few times making me lose work I had done and constraining a reboot to get back into it.

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Resources DENIM Reference Page – DENIM - Documentation - Lin, Mark W. Newman, Jason I. Hong, James A. Landay, "DENIM: An Informal Tool for Early Stage Web Site Design." Video publication in Extended Abstracts of Human Factors in Computing Systems: CHI 2001 , Seattle, WA, March 31-April 5, 2001, pp. 205-206. PD

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