Design and Powerpoint.

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Representation and Powerpoint Andrew Barr 1999 Getting to be Data Literate Address 2 Illustrations Design are photos, drawings, graphs, maps and clasp workmanship. Visual Education is the capacity to peruse messages from design You have to offer your understudies some assistance with becoming Outwardly proficient. They say;
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Illustrations and Powerpoint Andrew Barr 1999 Becoming Information Literate Lecture 2

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Graphics are photos, drawings, diagrams, maps and clasp workmanship. Visual Literacy is the capacity to peruse messages from representation You have to help your understudies turn out to be Visually educated. They say; “ A photo is worth ten thousand words”

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Graphics for showing Why use design? Some examination says that understudies learn 80% by sight and 20% by listening to Younger understudies can’t read words yet. Pictures and words strengthen one another fish

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Graphics for Primary showing Learn about your Audience What level are the children’s abilities in perusing pictorial thoughts?

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Children’s Art Stages Scribble Stage ( Age 2-4 years)

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Children’s Art Stages Preschematic stage (Age 4-7 years)

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Children’s Art Stages Schematic stage (Age 7-9 years)

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Children’s Art Stages The Gang Age (Age 9-12 years)

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Selecting Graphics for Teaching Age of the Students Principal utilization is in the intellectual space Factual things like; “What shape is it?” or “What shading is it? Pictures ought to be genuinely reasonable Used as boost for idea development

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Graphics and Computers Children can draw with PCs They assemble stories like toons utilizing storyboards Kid Pixs is the most sultry project in the elementary schools

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Graphics and Computers Powerpoint Presentations

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Graphics and Computers Children use PCs to display their work utilizing words and Graphics Primary classes utilization Kid Pixs, Powerpoint Upper essential utilization Hyperstudio, pages Color printers, Digital cameras, Scanners are the new devices PRESENTATION of made Information is a key stride in INFORMATION education.

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Powerpoint Presentations You can make alluring Presentations You supply the substance content and textual style You select Clipart or examined pictures You pick the shading plan of slides You can convey data in a mixture of ways

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Powerpoint Presentations Who is your Target gathering of people? Consider your style of presentation Consider how it will be introduced Large screen 35 mm Slides Overhead projector

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Powerpoint Presentations Continuity Master slide Template foundation Text template Contrast content with dark shadow utilization right size

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Powerpoint Presentations Presentation choices made simple more than 100 pre-composed formats Auto content wizards to help you Flexibility in yield 35 mm slides Audience freebees Computer Slide appear

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Powerpoint abilities Animate your presentation Display visual cues each one in turn Text stream ought to be normal Vary slide moves Don’t have an excess of impacts Develop your presentation aptitudes

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Powerpoint Skills Five unique perspectives to make a presentation Slide perspective Slide sorter Outline perspective Notes site hit Slide show view Powerpoint noticed this is some content on this page

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Powerpoint Skills Adding the visual material Clip workmanship library C D Rom Artwork Scanned pictures Digital cameras Drawing bundles Internet pictures

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Powerpoint Skills Online Help on the toolbar Cue Cards and Tutorials Balloon help for the apparatus bars Build moves between slides Control the conveyance\'s timing to group of onlookers

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Creating Powerpoint Start the anticipating a story board or Outline View The Outline perspective demonstrates the title of slide and the content on the screen Print the layout and alter the substance Choose the shading plan Pick a layout

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Creating Powerpoint Auto Content Wizard kicks you off 100 formats that controls configuration Blank presentations to begin sans preparation Add Clipart Sort the slides Add the fabricates Rehearse the slide appear

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Powerpoint References Computers User Guide,UNISA, 1999, Grauer, R.T. & Barber, M. (1996) Exploring Microsoft Office Professional , Prentice Hall, New Jersey. Murray, K., (1994) Mastering Powerpoint 4 for Windows , Sybex, California, USA. PC learning Labs Teaches Powerpoint 4.0 for Windows , ( 1994) Ziff-Davis Press, Emeryville, Calif.

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Word craftsmanship Clip wor

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