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Desktop Multiplier for Novell Linux Desktop Migrate to Linux at a Fraction ... Client Internet Caf at GW Summit. Six-User Internet Caf at GroupWiseR ...
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Desktop Multiplier™ for Novell© Linux Desktop – Migrate to Linux© at a Fraction of the Cost! Trevor Poapst BCom Global Strategist, Desktop Multiplier Omni Technology Solutions October 20, 2005

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Linux Seminar Overview Seminar Overview Desktop Multiplier ™ Overview (5 minutes) 1 How Does the Desktop Multiplier Work? (10 minutes) 2 Features & Benefits (10 minutes) 3 Total Cost of Ownership Savings (10 minutes) 4 Ideal For… (10 minutes) 5 Questions & Answers (10 minutes) 6

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More Info: Info:

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The Desktop Multiplier ™ permits 10 screens, consoles, mice and clients to work in the meantime on a common Novell © Linux Desktop PC – no exceptional equipment required! Basically include standard illustrations cards, screens, USB consoles and mice to a current framework and introduce the Multiplier. Considering Novell Linux Desktop? Considering Novell Linux Desktop?

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Fastest, simplest and slightest costly approach to convey vast quantities of full-included desktops Dramatically brings down Total Cost of Ownership by disposing of up to 9 out of each 10 PCs Leverages your current interests in Novell GroupWise, Novell Messenger, Novell iFolder and your system document servers Delivers a much wealthier client experience than flimsy customers or Blades at a small amount of the cost Powered by Userful , an industry pioneer in reasonable, multi-client desktop figuring Ideal for schools, colleges, governments and medicinal services offices Desktop Multiplier Highlights Desktop Multiplier Highlights

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Modern PCs spend for all intents and purposes the whole day unmoving. By utilizing this under-used limit, the Desktop Multiplier programming conveys a convincing "10-to-1 advantage" on sending Novell Linux Desktop Desktop Multiplier considers various occasions of the same projects to keep running for different clients. Every client has his or her own screen, console and mouse and sign into their special profile Designed as a straightforward programming add-on to Novell Linux Desktop , the Multiplier is perfect wherever two or more PCs are in close physical nearness (15 ft) Desktop Multiplier\'s "10-to-1 Advantage" Multiplier\'s "10-to-1 Advantage"

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Section 2: How Does the Desktop Multiplier Work? Segment 2 How Does the Multiplier Work? (10 minutes)

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How Does the Desktop Multiplier Work? How Does the Multiplier Work?

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Key Points Thin layer of programming that wraps around the Linux piece Listens for: (1) console info; (2) mouse information; and (3) screen yield Assigns these to a novel client session Tracks up to 10 free client sessions in the meantime How Does the Desktop Multiplier Work? How Does the Multiplier Work?

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Compatible with Novell Client for Linux and ZENworks Technically Speaking… The Desktop Multiplier virtualises the Linux client interface layer, so that a solitary PC box can drive the client interface equipment for various, concurrent clients . The Multiplier is straightforward to the Linux bit and is perfect with the Novell Client for Linux and ZENworks.

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Linking Keyboards and Mice to Monitors Linking Keyboards/Mice to Monitors Link consoles and mice to screens with a solitary key-press (Function key) and snap of a mouse To reassign a console or mouse, essentially unplug the device(s) and attachment them in once more. You will be incited with a wizard screen to reassign the gadgets.

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Four-User Desktop Multiplier Setup Four-User Desktop Multiplier Setup

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Install Dual-Head Graphic Cards Install Dual-Head Graphics Cards

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Connect USB Mice and Keyboards Connect USB Mice and Keyboards

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Connect USB Devices to Powered USB Hub Connect USB Devices to Powered Hub

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"Fat" customer with committed video, console and mouse access Outperforms slight customers and Blades at a small amount of the cost Richer client experience Easier to set up and convey No exceptional equipment required! Desktop Multiplier versus Thin Clients Desktop Multiplier versus Thin Clients

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Section 3: Features & Benefits Section 3 Features & Benefits (10 minutes)

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Imagine having the capacity to spare 80-90% on sending and dealing with your desktops Leverages existing interests in Novell ZENworks, GroupWise and Messenger "10-to-1 advantage" on equipment, programming, administration and base costs Benefit 1: Significant TCO Savings Benefit: Significant TCO Savings 1

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Performance does not altogether change from a solitary client PC Rich client experience Automatic record and memory reserving Only flitting deferral may happen when stacking extensive projects into memory Benefit 2: Excellent Performance Benefit: Excellent Performance 2

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Six-User Internet Café at GroupWiseR Summit Six-User Internet Café at GW Summit

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Single charge introduces programming Intuitive graphical client interface Concise documentation and on-line FAQ accessible No exceptional equipment required! Advantage 3: Easy to Use and Install Benefit: Easy to Use and Install 3

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Less helpless against infections and security dangers Unsurpassed figuring power, versatility, security and adaptability User-accommodating GUI and astounding programming package Easily organized to network record servers Benefit 4: Leverages Benefits of Linux Benefit: Leverages Benefits of Linux 4

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Cost-adequately evaluated at $99 (80 €) per screen Optional yearly programming update assurance arrangement (30%) Volume rebates accessible Benefit 5: Cost-Effective Pricing Benefit: Cost-Effective Pricing 5

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Think About It… Think About It… Instead of 10 PCs, you just purchase one Instead of 10 Windows XP and Office licenses, you just purchase one Novell Linux Desktop permit Novell Linux Desktop comes packaged with Open Office (perfect with Microsoft Office) Instead of paying for power, back-ups, HVAC and support for 10 PCs, you just need to stress over one

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Desktop Multiplier Highlighted at BrainShare South Africa Highlighted at BrainShare South Africa

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Compelling Novell Linux Desktop Value Proposition Compelling Value Proposition " The Desktop Multiplier\'s capacity to influence the Novell Linux Desktop for up to 10 clients on one standard PC shows a gigantic worth recommendation for our corporate, government, and instructive customers. Not just does the Desktop Multiplier altogether decrease equipment and programming costs, yet it additionally brings about a 10-to-1 funds on PC administration, power, and framework costs. This is essential to our clients ." – Allison Singh, Senior Novell Systems Engineer, Novell South Africa

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Section 4: Total Cost of Ownership Savings Section 4 Total Cost of Ownership Savings (10 minutes)

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The Desktop Multiplier empowers you to spare as much as 80% on sending your Novell Linux Desktop PCs and 90% on long haul administration costs Free Linux TCO Calculator at: Multiplier\'s "10-to-1 Advantage" Multiplier\'s "10-to-1 Advantage"

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Section 5: Desktop Multiplier Demonstration Section 5 Demonstration (10 minutes)

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Assigning Keyboards and Mice to Monitors Assigning Keyboards/Mice to Monitors

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Section 6: Perfect Novell Linux Desktop Solution For… Section 6 Perfect For… (10 minutes)

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Schools Perfect For… Perfect For… Considering Novell Linux Desktop? Move at a small amount of the expense! The Desktop Multiplier is ideal for… Call Centers Businesses Health Care Airports & Hotels Government

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Tradeshows, gatherings and meetings Government and NGO availability ventures Building entryways and break rooms Internet bistros Cruise ships Retirement homes Job banks Remote people group Oilfield well locales Other Opportunities Other Opportunities

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Section 7: Questions & Answers Section 7 Questions & Answers (10 minutes)

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Connect 10 clients to a solitary desktop PC – no uncommon equipment required! Simple to introduce Leverages Novell Linux Desktop and existing Novell ventures Rich client encounter Dramatically decreases TCO and gives additionally authorizing flexibility Compelling "10-to-1 advantage" One AMAZING Linux Solution! One AMAZING Linux arrangement!

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