Dennis N. Sterwerf, President.

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Dennis N. Sterwerf, President Fairfield Auto and Truck Administration, Inc 3351 Port Union Street Fairfield, Ohio 45014 513-874-5857 Michael R. Greene, Official Executive Ohio Leading body of Engine Vehicle Crash Repair Enrollment (CRB) 37 West Wide Road, Suite 880 Columbus, Ohio 43215-4159
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Dennis N. Sterwerf, President Fairfield Auto & Truck Service, Inc 3351 Port Union Road Fairfield, Ohio 45014 513-874-5857

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Michael R. Greene, Executive Director Ohio Board of Motor Vehicle Collision Repair Registration (CRB) 37 West Broad Street, Suite 880 Columbus, Ohio 43215-4159 Telephone: (614) 995-0714 Facsimile: (614) 995-0717

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Ohio’s Collision Shop Registration H.B. 143 Passed-December 1997 in the 122 nd General Assembly Gov Voinovich designated 7 Board individuals in February 1998

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Repair/support industry is troubled with regulation pretty much as assembling Repair/upkeep industry has conflicting responsibility Need to make more government to control government

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ASA OH held a youthful, new, Lobbyist Brooke Cheney (main 3) Governmental Policy Group Process took 12 years to pass H.B.143 H.B. 143 set up for a long time now

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ASA OH attempted to permit mechanical and impact organizations Ohio’s administrators would not pass Licensing Ohio’s lawmakers would bolster Registration Opposition from the oil business to pass mechanical enlistment Separated crash from the mechanical

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ASA OH perceived OH EPA irregularities 1. Elucidation of the EPA laws/rules 2. Requirement hones all through Ohio 3. Air contamination, Class V Wells and H/W transfer 4. Air Pollution Source Permits a. Paint corners b. Waste Oil Heaters c. Parts Cleaners Created a significant distinction in the expense of working together for the agreeable repairer!

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Hot catches of H.B 143 Creating a level field of rivalry Assuring the buyer the repairer has General Liability Insurance (Garage attendant\'s Ins) Consumer Protection

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Requirement of H.B. 143: 1. Government & State charge ID numbers 2. Ohio Vendor’s License 3. Dangerous Waste number 4. Obligation Insurance 5. Gracious Worker’s Comp and OBES 6. EPA Compliant 7. Meet Local Zoning Codes 8. Enrollment Fee of $150 every year

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Exemptions: 1. New & utilized auto merchants (Licensed) 2. Engine Vehicle Auction 3. Engine Vehicle Leasing Dealer 4. Individual/Lessee of 10 or more vehicles a. repairs just their own 5.Person doing crash repairs to just; a. single business/modern business b. legislative foundation c. teacher of car school & the school

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Opposition to passing H.B. 143 1. Auto Dealers 2. Renting organizations 3. Protection industry a. Board Seat 4. Industry needed 5 years to wind up EPA consistent (2 years-air contamination licenses, & time to get zoning changes)

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Took 3 General Assemblies to pass H.B.143 Educated/situated administrators a. Show & tell trips with officials b. Authoritative Reception at the Capitol c. Obtained backing from exchange affiliations d. Support from the Ohio Attorney General

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H.B. 143 passed December 1997 Unanimous vote in the OH Senate ASA OH submits names to the Governor 90 days after the fact Gov Voinovich designates a Board. All were ASA Ohio individuals other than the buyer

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Board Members; 5-Collision Shop 1-Mechanical Shop 1-Ohio Consumer

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10 People to Accomplish the Mission! Three Employees ORGANIZATIONAL CHART OHIO BOARD OF MOTOR VEHICLE COLLISION REPAIR REGISTRATION Governor, State of Ohio Board-7 Members Executive Director Administrative Assistant Investigator

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Passing H.B. 143 was the simple part Last Oh Agency framed was years back Board needed to build up; Rules and hold open hearings Current spending plan and anticipated spending plans Create strategy and methods Hire Executive Director Lease Office Space

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Took more than one year before enrolling the first crash shop. The CRB is always; Correcting procurements in H.B. 143 Correcting principles of H.B. 143 Budgets/reviews Following the “Sun Shine Laws” of Ohio

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Who is enrolled; 1. Car accident and/or restoring Businesses. 2. Paintless Dent Repairers (PDR) 3. Portable Collision Repairer/Refinishers 4. Car Glass Installers/Repairers 5. Airbag/SRS Installers/Repairers

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What takes so long? 1. Right hand Attorney General Change a. Contrast in supposition 2. Turn over of Executive Directors (3) 3. Board individuals change (2-3yr terms) 4. Sun Shine Law & Due Process 5. Legislative issues

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Ohio Future; 1. H.B. 208-Salvage bill to open rescue barters in Ohio to approved purchasers. a. Connected is mechanical shop enrollment b. CRB will incorporate Mechanical Registration c. Make up of the board will change d. Right the procedure of shutting a business in H.B. 143

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Opposition to H.B. 208 1. Retail mass advertisers 2. Tire Dealers 3. Ohio Salvage Dealers .:tsli

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